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Blame Mel Kiper For Some Of Those Bad Redskins Draft Picks

During the barrage of NFL Draft content recently, Deadspin posted a couple of infographics with the totally non-confrontational headline You’re Better Off Guessing Than Listening To Mel Kiper.

The infographics are tough to reproduce because, being infographics, they rely in part on being ridiculously oversized and somewhat baroque, but basically what they show is this: on one side, the top 20 of Mel Kiper’s predraft rankings. On the other, where those players would rank in a list organized by actual production from members of that draft class (along with a few notable players whom Kiper left unranked). Aside from Mel’s top 20 and the other notables, the list is unpopulated, so the impact of the graphic comes from the long stretches of blank space, demarcated by the blank lines where the ranks would be.

Deadspin produced two of these infographics, one for 2003 and the other for 2008. On each one, the bottommost player — the guy who makes you wear out your mouse’s scroll wheel (or your wrist muscles, if you’re trying to look at the thing on a tablet) — is someone drafted in the second round by the Redskins. More specifically, the bottommost player is a wide receiver drafted in the second round by the Redskins. Or, not to put too fine a point on this, the bottommost player is a wide receiver drafted in the second round by Vinny Cerrato.

Also, each of those wide receivers — the estimable Taylor Jacobs and the legendary Devin Thomas — had fewer than 40 receptions in his entire career with the Skins.

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DMV: Vinny Cerrato Rapping Is Enough To Ruin Christmas

Here’s Vinny Cerrato rapping to “Ice Ice Baby” on the radio. [Hogs Haven]

Clinton Portis broke out his Dolla Bill character on TV. Kinda sad. [Bog]

An interesting measure that reveals the Skins fanbase is weak. [Fatpickled]

Orakpo seems to be improving, despite his sack totals. [The Insider]

Despite the what-if scenarios, the Redskins still suck. [Rick Snider]

Splitting up Ovechkin and Backstrom may be the way to go. [Puck Daddy]

Michael Neuvirth is putting together a nice run. [Caps Watch]

Karl Alzner is having a pretty good season. [On Frozen Blog]

Great old pic of Ovechkin fighting Mike Richards. [@si_vault]

The Wizards new uniform numbers may be hard to read. [Bog]

Boz slams the Nats for their inactivity this offseason. [Thomas Boswell]

Sounds like the Nats may sign 37-year-old Mark DeRosa. [Nats Insider]

The Nats top 20 prospects for 2012. [Minor League Baseball]

Redskins Were The NFL’s Worst-Drafting Team Of The 2000s

This will come as no surprise, but it is so incredibly depressing:

Washington (F)
Pro Bowlers: 3 (29th)
Draftees Active in 2010: 26 (32nd)
Players with 50+ Career AV: 0 (t-31st)
Players with 20+ Career AV: 11 (32nd)
Best Pick: TE Chris Cooley (3rd round, 2004)
Worst Pick: WR Malcolm Kelly (2nd round, 2007)

Summary: Congratulations, Dan Snyder. You’re the only constant in a franchise that has been absolutely terrible in all of their different war rooms of the 2000s. The Redskins, far and away, have got less out of their drafts than any other team – in fact, they might have done better in the 1970s when they were trading away all of their top picks for veterans every year. It’s not that they’ve drafted acres of busts, like Detroit or Oakland, it’s that they’ve traded up a lot, failed to get big hits, lost out on volume, and left themselves needing to overpay for underachievers in free agency. The Redskins had only 21 picks in the first three rounds, fewest in the decade, and missed on more than half. They’re the poster boys for why trading up doesn’t work – and this year, they finally figured it out, adding extra picks and moving down a lot. Maybe the 2010s will be theirs.

Click through to Cold Hard Football Facts for their complete 2000s NFL draft grades for all 32 teams. The Redskins are dead f—ing last.

Jason Reid: ‘Dan Snyder Picked Malcolm Kelly’

Washington cut Malcolm Kelly yesterday, ending an injury-riddled three-year saga that began with him being one of three receivers the Redskins selected in the second round of the 2008 draft. The intrigue doesn’t quite end there, though, as Washington Post Redskins reporter-turned-sports columnist Jason Reid unleashed a string of tweets last night:

Noticed a lot of stuff today linking Vinny Cerrato with Malcolm Kelly. Let’s be clear about this: Daniel M. Snyder picked Kelly.

He picked him despite the warnings of the team’s medical staff. Several coaches on staff at time thought it was a mistake, but as one told me after Kelly was picked: “That’s what the owner wanted to do.” Just setting the record straight. Peace.

Just to be clear II: Cerrato shares responsibility for what occurred on his watch. That’s what comes with the big title and salary to match. I would never suggest otherwise. But Snyder’s supposed lack of involvement through the years is my all-time favorite fairy tale. Makes for a good laugh, though.

It’s been speculated, and even assumed, that Snyder was involved with football decisions in the past, but this is the clearest indication yet of him doing so. It was news to me. It seemed to be news to others on Twitter as well, but Reid, Washington Post sports editor Lindsay Applebaum and even the Washington Post Sports’ staff Twitter account were adamant that Reid had published this previously on the Post.

Applebaum told me to “Google it.” @PostSports suggested I “comb through The Insider’s list of Snyder-tagged posts.” And Reid said, “I mentioned this in a dead-tree edition report as well. I think it was last year when I wrote about the 2008 class.”

I believe this is the story Reid is referring to, and this is the closest it comes to saying “Snyder picked Kelly:”

Through team spokesman Tony Wyllie, Cerrato said team sources were inaccurate in portraying Snyder as having a role in the selection of Kelly.

“He had a phenomenal workout” before the draft, Cerrato said. “We all made the decision [but] Dan was not involved. He made the trip to [Oklahoma] just to offer support.”

Cerrato may have denied it then, but he seems to be singing a different tune now. I mentioned to Reid on Twitter that this Snyder-Kelly business would make for a good column, especially if he quotes Cerrato saying he would’ve taken star Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles instead. To which Reid responded, “Someone in [the] organization told me that’s who they wanted.”

I do hope Jason writes that column. And I really hope Snyder has learned his lesson already.

What Would Vinny Do? A Look at Who the Redskins Should Take With the 10th Pick

Here to look at what the Skins should do at No. 10 is new Mr. Irrelevant Contributing Writer Kelso Carpenter.

A couple of weeks ago, still out-of-work Vinny Cerrato was a guest on Mike Wise’s show. In his first major interview since being fired by the Redskins, Cerrato spoke about a variety of topics ranging from his time in Washington to the hiring and firing of Jim Zorn to the NFL Draft.

Last year was the first Redskins draft in 10 years that Cerrato wasn’t involved in. While it wasn’t a great draft – they traded away picks for McNabb and J. Brown and only drafted one starter (T. Williams) – it was still nice to know that “Crazy Eyes” wasn’t at the wheel, preparing to draft three straight pass-catchers.

During his interview with Wise, Cerrato said he wouldn’t draft Cam Newton because there were “too many red flags.” This can be taken two ways. One, Cerrato thinks any player that can walk is the next Jerry Rice, so if he doesn’t like Newton, there must be something wrong. Or two, Cerrato made so many bad draft day decisions the fact that he doesn’t like a player might boost that player’s stock. In this case, I actually find myself agreeing with Vinny. Many mock drafts have had the Redskins taking Newton with the 10th pick, and I really hope they’re wrong. This team can’t afford to take a chance. They need a sure thing.

The Redskins have so many needs it’s pathetic. You name a position, and they either need a starter or depth there. In fact, the only positions they could possibly be considered set are safety and tight end. Other than that, it’s wide open.

Luckily for the Skins, Newton will most likely be gone by the time they pick. In fact, based on mocks by the National Football Post, Pro Football Talk, SI, and’s Charley Casserly, this almost certainly applies to CB Patrick Peterson, QB Blaine Gabbert, OLB Von Miller, DT Marcel Dareus, DT Nick Fairley, and WR A.J. Green as well.

Assuming the above seven guys are gone when the Redskins pick, here’s a look at some 10 top prospects who will likely be available at 10:

Robert Quinn (DE/OLB, North Carolina) – He missed the entire 2010 season because of improper association with an agent, but all you have to do is watch his 2009 tape and you’ll see why he’s still widely considered a top-five talent. He’s an exceptional pass rusher and can play either DE in a 4-3 or OLB in a 3-4.

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Rush Limbaugh Really Was Zorn’s Guest

Included in Vinny Cerrato’s unprompted attack on Jim Zorn yesterday was this bit:

“Lookit, when we started out, we’re 6-2 and [Zorn’s] doing a good job. But then I think ego got into play and then he stopped listening to coaches, became a celebrity. That’s when Rush Limbaugh’s on the sideline, he had all these people on the sideline. Gimme a break.”

Wait, Jim Zorn had Rush Limbaugh on the sideline? I know Zorn Star used to ride bikes with Dubya, but I didn’t recall Limbaugh ever being at FedEx for a Skins game. A quick googling didn’t turn up anything either.

Thank goodness, then, for Steinz, who sent this link to Limbaugh’s site:

“Got back from Washington, DC, at 4:30 this morning, finally got into bed at five o’clock, went in for the Redskins-Steelers last night, and I want to thank the Redskins coach Jim Zorn and his wife, Joy. We were guests of theirs last night, got to go down on the field and chew the fat with Coach Zorn and watch the game from his box with his wife and some houseguest that he had in town. It was just a great night. We had to wait to leave last night. We waited in the suite for him to come up after his press conference after the game, but apparently it takes ages, it takes years to clear the parking lots at FedEx Field, 92,000 people in there, so we waited for about an hour-and-45 minutes after the game and headed to Baltimore Washington International, which is the closest airport to the Washington Redskins Stadium in Landover, Maryland, so we got home and rolled into bed at five o’clock, and here we are.”

Wow, that happened. And Vinny was actually right for once. Double wow.

Also, it really is too bad this went down before McNabb came to town.

DMV: Vinny Cerrato Attacks Jim Zorn

Vinny Cerrato went on the Mike Wise Show and completely killed Jim Zorn, blaming Zorn’s ego(!?), media relations and staff hires for the Redskins’ failures. Also, Vinny Cerrato has a lot of gall. [Bog]

Update: The Bog posts more of Cerrato’s delusions.

O.J. Atogwe’s deal isn’t front-loaded like Vinny’s old deals. [Real Redskins]

Video: Someone makes it rain on Chris Cooley with coins. [Capital Games]

The Caps are raising ticket prices for the fourth straight year. [Bog]

“The Caps aren’t worse, the Southeast is better.” [Peerless Prognosticator]

Dogfish Head at Nats Park is among America’s 10 best ballpark beers. [BLS]

On why/how Nats RP Todd Coffey sprints to the mound. [Nats Journal]

Andray Blatche hurt his shoulder as the Wiz got blown out. [Wiz Insider]

Terps AD Kevin Anderson says Gary Williams’ job “isn’t in jeopardy.” [Sun]

Terps DC Todd Bradford shaved his amazing mustache! [Testudo Times]

It has been a really long time since JMU made the Tournament. [JMUSB]

Cerrato Takes a Bath on Great Falls Home

From Washingtonian’s Open House blog, last Thursday:

Former Redskins head of football operations Vinny Cerrato sold a Colonial in Great Falls for $1.9 million. Cerrato bought the five-bedroom, eight-bath house in 2004 for $2.4 million and originally listed it for $2.5 million. It has five fireplaces and a three-car garage.

The shrine to Dan Snyder probably didn’t help the resale value, AMIRITE?!

Now, I’m not one to laugh at the misfortune of others, but anyone selling a $2 million home should be doing alright for themselves. Plus, it’s Vinny.

Hopefully he moves far, far away, for his sake at least.

Revisiting the McNabb and Cutler Trades

I wasn’t a fan of the Donovan McNabb trade from the start, but Washington’s turnover-riddled win over Chicago brings to mind how much better off they are with that deal vs. the rumored Jay Cutler deal of 2009. Let’s recap the terms:

What the Skins gave up for McNabb: a 2010 second-rounder (37th overall) and either a third- or fourth-rounder in 2011.

What the Bears gave up for Cutler: Kyle Orton, first-rounders in 2009 (18th overall) and 2010 (22nd) and a third-rounder (84th) in 2009.

Obviously, Chicago gave up a hell of a lot more for Cutler than Washington did for McNabb. Two first-rounders? For the Skins, those turned out to be franchise cornerstones Brian Orakpo and Trent Williams.

But how have McNabb and Cutler performed? Let’s take a look:

McNabb with Washington: seven games (4-3), 76 rating, 7.1 yards/pass, six TD, seven INT, three fumbles (zero lost).

Cutler with Chicago: 22 games (10-12), 79 rating, 7.0 yards/pass, 34 TD, 33 INT, 15 fumbles (four lost).

The performances here are pretty similar, which is to say they’re similarly shitty, but what’s in McNabb’s favor is the small sample size. You’ve got to think, or at least hope, that he’ll bounce back to his Philly playing ways.

Regardless, Washington would be in a much deeper hole had Vinny Cerrato succeeded in swinging a deal for Cutler two years ago. Thankfully, he failed at failing. It was probably the best thing he ever did.

DMV: Bring It Back Home, Bruce Allen

bruce-allen.jpgThe replacement of Cerrato is the best news in more than a decade.” [Sally Jenkins]

“Snyder made the first sensible hire of his tenure.” [Player Hater’s Ball]

“This link-to-the past junk is overrated.” [Mike Wilbon]

Talking points from the Bruce Allen press conference. [Redskins Blog]

“Hello, Bubba” was Allen’s bizarro “Maroon & Black” moment. [Thom Loverro]

Awesome Allen family photos. [D.C. Sports Bog]

Update: Allen sounds like Tampa Bay’s Cerrato. [Gary Shelton]

“Signs point to Shanahan becoming president/head coach.” [Skins Insider]

That’s what Jason La Canfora hears too, and Gruden isn’t an option. [JLC]

Mike Florio’s also hearing Shanahan, says he’ll have all the power. [PFT]

Cerrato and Zorn had gone sour (read the Eagles game anecdote). [RI]

Alas, the “Z-Man” has outlasted the “V-Man.” [Mike Wise]

“Eight things that I’ll never forget about the Cerrato Era.” [D.C. Sports Bog]

Source: “Cerrato will remain as a consultant to Snyder.” [Pro Football Talk]

The Skins may be bringing Doug Williams back too. [Redskins 360]

O’s sign Atkins, M. Gonzalez, won’t pursue Holliday, A. Gonzalez. [Sun]

Strange but cool: You can design a play for the Wizards. [Truth About It]

Hey, photos of the Wizards dancers in a lad mag. [Maxim]

DE Arthur Moats named FCS defensive player of the year. [JMU Sports Blog]

Your best lunch and dinner bets for D.C. Restaurant Week. [We Love DC]

Eamonn leaves us to do a college hoops blog for ESPN. [Hello Friend]

Special announcement: I’m proud to be part of Dan Levy’s 300th episode, especially given the guests I was surrounded by. [On the DL]