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Steve Smith: ‘I Ruined Fred Smoot’s Career’

At some point during the Redskins’ slide to the bottom, the Panthers became my favorite not-unfortunately-named NFL team and Steve Smith became my favorite player on that team. I think it was at this point, precisely:

So it was with added interest that I listened to Smith’s Mike & Mike interview on ESPN Radio this morning. They got to talking about trash talking, which 89 is known for, and they asked him if there’s a specific player who was affected by his words. Smith’s reply:

A guy I take pride in, a guy I ruined his career is Fred Smoot. He was never the same after.

The game was in Carolina, back in September 2005 when Smoot had just left Washington for a six-year, $36 million deal with Minnesota. Smith caught 11 passes for 201 yards and a touchdown that day.

Smoot would play one more season with the Vikings before returning for three mediocre ones with the Skins. In those last three seasons he intercepted two passes, a far cry from the 13 he picked off in his first three before the beatdown in Carolina. He retired in 2009 at age 30.

Smith is on pace to catch 74 passes for the 8-3 Panthers. He is 34.

DMV: If Peeing Your Pants Is Cool, Consider Fred Smoot Miles Davis

Smoot was arrested for DUI and wet himself at the station. [Washingtonian]

Update: Fred Smoot’s lawyer disputes that Fred Smoot wet himself.

Caps lost 4-1 at home to Montreal. They’re now 0-3 and -8. [Japers’ Rink]

Top defensive duo Karl Alzner and John Carlson are struggling. [RMNB]

Matt Hendricks got into another fight, this time a loss. [Caps Outsider]

Ex-Cap Mike Knuble signed one-year deal with Philly, damn it. [RMNB]

The Nats are going to unveil a fifth Racing President tomorrow. [Bog]

Looking at how the Nats could win 110 games in 2013. [Nats Baseball]

Our old friend Nyjer Morgan is going to play in Japan. [Big League Stew]

O’s sign SP Jair Jurrjens to a one-year deal. Interesting. [Camden Chat]

Leonsis hopes Wiz go .500 the rest of the way. Great expectations. [Bog]

DMV: Fred Smoot’s Hypothetical Rap Video Will Not Be Nautical by Nature

Cooley is this week’s correspondent for Jim Rome and the highlight comes at the 38-second mark when he and Fred Smoot discuss their upcoming rap video which is “not going to be on a boat.” [Chris Cooley]

Stats say it wasn’t Campbell who failed the Skins in ’08. [Homer McFanboy]

Skins are handing out terrible towels at the Steelers game. [Skins Insider]

Nats get swept by Colorado as the offense goes in the tank. [Chatter]

Rizzo gets the Boz treatment as he sheds the interim tag. [Thomas Boswell]

High praise to Mike Wise for calling out SI’s Jon Heyman. [@AndrewSharp]

The guy flexing is Fitz, our “Snyder Sucks” model. [D.C. Sports Bog]

O’s snap losing streak thanks in part to B-Rob’s grand slam. [The Sun]

Terps land top-60 overall recruit, 6’6″ Mychal Parker. [Terps Insider]

MD football’s outstandingly named Masengo Kabongo. [Hell in a Red Shell]

Our thoughts are with Jose Theodore, whose son has died. [Caps Insider]

Today: Brewers-Nats (7:05), O’s-White Sox (8:11)

Smoot: Portis ‘Looks Like a Tadpole’

Cooley’s blog posts Fred Smoot’s “Wired Up” segment, and it’s as good as one would hope, especially the nickname portion where Smoot dubs Marcus Washington “Good Doctor”, Jason Campbell “Willie Fatfield” (which has morphed into “Skinny Benny”) and Clinton Portis “Tadpole” because, well, “he actually looks like a tadpole”:


I see what you’re getting at, Mr. Smoot. It’s in the eyes. And the jewels.

Good stuff from the man whose jersey (the old 21, not the new 27) I wear on gameday, though his Super Bowl commercial doesn’t cut the mustard.

Semi-related: Fast Company names the six best sports bloggers, and Cooley makes the cut (as does Arenas), though I’ve never heard of two of the blogs and a third isn’t about sports. Plus, the line “Cooley’s prose is as effortless and hard-hitting as his brain-rattling tackles” leads one to believe that Fast Company shouldn’t be in the business of sports media criticism.

Skins Secondary Gets Two Big Breaks


All things considered, the Skins defense played pretty well in Week 1. They held the Giants to 16 points, including two big redzone stops and a shutout in the second half. But the glaring problem was the secondary, and specifically, Carlos Rogers, who was forced to start and play the entire game thanks to Shawn Springs’ calf injury. You may have thought C-Los looked lost against Plaxico. Fred Smoot thought he was “money”:

“I felt like that was a money minute for his season. It shows where he is and that he’s definitely ready to play now.”

Maybe Smoot is talking specifically about that one-minute when Plax didn’t catch a football. I think it was during their seventh drive when Eli threw a pick on the third play. Aside from that, Rogers got torched for 10 catches and 133 yards. Although, to be fair, Smoot attempted to cover Plax a few times as well.

But today the secondary get some good news. First, Marques Colston won’t be going all Plaxico on the cornerbacks — he’s out for four to six weeks with a detached thumb ligament (pussy). Second, Shawn Springs’ calf is all betters and he’s expected to play.

The offense received some good news, as well.  After careful consideration, the league officially ruled the Bengals’ offense the most inept in Week 1, letting Zorn’s world-beaters off the hook. The award was originally thought to belong to Oakland, but really, why pile on? I mean, did you see that game? It went a long way in helping me feel better about the Skins.

UPDATE: According to one of PFT’s “sources,” the Redskins were doing “handstands and somersaults” when they heard the news that Colston will be out on Sunday.  I hope the source meant they were literally handstanding and somersaulting all over the practice field and not just using the phrase a figure of speech. The imagery is just too hilarious.

Good to See Smoot Is Still Partying

Big thanks to The Mayor for the head’s up on this one. ExtremeSkins has a series of photos of Fred Smoot’s birthday party at some place called Club Pose in D.C. Never heard of it, but from the looks of things, it’s some sort of white girl paradise. There are several other choice photos to be seen, but this has to be the best. Nice pinky ring, playboy:


We’ve been able to verify that the dude on the right, using his hand to say “fuck you,” is indeed back-up cornerback Leigh Torrence.

Smoot Plays Despite ‘Throwing Up Blood’

smoot-smack.jpgThere’s a reason I wear a home white Fred Smoot jersey for all Skins games, and it’s not because of his propensity for nicknames and sex toys. It’s because Smoot is the balls, as evidenced by this story from Redskins Radio’s Bram Weinstein:

“Smoot suffered severe cramps and began throwing up blood [during the Bears game]. The team carted him into the locker room where they hooked him up to IV’s. While watching the fourth quarter and seeing his team possibly blow another late lead, Smoot asked the trainers to go get him something, when they left the room, he ripped the IV’s out of his arm and ran back out onto the field and told Gregg Williams he was playing.”

Who knew 27 was in the hero business? And Smoot didn’t stand (and throw up) alone on Thursday night, no. Joining him was Clinton Portis:

“Portis ate some fried shrimp “from PF Changs” in the parking lot before enterring the stadium.. He threw up four times obviously suffering from food poisoning.. He played anyway and had the big offensive play of the game, a 54 yard screen pass inside the Bears 5.”

I love me some P.F. Chang’s. The lettuce wraps are tasty and refreshing! It doesn’t quite qualify as tailgate food though, unless you’re Clinton Portis before a home game, I suppose. Anyway, click through to Bram’s blog for yet another story of athletic virtue, this one starring Shawn Springs.

Also, did anyone know Smoot has his own energy bar? If not, I’ve buried the lead here and Steinz needs to get on this, obviously.