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DeAngelo Hall’s Message for Ocho Cinco

Falcons corner DeAngelo Hall and Chad Johnson seem to have a trash talking love affair going on. Tonight, during the preseason game between the two, D’Hall shaved a special message into his head just for Ocho Cinco:


“I OWN U 85.” Man, these guys seem really broken up about Vick. I wish they’d lighten up and have some fun out there.

Update: Chad went for 83 yards on five catches and a touchdown. Hall might wanna immediately shave his dome after the game.

Update No. 2: FanHouse has an excellent pic of the hair and its namesake in a warm embrace.

Vick Haters Best Beware

MDS at the FanHaus brings up the fact that not everyone in the state of Georgia has already deemed Michael Vick guilty, and some are actually still supporting him. No, not this rules of conduct nazi, nor these possibly-more-dangerous-than-Vick people either. Or this guy, he couldn’t dare support his own still innocent player. This guy though, this guy still loves him some vick:

My man with the blue painter’s tape sign isn’t alone though. A 21-year-old revolutionary that goes by the moniker “vickisinnocent” on YouTube brings up some solid arguments, including:


Well said. PETA supporters definitely like to f**k animals.

Update: After the jump.

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Harringtons Enjoying That Irish Luck

No relation to the Harringtons, but hotIf a professional athlete is about to implode on himself like a dying star, you better believe a Harrington will be in the wings, waiting to reap the benefits.*

We are all well aware by now that because Mike Vick hearts electrocuting dogs (and now he won’t even be allowed to attend camp), that Joey Harrington is in-line to be the Falcons starting QB this season. The man has been nothing short of a total bust — highlighted by a 68 passer rating last season — yet he has managed to luck his way into yet another starting role. He’s like Vincent Chase’s brother, except he’s not on a T.V. show that sucks so much, yet is so inexplicably popular.

Then there’s Joey’s second cousin, who happens to be Padriag Harrington. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Padriag deserved to win the British and all, but if Sergio didn’t have to wait 15 minutes to hit his second shot on 18, and had more “good breaks,” and hadn’t brought his Lightdays even though he was experiencing heavy flow on the back nine, then Paddy totally wouldn’t of had a chance.

Oh, but wait, there’s yet another Harrington: Joey’s other cousin pro poker player Dan Harrington. Dan’s only won $4.8 million playing in tournaments, not to mention the unknown amount he’s won in cash games.

So yeah, those Harringtons are a pretty lucky bunch of Irishmen. Am I jealous? Of course not. I mean, just the other day I found 10 bucks on the floor in the mall (true story!), so I have that going for me.

*Granted, I’m not sure what benefits one would actually reap from supernovae, but you know what I’m trying to say, dick.