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‘Hip Hip Hooray’ Gets Kenny Mayne’d

This is bittersweet after losing to St. Louis, when staying medium trumps hip hip hooraying, but anytime the Mayne Event comes to Redskins Park, it’s probably worth sharing. So for those of you who missed Sunday Countdown due to allergic reactions to Chris Berman, here it is (via The Bald Spot):

Highlights include ARE and co. realizing that “hip hip hooray” has nothing to do with Naughty by Nature and Zorn trying out alternatives cheers (KSK has that stand-alone clip). Now, let’s just hope that one loss doesn’t derail the Hoorayride and we’re still throwing three cheers after Cleveland.

Strahan Leads Three Cheers for Skins

I try to avoid all NFL pregame shows like the plague — especially ones that feature Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long, Michael Strahan and Jimmy Johnson on the same set — so I missed this on Sunday. Here’s Strahan, who you may recall played for the Giants, leading a “hip hip hooray” cheer after discussing Jason Campbell’s awesomeness:

Howie Long: “Hard to believe Jason Campbell fell to where he did in the first round.” Really? Is it? Because the only two QBs taken ahead of Campbell in ’05 where Alex Smith, who at the time was the consensus No. 1, and Aaron Rodgers, who was taken one spot ahead of Campbell and still may turn out to be a great player in his own right. Maybe Howie is suggesting he should’ve gone 15th to the Chiefs who we now know have a little QB problem.

Other hindsight clairvoyance from the ’05 draft that Howie would like to let you know: Cedric Benson went way too high at No. 4, David Pollack has a flimsy vertebrae, and you guys all slept on Marion Barber and Brandon Jacobs — they’re beasts.

Video of ARE Leading ‘Hip Hip Hooray!’

As Steinz noted this morning, it was Randel-El who led the three cheers yesterday, not the Zorn Star. So, because we are quickly falling in love with the “hip hip hooray,” here’s video of ARE breaking it down:

Don’t forget, friends, “hip hip hooray” shirts are now available!

Bonus Footage: After the jump, relive the glory of ARE’s pass to Cooley.

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