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A Terp’s Trip Along Tobacco Road

I’m an ACC lifer, and with Maryland heading to the B1G, I wanted to see some of the conference’s more famous gyms before the ride ends. In the span of one week, I got to take in three basketball games along Tobacco Road.

On January 19 I saw Maryland lose to North Carolina in the Dean Dome. Then last Saturday I watched the Terps lose again, this time to Duke in Cameron. The nightcap was Carolina against NC State at the PNC Arena.

On none of these trips was I working, just a basketball fan with a Maryland lean. Below are my thoughts.

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Maryland-B1G Roundtable: ‘I’ve Always Hated Penn St. Anyway’

The news today that Maryland will leave the ACC to join the Big Ten has the college sports world back on the brink of conference armageddon. Beyond what changes may come, many Terps fans are left confused, upset, excited, or some combination of everything.

We polled our “staff” for their reactions and provided everything below. It’s hard to say what, if any, consensus was reached, but maybe a sad reluctance to leave the ACC was matched with an understanding of the financial landscape of college sports that forced the move. Tell us what you think.

Brad Parker:

When I first heard the news on Saturday I was angry and distraught. I’ve been fiercely loyal to the ACC my entire life and it’s hard to imagine a life without at least one shot to knock off Duke every year. Basically, the move was just one more reason to dislike Kevin Anderson.

But after a couple of days of letting it sink in, and reading some very smart in-depth analysis, there are reasons to embrace the move. Obviously the finances make sense, as does being proactive in an unstable environment.

We’ve all seen the same arguments for and against, here are a few things you might not have thought about.

1. Maryland in the Rose Bowl. It might not happen in the next 5 years, but I plan on being alive for more than 5 years. I’m warning my sister now that when it does happen I’ll be crashing on her couch in LA for few days.

2. Beating Penn St. UMD and PSU used to play every year. In my lifetime there was only one time when the Terps didn’t lose. I was at that glorious 13-13 tie in Baltimore. I plan on being there when we finally win a game against them. PSU football is our new Duke basketball.

3. Road trips. I could care less about going to a game at Wake Forest, but tell me you’re not psyched to see the Terps play at the Big House, or Columbus, or Happy Valley, or Lincoln. All of those venues are on most college football bucket lists, now you’ll have a chance every couple of years to cross it off.

It will take some time to adjust, but wouldn’t you rather make the move now than be desperately scrambling to find a home after other leave the ACC?

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DMV: Duke Ruins Gary’s Big Night

Maryland lost a competitive one to Duke on the night Gary Williams Court was christened. [Testudo Times]

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Illustrating what Ovechkin may do over the All-Star break. [RMNB]

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DMV: Derrick Williams Does the JaVale McGee Salute After Dunking on Duke

After last night’s rout of Duke, the Wiz better get that No. 1 spot to make our Derrick Williams wish come true. And after he whipped out JaVale’s signature salute, you can bet we wish now more than ever. [SB Nation D.C.]

Andray Blatche needs to go? No shit! Good luck trading him. [Jason Reid]

It’s unknown if Mike Green will be back before the playoffs. [Caps Insider]

This is probably the best Natty Boh/Ovechkin shirt you’ll see. [Bog]

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The decision to start Rick Ankiel in CF is a curious one. [Capitol Punishment]

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