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Camden Yards Food Porn

The Orioles Twitter account made my timeline a little filthier this afternoon, introducing new foodstuffs for 2014 at Camden Yards. Here they are ranked in order of how badly I want to eat them.

Of course, I’d also have to get Boog’s too, so this would be quite a day at the Park.

DMV: The New Chris Davis Ice Cream Appears Crush-Worthy

O’s win 7-2 at Cleveland behind Bud Norris. Now two back. [Steve Melewski]

The O’s GIFs of the Week continue to be awesome. [Camden Chat]

Chris Davis has an ice cream now. It’s called Crunch Davis. [The Sun]

Tyler Clippard blew it, Nats lost 3-2 in Philly. Now 7.5 back. [Nats Insider]

Bryce is getting treatment on his hip, which is news to Davey. [Nats Journal]

Mike Shanahan confirmed that RGIII is starting in Week 1. [The Insider]

Three theories about why the Redskins kept Pat White. [Hogs Haven]

Skins modify Cofield’s deal to save $2.4m in cap space. [The Insider]

The costumes from the Redskins players’ island party are amazing. [Bog]

Kansas St. is trying to steal JMU’s “Start Wearing Purple” thunder. [JMUSB]

This is what JMU’s new basketball court will look like. Okay. [JMUSB]

That Guy who worked at the 9:30 Club has died. [Washington City Paper]

Jordan Crawford Ate Skittles During A Game (GUEST POST)

Wizznutzz is one of my favorite blogs of all time, but they don’t blog anymore, so this is a special treat. Here, with a dispatch from the Mothering Hut, are our mysterious friends the @wzzntzz.

“All the advantages ov Christianity and alcohol; none ov their defects.” -Aldous Huxley on Skittles in “Brave New World”

When JCraw palmed the tropical rainbow vs. Philly on Jan. 30, he wasn’t entering the game, he was checking into the Matrix. But his was no choice between the red and blue pills — it was a cosmic handful from the whole color stream: the pineapple passionfruit, the strawberry starfruit, the mango tangelo.

So, rather than picking between blissful ignorance or the pain ov reality, JCraw absorbed the universe all at once and entered the Infinite Sphere. In three dimensions a basketball always rotates on a fixed access, but in infinite dimensions there’s long been a question whether that invariant remains. But JCraw, using quantum mechanics as engineered by the Wringley Jr. Company in the form ov corn syrup and palm oil and enough artifice to prove we are all computer simulations, offered proof that no matter how many 50-foot jumpers can be launched with time left on the shot clock, the basketball, and therefore your soul, will have a FIXXXED ACCCESSSS.

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DMV: Joey Chestnut Ate 2 Gallons Of Ben’s Chili In 6 Minutes

Joey Chestnut won the World Chili Eating Championship in D.C., which can’t feel good, at least physically. Also, miss you Kobiyashi. [Young & Hungry, WTOP]

The Caps won their season opener in OT against Carolina. [Japer’s Rink]

It was a bit of a surprise that Tomas Vokoun didn’t start. [Caps Insider]

Alex Semin’s late-game cheap shot earned him a broken necklace. [RMNB]

An entire column about Ovi’s new physique. [Mike Wise]

Photos from Nyjer Morgan’s Friday night postgame celebration. [BLS]

De facto Gold Glove campaign videos for Matt Wieters. [Camden Chat]

ESPN ranks John Wall as the NBA’s 40th-best player. [Truth About It]

Kobe Bryant tells a sad, hilarious story about Kwame Brown. [Wiz Insider]

Stock report from Maryland’s loss at Georgia Tech. [Testudo Times]

New Nats Park Scoreboard Walk Review: ‘A Chill Vibe’ That ‘Kind of Works’

Here with a guest post is Mr. Irrelevant Writer at Large JP Finlay.

I hit the Nats-Cards game the same night as the debut of the “iconic” redone Miller Lite Scoreboard Walk. The new area was cool, if a little random, and the restaurants all seemed to be putting out good food.

My buddy Ewoldt (of Hogs Haven) got the fancy garlic-parmesan fries with some fancy mayo dipping sauce from the Fancy $10 French Fry Place and I stole a few. They were good, not on the level of Belga Café or Brasserie Beck, but still good.

The line for Shake Shack was way too long, but some old lady I asked said she liked it. (First rate reporting.) The new BBQ joint gave me an odd mix of emotions. First, the smell of sweet and spicy hit my nose and triggered an immediate reaction of pleasure, but quickly memory kicked in and I was pissed I wasn’t eating Boog’s.

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DMV: ‘All [John Wall Does] Is Eat Snacks’

John Wall likes junk food. Veggies, not so much. [WaPo, Bog, SBNDC, BDL]

Leonsis insults WaPo’s reporting b/c Wall has a chef, damn it. [Ted’s Take]

Wiz lose their 24th-straight on the road, this time at Dallas. [Wiz Insider]

Video: Nick Young made an awesome block in the loss. [Krem’s Sports]

Great pics of the Skins’ last Pro Bowl MVP, Joe Theismann. [Redskins Blog]

The five most likely destinations for Albert Haynesworth. [CSN Washington]

Tony Gwynn inspires Stephen Strasburg to quit chewing tobacco. [WaPo]

Georgetown beats Louisville for fifth-straight Big East win. [Casual Hoya]

Related: The Georgetown bandwagon is filling back up. [DC Landing Strip]

Radio guy Rich Chvotkin’s “Hoyas win!” call the other day was epic. [Bog]

Bracketology: Maryland and Mason both among the last four in. [D1scourse]

JMU’s Bracket Buster matchup is a “turd sandwich.” [JMU Sports Blog]

JMU making a bid to set a world record tomorrow night. [Facebook]

DC United’s new third kit is very red, which is nice. [Bog]

Words and pics from Lissie at the 9:30 Club. [DCist]