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Gio Gonzalez Linked To PED Clinic

We can all roll our eyes and give baseball’s PED problem a big ol’ [wanking motion], but when it involves one of the Nationals current best players, there’s cause for concern. And that’s what happened this morning with the release of an extensive report from the Miami New Times about a recently-defunct Miami clinic called Biogenesis, in which Gio Gonzalez is linked to PEDs.

There are All-Star names littered throughout the report, but we’ll focus specifically on Gio. The report uses records from Biogenesis’ owner Anthony Bosch, who kept a hand-written ledger of all his PED clients. Bosch, who has previously been connected to supplying PEDs to baseball players, wrote this about Gio, whose name appears five different times:

“Order 1.c.1 with Zinc/MIC/… and Aminorip. For Gio and charge $1,000.” (Aminorip is a muscle-building protein.)

Gio’s father also appears in Bosch’s records. The New Times contacted him:

“My son works very, very hard, and he’s as clean as apple pie,” the elder Gonzalez says. “I went to Tony because I needed to lose weight. A friend recommended him, and he did great work for me. But that’s it. He never met my son. Never. And if I knew he was doing these things with steroids, do you think I’d be dumb enough to go there?”

It seems impossible this could lead to any punishment for Gio from MLB, but it’s certainly something he’s going to be constantly asked about this spring, and beyond. Plus, you know, using PEDs isn’t a real neat idea. Hopefully the report proves to be false and Gio can just go back to leading the league in smiles. And wins.

UPDATE: As our esteemed colleague Jack Kogod points out, NONE of the ingredients in AminoRip are on the MLB’s banned substances list, nor is Zinc and MIC (Methionine, Inositol, Choline). We cross-checked them all against the banned list.

UPDATE 2: Gio defends himself on Twitter:

Nat Gio + Mark Rypien’s Girl?

I can neither confirm nor deny Larry Brown Sports’ gumshoe social media report that Mark Rypien’s lingerie football-playing daughter, Angela Rypien, is dating Gio Gonzalez, but I want to believe it. So, until Reliable Sources or some such proves otherwise, they are hereby the first couple of D.C. sports blogging, destined to have beautiful, Super Bowl MVP/NL Cy Young award-winning children.

Update: Gio denies that they’re an item.

(Image of Angela Rypien and RGIII taken from Instagram via a previous post.)

8 Nats Things From A Natitude-Filled 2012 MLB All-Star Game

1. Pregame Intros

Bryce Harper and Stephen Strasburg each got above-average-sounding ovations, with Harper’s being louder. Gio Gonzalez’ was probably below-average, but he was still smiling, of course.

2. Facial Hair

It seems a lot of baseball players shave their beards up too high on the neck, Gio being one of them. (Nice 1-2-3 inning, BTW.)

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Nats Trade Four Top Prospects For The Lefty Now Known As Nat Gio

Goodbye, A.J. Cole, Derek Norris, Brad Peacock and Tommy Milone. Hello, Gio Gonzalez.

Who were those first four guys again? Just four of the Nats’ top 10 prospects — three starting pitchers and a C/1B. All four are predicted by John Sickels, who knows stuff, to “have a good chance to enjoy successful careers.”


And who’s Gonzalez? He’s a 26-year-old lefty who put up impressive numbers with the A’s (15-9, 3.23 ERA, 171 K in 2010; 16-12, 3.12 ERA, 197 K in ’11). The advanced stats aren’t quite so pretty, though, as he walks four-plus batters/nine innings and his FIP was 3.78 and 3.64 the past two years. Who knows what moving out of pitcher-friendly Oakland and into the pitcher-friendly NL does for him.

And who knows what to think about this deal. The Nats got themselves a known quantity, a solid No. 3 starter for a rotation without many known quantities. It cost them four guys who may or may not make it someday.

I’m not sure I like it, but I am sure it says something. The Nats are trying to contend this year, finally. Let the Prince Fielder talk begin in earnest.