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Ranking The Chris Davis Mustache Vs. Other All-Time Orioles Greats

You may have noticed that Chris Davis is on a tear, elevating his season HR total to 30. The Chris Mottram lookalike’s OPS+ is up to 134, the second-best of his career. You may have also noticed that thing on his face:

The Orioles slugger had let his beard and mustache go until it was threatening the Orioles’ strict no-beard rule, so he shaved the beard but kept the mustache.

And it looks terrible. But he can’t shave it off now.

A player on a streak has to respect the streak, you see. So, since it appears Crush’s little friend may stick around, we asked Doug Ramey (@fatpickled) to weigh in. Doug is a bit of an expert on the subject, given that he authored “The 12 Best Mustaches in Orioles History” on this very site.

Here’s what Doug had to say:

“That furry caterpillar is impressive — it almost looks like he’s wearing a disguise. It’s also comical how it looks when he has one of his over-the-top lippers in.

In order to crack the top 10 I feel it needs to last 30 days … the other guys on that list rocked the ‘stache for entire seasons. That being said, if the ‘stache has legs and lasts awhile it has top-five potential.

I do deduct points for the flavor saver he has accompanying the ‘stache. Just because his buddy Chris Tillman is still rocking a flavor saver eight years after they were out of style (if they ever were) doesn’t mean he has to add that as an accessory to his already impressive lip fur.”

DMV: The Great 8’s Mustache Is Not Great

So glad Ovechkin is participating in Movember. [Bog, @danny_favret]

Taking Ray Emery and the ref to task for the Holtby beating. [Puck Daddy]

Awesome photoshops of Angry John Carlson yelling at things. [RMNB]

Here’s a wonderful history of all-time Caps goalie fights. [Caps Outsider]

Ted Leonsis likes to mix it up in Facebook comments, which is odd. [Bog]

Chimera named NHL’s third star after his six-point week. [Caps Insider]

Phillip Daniels upset about not being invited to Redskins homecoming. [Bog]

Darrell Green thinks the Skins should re-sign Contract Year D-Hall. [Bog]

Snyder’s house has a burgundy & gold Redskins basketball court. [Bog]

Sean Taylor’s shooter found guilty of second-degree murder. [Miami Herald]

Seven problems the 0-3 Wizards are dealing with right now. [Bullets Forever]

Randy Wittman fined $20k for swearing during his presser. [Wiz Insider]

Programming note: I’ve been offline for most of four days and didn’t get to watch the Skins game, hence no Winners & Losers. Glad they won, though!

Things Got Pretty Hairy During Last Night’s Nats Game

We tweeted this but I think I’ll share it here because it tickled me so much:

Werth won the beard-off but lost the war, lining out to third. He’s having a good June, however, putting up a .279/.355/.456 slash line. What to do with him, though, when Bryce comes back? The common thinking is he’ll move down to the sixth or seventh spot in the lineup, but what about batting him leadoff?

That’s counterintuitive, because Denard Span is a Leadoff Guy, but at some point the guy you give the most plate appearances to has to get on base, and D-Span isn’t getting on base. Like, he is very much not getting on base, to the tune of a .256 OBP in June (.310 for the season).

The Nats made this very move last year, moving Werth into the leadoff spot August 11, where he posted a .374 OBP over the season’s final two months. Plus, it’s not like he’s a middle-of-the-order, power bat at this point anyway.

Food for thought. Interested to see what others think.

DMV: By The Beard Of Espinosa

Danny Espinosa beard status: full, black, growing like a weed. [USAT Sports]

Espinosa’s beard and his GF were big hits on MLB Network. [Nats Enquirer]

Also, Bryce Harper got a somewhat normal-looking haircut. [USAT Sports]

Svrluga assesses the Caps’ struggles after the first two games. [WaPo]

Watch both of the Matt Hendricks fights from Tuesday night. [RMNB]

Michael Jenkins, who is the best, did an MC Hammer-style Caps rap. [Bog]

Mathieu Perreault isn’t happy, and he opened his pie hole about it. [RMNB]

Wizards close road trip with close comeback loss at Utah. [Bullets Forever]

George Karl called JaVale McGee “lazy and crazy,” which is the best. [PBT]

Baltimore trading for Jason Kubel doesn’t make much sense. [O’s Insider]

George Mason won a big-ish CAA matchup over Towson by 10. [WaPo]

Jim Larranaga pulled off an upset, crushing Duke by 26. [USAT Sports]

Watch a thunder dunk by A.J. Davis in JMU’s win over Delaware. [JMUSB]

Danny Espinosa’s Winter Beard Is Thick (PHOTO)

Danny Espinosa has always appeared to be able to grow a beard on a day’s notice. This is what happens when you give him two months (via CSN D.C.):

He should be full Brian Wilson by the time pitchers and catchers report.

Speaking of, the person who originally tweeted the photo, Sara Mosher, says he’s growing it until spring training. She calls it “Duck Dynasty.” I really hope she’s his girlfriend.

In other Nats/ex-Nats news, the Cubs are giving Edwin Jackson 20 times what the Phillies gave John Lannan. Good for that MFer.

Bonus: Here’s another pic from Miss Mosher, dated December 7th.

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Dan Snyder’s Old Yearbook Photo Is Unfortunate

I missed this when the Washington Post published it last year, so thankfully Burgundy Blog dug up Dan Snyder’s old yearbook photo:

WaPo’s caption on the photo reads:

“A young Snyder appears in a school yearbook. He was an unremarkable student with little interest in school, a notably limited attention span and few close friends.”

What’s left unsaid is that those “few close friends” were all on the payroll.

Previous: Gus Frerotte’s yearbook photo also reveals a hint of a mustache.

DMV: Braden Holtby Has A Baby And Karl Alzner Has A Neckbeard

Karl Alzner’s playoff beard ranked as a top-five playoff beard. [Puck Daddy]

Note: Here’s where Alzner’s beard is headed should the Caps win Game 7.

Braden Holtby’s fiance has a baby boy, Benjamin Hunter. [Caps Insider]

Here’s the best Photoshop imaginable of lil’ Benjamin Hunter. [RMNB]

Caps “have a very special young goaltender in Holtby.” [Russian Machine]

Matt Hendricks is having a hell of a playoff run. [Caps Insider]

Looking at the recent history of underdogs in Game 7. [Caps Insider]

Art Monk is joining a concussion lawsuit against the NFL. [The Insider]

Gambling lines for the Redskins 2012 regular season. [Hogs Haven]

This painting of RGIII has some weird stuff going on. [Burgundy Blog]

Nats snap three-game skid behind Strasburg’s 13-K game. [WaPo]

Thomas Boswell on Bryce Harper. Read this shit. [Thomas Boswell]

Wilson Ramos isn’t so good on defense this season. [Nats Journal]

MLB Network compares Bryce Harper to Mickey Mantle. [Bog]

Nats and O’s have four of the five worst hitters in baseball. [Krem’s Sports]

O’s split doubleheader with Texas, hit five HR in one game. [The Sun]

The 12 Best Mustaches In Orioles History (AKA The Dirty Dozen)

Today’s guest post comes from Doug Ramey, the proprietor of D.C. sports blog Fatpickled. Follow him on Twitter and enjoy his admiration for lip fur.

There’s no doubt Nick Johnson has brought a pretty impressive mustache to the 2012 Orioles roster. But let’s be honest, his ‘stache has gotten around the league like Kim Kardashian gets around NBA locker rooms. The Yankees, Marlins and Nats have all shared his ‘stache in recent years, and, besides that, Johnson is 1-for-30 this year. With that being said, let’s take a look at the top 12 all-time Orioles ‘staches:

12. Bobby Grich has a David Letterman or Michael Strahan-type gap going on, not with his teeth but with his ‘stache.

11. A ‘stache weaker than circus lemonade + a helmet too big for your head + glasses that are priceless and make you look like Jeffrey Dahmer = Jeff McKnight lives in Oriole infamy.

10. Tom Niedenfuer’s ‘stache is pretty ordinary, until you factor in the fact that he used it to bag one of the ’80s hottest chicks.

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DMV: Bryce Harper Has a New Mustache

Baseball Bieber sprouted some lip fur. He also has a 1.161 OPS in 28 games at Hagerstown. [Nats Inquisition]

The Nats are striking out and not hitting home runs A LOT. [Nats Journal]

Tyler Clippard faced and struck out six batters Friday night. [Nats Journal]

As we’ve noted, the Nats better be careful with their Curly W. [City Desk]

Videos: Gary tribute video and Gary’s farewell speech. [Testudo Times]

Maryland isn’t getting Sean Miller, and it’s not getting Mike Brey either. [TT]

Maryland’s Miller fiasco wasn’t helped by ESPN 980’s reporting. [Bog]

The latest Terps rumors revolve around Texas A&M’s Mark Turgeon. [TT]

Maryland’s hire, though, may be 28-y-o assistant Rob Ehsan. [Toy Dept.]

The top Caps blog in all the land calls for Boudreau’s firing. [Japers’ Rink]

The top NHL blog in all the land calls that “fuckin’ dumb.” [Puck Daddy]

A Washington Examiner Dan Snyder cartoon you have to see. [Bog]

The Wizards’ new look debuts tomorrow. Here’s one fan’s attempt. [WWW]