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Mr. Irrelevant Night Caps-Sabres Update: Pre- and Post-Game Spot

We have a few updates on Mr. Irrelevant Night Caps-Sabres, which is next Friday the 30th. First, the big one. Our pre- and post-game watering hole has been determined. It’s the Iron Horse Taproom near Verizon Center on 7th.

They serve good beer (see: Taproom) and all pours are $2 off from 4-8 p.m. They’ve also reserved a downstairs area for our little party, so we’ll be there throwing a few back from 5-7.

Then it’s on to the game, which you can get tickets for starting at $60 through our deal with TiqIQ and ScoreBig. The order process is a little confusing, but, considering tickets go for double that on the Caps’ site and start at $82 on the second-hand market, it’s worth it.

Again, the deal is you “bid” $85 per ticket and then get $25 off your total purchase. I bought four seats together for $315, or $79 per. We’re in section 425, row O, by the way. That was the second update.

The third and final update is we created a Facebook event page for Mr. Irrelevant Night. If you’d be so kind as to go there and click “Join” we’d appreciate it. You know, if you are in fact going. We hope you are.

Site News: Mr. Irrelevant Night For Caps-Sabres On December 30

We teased this on Facebook and Twitter, but here’s the deal: We’re hosting an event on Friday, December 30th for that night’s Caps game against the Sabres. And, thanks to TiqIQ, $100 face-value tickets are available for $85 along with an additional $25 off of your total purchase if you follow these somewhat convoluted steps. And it’s alright that they’re convoluted, because Caps tix don’t come cheap.

What this means is you can buy one $100 ticket for $60 ($85 – $25). Or two together for $145 ($85 × 2 – $25). And so on.

Or you can get your tickets via Mr. Irrelevant Tickets, if that’s easier for you, but it will cost a bit more.

In addition to the game, we’re also going to gather for pre- and post-game festivities at a bar near Verizon Center. Exact location and possible drink specials are still to be determined, but we’ll be there by 5 p.m. and then returning afterward. Stay tuned for details.

In any event, we’re pretty excited about this and hope you’ll come out and join us, either at the game, the bar, or both. Just look for the guy wearing the Santa hat and Ray-Bans, apparently.

Camden Yards: ‘Like a European Vacation Compared to D.C.’

Here with a guest post is Mr. Irrelevant Writer at Large JP Finlay. Happy 4th, everyone.

In what had been way too long, I returned to Camden Yards last night. Walking down Eutaw Street, I was struck with the offsetting combination of nostalgia and remorse.
Nostalgic about those Cal & Moose teams of the 90s, playoff runs, and trying to buy beers on fake IDs. Remorseful that despite at least a decade age difference, Camden Yards is still the far superior ballpark than the $700 million generic Nats Park.
But, such is life, things change. Camden Yards was not quite the same, and not for the better. The first thing that hit me – and this is old news so don’t knock me for it – is the Hilton in centerfield. What was an awesome view of the Bromo-Seltzer tower was replaced with an f*n hotel?!? The hotel is aesthetically pleasing enough, but it removes the Baltimore skyline, the dignified-yet-odd Bromo tower and the open-air feeling you got looking out upon Charm City. I understand, time marches on, hotels are built, and the dollar always wins.
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Scenes From an Open Redskins Practice

To someone who hasn’t been around a lot of NFL teams in July (e.g. me), every NFL team looks great in July. So it was with my first Redskins practice in years. Words and pics from Saturday morning’s open session …

This tent is one of the first things fans pass upon entering Redskins Park. It’s a nice photo op for the kids, who can put their heads on the bodies of Chris Cooley, Santana Moss and Clinton Portis. It’s also missing a player in the open space between Cooley and Moss. That’s where an Albert Haynesworth dummy reportedly stood as recently as last week.

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We Were There for the Strasmas Scratch

There’s no DMV today as I’m still reeling from seeing Miguel Batista take the hill. Imagine that …

You’re a Nats fan. No, you’re such a Nats superfan you actually blog about the team all the time and make Nats-themed t-shirts (see above) and so on. And you happen to live six hours from D.C. but are in town for this one Strasburg start and this one Strasburg start only.

You’ve gathered a couple of good friends for the occasion, and your dad is even able to make it out to the park. You arrive without tickets but snag standing-room-only passes just in time. The four of you make it up to Red Loft as Andray Blatche (“Bulletproof!”) throws out the first pitch, and you grab four cold, $8 beers. You lean in, on your toes to see over the folks on the rail.

Way down there, down in the twilight, the Nats emerge. You squint to see which one’s Strasburg, the one everyone in the packed house came to see. But what’s that? Who’s that on the mound, all the way down?

Miguel fucking Batista.

So, yeah. Batista did a fine job, and the Nats won. But we only saw the half of it before heading to Justin’s Cafe for a nightcap of microbrews and pizza. Justin’s is a good place. I recommend it.

But still. The DMV will return as scheduled tomorrow, and the next day.

Mr. Irrelevant at 5: Gil’s 25th B-Day Party

Five years ago I started this site on AOL’s blog platform to write about the 2004 NCAA tournament. As that spring wore on, I wanted to keep it going and cover all sports, mostly as they pertain to D.C., so I did.

Three-plus years later Chris, who’d been in this blog game for years with Saved by the Blog, joined the party, and we moved it to WordPress. Now, because AOL’s platform is nevermore, those early years are lost in time. 

So to celebrate Mr. Irrelevant’s 5th birthday we’re republishing some of those old posts in their entirety, warts and all. First up is “Gilbert Arenas’ Birthday Party: ‘Get Drunk, Make Bad Decisions'”, originally published on January 8, 2007. Enjoy, and thanks for making this so much fun …

I have an Arenas Express card with my name on it. There are 7,000 others able to make the same claim but none who value the plastic more. For a night, it was the key into a different world and, forever, proof I was there for Gilbert’s million dollar 25th birthday party. Now, let’s rewind for a minute so you know what I’m on about.


Last Wednesday I had no clue that my favorite baller was turning 25, much less throwing the party of the year at Love in DC. It came across my radar via email from my friend Sev with the great hope that we must attend. And for two days our search remained fruitless; locked out of the house where Diddy would host and hip-hop’s finest were set to perform.

I asked everyone I knew with power and/or connections for help. DC Sports Bog said he was going to his dad’s 60th birthday party that night. Unsilent Majority had a ticket in hand but none to spare. One guy told me that I didn’t want to go because “it’s all black.” A colleague who used to date Diddy (“pre-J. Lo”) was doing what she could for a blogger. No one came though and all seemed lost until the final, darkest hour.

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Six Innings of Sunshine: A 2009 Nationals Spring Training Photo Essay

Thirty-one years of age, loving baseball since it was T-ball to me, and I’d never been to a spring training game. This past weekend remedied that, at least for the couple hours I stole away from visiting our baby’s namesake near Viera for Sunday’s Nats-Mets tilt. The experience is as glorious as I’d imagined, and here are pictures to prove it …

This being Florida, and the Nats being what they are, Mets fans ruled the day. Except for this guy in a “Jett Favre” t-shirt. He rules nothing.


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Good to Be Back; I’ve Missed You, Too

Hey! Look who’s back! It’s me, Chris. The other Mottram that’s just like Jamie, but with a drinking problem instead of a baby! You may have noticed that things around here have been less “angry” and more “informative” over the past week or so. How astute of you. This is because I was skiing in Park City, Utah.

Quick, FAQs that should sum up the vacation:

Was it epic? Yes.

Is it true that you saw Sublime out there? False. It was actually the Long Beach Dub All-Stars, a show that would’ve made my head explode on the spot about 10 years ago. It was righteous, nonetheless.

How many celebrities did you spot at your resort? One. Nick Hogan. So actually, zero.

How many drunken locals with mohawk-mullets did you spot drinking 3.2% beer — the legal limit for consumption at bars in Utah — at two in the afternoon? Just this guy:

mohawkmulletutah.jpgYou’ll kindly note the Utah Utes helmet hanging behind the bar. Their logo is JUST LIKE the Redskins, but less racist-y.

So, anywho, how has everyone been? MmmHmm, good, good. Well, nice to be back.

(The youngest Mottram, Beef, models the gnarliness of The Canyons after the jump.)

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