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Want: The Nats Elmer Fudd-Style Fitted

We see D.C. sports-related merchandise all the time that, while we may not actually want it for ourselves, we want to share with you. Welcome to Want.


It’s freezing in D.C. right now. Like, literally. And for the hot-fitted wearer, options are limited. That’s why you need MAJOR’s Nats Elmer Fudd Fitted:

Made of Black/Red Buffalo Plaid, this fitted cap features dog ear design that can be fully extended down to cover your ears for that chilly East Coast weather.  The ears feature black faux fur, while the inside liner is quilted for your warmth.

It doesn’t appear to be available online, so you’ll have to visit the MAJOR shop in Georgetown on Wisconsin, but I think you and I both know the hat’s worth the trip. It’ll go great with your lumberjack underwear.

That Fitted Is Hot, Son: Chris Cooley’s ‘Dallas Sucks’ Edition

I don’t much care for the “kinda” part between the words “Dallas sucks” on Chris Cooley’s personalized Redskins hat, but the shit is still quite hot either way. And based on the way he treats the sale of his cards, you can probably expect this on an eBay near you sometime in the future:

(Big thanks to Littles for the head’s up.)

Pictured: Barack Obama Redskins Jersey


Why this faceless Redkins fan goes with “BARACK OBAMA 08” over simply “OBAMA 08” — or why he chooses to merge football, politics and hot fitteds — is beyond me, but at least his timing is impeccable. And even McCainiacs can agree that this is probably better than “BRUNELL 8.”

(Found on Extreme Skins by The Mayor, who requests that we “include [his] Republican stance, I hate Obama, and I love John McCain.” I can’t picture a custom McCain jersey at a Dead Tree Crew tailgate, but whatever.)

That Fitted Is Hot, Son: You Dead, Playa?


Yo, Angel, my man, that new Yankees fitted is hot, son! For realz. Where’d you cop that joint?


I’m sayin’ though, it’s tight, right? You got that soil, dirt, chocolate and earf tones in there, and the mo’fuckin’ argyle and shit. Shit’s hot, aight!?


Angel Pantoja Medina! I’m talking to you, playboy! You just gun stand there, ain’t say shit? What’s the deal, homie?


Aight look, for real, you been standing in this corner for three mo’fuckin’ days and shit, wearing them same fake ass Dolce and Gabbana shades and that broke ass chain. But, best believe, that fitted is hot, yo. That’s what I’m sayin’. I’m tryin to give you some love, son. Damn.


Fine then, fuck you, Angel. Bitch. That fitted is played out anyways. I’m out.


George Sherrill Just Wants to Do Something Special For All the Ladies

This is how you know I’m a blogger and not some beat-down, emotionless member of the media herd: I was actually thrilled just to be in the presence of George Sherrill. Here is the Brim Reaper keepin’ it real with the flat bill on his fresh All-Star edition O’s cap. Note the girl with the camera, who was probably the only person more excited than me to be standing next to him:


The day before this photo was taken, I actually had the chance to talk with Sherrill during the player availability session. After every other media person was finished asking him how honored he is to be playing in the last All-Star game at Yankee Stadium, I asked him about the brim thing. I seem to have misplaced the audio, but it went something like this:

Me: So, how did the whole flat bill thing come about?

Sherrill: Well, I used to shape it in the Independent League, but one day in the minors, I just pulled a hat straight out of the box and wore it as is and pitched well. I’ve been doing it ever since.

Me: Do you think that’s, like, the best fashion statement in baseball?

Sherrill: No

Me: Cool story, Hansel.

So, that went well.

After the jump is a nice little before and after of Sherrill at the player-media clusterfuck and on the field with his hot fitted (because, let’s face it: The most interesting thing about this guy is his hat).

Continue reading George Sherrill Just Wants to Do Something Special For All the Ladies

Sherrill’s Pancake Bill Keeps Catching On

The O’s take Game 2 of the Beltway Battle, and, more importantly, the George Sherrill flat-brim sensation carries onward and certainly upward:


It’s also important to note that the movement is catching on in the stands. As well it should, given Sherrill’s 66-save pace (the MLB record is 57) during this, his first closing campaign. Absurd, though not quite so much as the O’s having the fourth-best record in the AL after 42 games.

Note: The flat-billed celebration did not debut Friday, as previously thought. They were doing it as early as Tuesday’s win over Boston.

Sherrill’s Flat Brim Goes Viral in Baltimore

Baltimore draws first blood in the Battle of the Beltway, and the win was capped with an exaggerated outbreak of George Sherrill’s signature look, the Jesper Parnevik-style fitted:


That would be a celebratory Bob Roberts and Freddy Bynum, followed by Luuuke Scott, Gun Show Sherrill and a non-comformist Ramon Hernandez: Continue reading Sherrill’s Flat Brim Goes Viral in Baltimore

Beltway Brims Battle: Cordero vs. Sherrill

Closer is one of the few positions of strength for the Nationals. Chad Cordero, dinged though he may be, can be counted on for three things: 1) an 80% save rate 2) a big belly and 3) a pancake-flat brim. Up in Baltimore, the Orioles are hoping for the same fearsome threesome from their new fireman, George Sherrill, who already has items No. 2 and 3 going for him:


It’s item 1 that remains to be seen as Sherrill (acquired in the Erik Bedard trade) hasn’t closed before, but he was superb in middle relief last season and has three saves and zero runs in his first week with the Birds. Project that across a full season, and you’re looking at Eric Gagne circa 2003 numbers. Or Chad Cordero circa 2005, for that matter.

Until the new guy carries it out, though, I’ll take the Chief and his flat-ass fitted every time. He pulls it down real nice, and he was first, plus the Nats have pulled ahead of the O’s in my fandom anyway.

(A belly bump to the Fashion Ump for the tip on Sherrill’s Beltway Brim.)