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DMV: DeAngelo Hall Isn’t Packing Shit, Getting Out After All

Skins sign DeAngelo on the cheap for a year after cutting him. [John Keim]

Here’s the secondary situation now that D. Hall is back. [The Insider]

Yesterday would’ve been Sean Taylor’s 30th birthday. [Redskins Blog]

RGIII is about to start running again, according to RGII. [The Insider]

This RGIII-WNBA player Twitter beef gets intense at the end. [Bog]

Both RGIII and John Wall have met Barack Obama in recent days. [Bog]

Why’d Davey pull Strasburg after 80 pitches? Who knows. [Nats Baseball]

It was good having Wilson Ramos back on Opening Day. [Nats Journal]

Re-signing Ian Desmond is getting really expensive. [Nats Journal]

In a related story, beers at Nats Park will run you like $9 a pop. [Bog]

Super-prospect Dylan Bundy has some elbow tightness. [O’s Insider]

“JMU to the Sun Belt” would sound like settling. [JMU Sports Blog]

Maryland plays Iowa in the NIT Final Four tonight. [Testudo Times]

DMV: DeAngelo Hall May PSGO

Adam Schefter reports the Redskins may cut DeAngelo Hall. [Hogs Haven]

RGIII is getting a street named after him in his town. [KDH Pressbox]

Hey, you can buy Mel Kaufman’s Super Bowl ring for $22,000. [Bog]

The Capitals crushed Florida 7-1 on home ice. Wow. [Japers’ Rink]

The Caps’ four-goal first period was high-level awesome. [RMNB]

Caps have surged into a tie for second in the Southeast. [RMNB]

Caps’ role players are key to their recent success. [Homer McFanboy]

Beal is day-to-day w/ an ankle. Wiz are 2-6 w/out him. [Wiz Insider]

John Wall can only shoot from one spot on the floor. [Bullets Forever]

Martell Webster is quietly having a very good year. [Ball Don’t Lie]

Oral history of Syracuse-G’town, which concludes tomorrow. [WaPo]

And an oral history about G’town and the early Big East. [DCist]

A JMU-slanted preview of this weekend’s CAA Tournament. [JMUSB]

DMV: DeAngelo Hall Made The Worst Tackle In NFL History [GIF]

D-Hall tried to strip the ball for a good 20 yards. PSGO. [DC Sports Nexus]

The Skins are now 6-1 when Pierre Garcon plays. Baller. [The Insider]

If you liked Winners & Losers you’ll really love these. [Bog, John Keim]

Mark Reynolds is taking his true outcomes to Cleveland. [O’s Insider]

John Wall’s replacement, A.J. Price, is now injured. [Bullets Forever]

Watch DeAngelo Hall Pull Another Haynesworth Vs. New England

After calling DeAngelo Hall out last week for pulling a Haynesworth against the Jets, I feel obligated to post what he did yesterday against the Patriots:

As you can plainly see, Hall just stood there as Reed Doughty and DeJon Gomes struggled to bring Rob Gronkowski to the ground. Of course they failed, and Gronkowski made every highlight reel by rumbling another 30 yards before a suddenly-invigorated Hall chased him down.

At this rate, pulling a Haynesworth will become known as pulling a DeAngelo, though I’d rather reserve that phrase for the act of drawing a penalty flag for throwing the penalty flag which you also drew, which Hall also did yesterday. What a game.

DeAngelo Hall Pulled An Albert Haynesworth Against The Jets

Leading up to yesterday’s Jets-Redskins game DeAngelo Hall called Mark Sanchez a “middle-of-the-pack” quarterback. DeAngelo should know, given the signal callers he has shared a roster with in Washington. What Hall didn’t comment on, however, was Sanchez’ fearsome blocking ability, which was on display during Shonn Greene’s fourth-quarter TD run.

Click the image to watch video of the play, but here’s my old soul brother MJD’s description of it for Shutdown Corner:

The Jets line up here with Shonn Greene taking a direct snap and Mark Sanchez split out at wide receiver. Even if it’s not clear that Greene will be running the ball before the snap, it becomes evident soon after. “Defender” DeAngelo Hall, set to be “blocked” by Mark Sanchez, watches this all happen without even bothering to take a step towards Shonn Greene, who is even running in his direction. Either Hall couldn’t beat the extreme physicality of a Mark Sanchez block, thought maybe Shonn Greene still might throw the ball despite being in a full running stride and well past the line of scrimmage, or he just could not possibly care less.

After watching the tape, I’m going with option No. 3, otherwise known as pullin’ a Haynesworth. In Hall’s case, though, the game was still in hand. Stopping New York would’ve given the ball back to Washington down seven with plenty of time left.

Draw your own conclusions in the comments if you like, or just stand there, waiting for others to score.

Redskins Store Knows What You Want

I received an email from Redskins Team Store yesterday with this subject line: “Get Your Official 2011 Pro Bowl Jersey Today!” Awesome sell job.

I pretty much had to click through, just to see if this was a generic Pro Bowl jersey or if they actually produced and are selling DeAngelo Hall Pro Bowl jerseys. Yep, you guessed it:

That’s right, and it’s no special offer just for me and other recipients of Redskins Team Store mailings. You too can buy your DeAngelo Hall Pro Bowl jersey for just $110, even if he didn’t really deserve to make it. Order now and it may arrive in time for the big game that nobody watches.

Also, anyone who buys this is destined for Straight Cash Homey status.

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DMV: D. Hall Debases Aikman and Cutler

DeAngelo responds to Troy Aikman’s “excessive celebration” remark. [Bog]

Hall also responds to Jay Cutler’s “I’d go at him” commentary. [Bog]

McNabb and the Redskins aren’t close to a new deal. [Adam Schefter]

The D already has as many turnovers as they did in ’09. [Redskins Insider]

Clinton Portis may return after the bye week for the Philly game. [TBD]

Redskins Pro Bowl promo videos. (Where’s McNabb?) [Redskins Blog]

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Tony Romo breaks his collarbone as the Cowboys fall to 1-5. [WaPo]

Fun tales from GQ’s long Ovechkin profile. “Boom!” [Bog, Puck Daddy]

A rundown of all the injuries plaguing the Caps. [CSN Washington]

Gilbert Arenas may miss the season opener with an ankle. [Wiz Insider]

Video: Nick Young wins an impromptu dunk contest. [Wiz Insider]

A cringe-worthy report from the 2010 sports media karaoke night. [Bog]

The Daily Show is taping in D.C. all week long. I want to go. [DCist]

Redskins-Bears Winners & Losers

Handing out labels following Skins games. Today, a 17-14 win at Chicago.


DeAngelo Hall — This will be remembered as a bizarre, turnover-rific game, and D-Hall put his stamp on it with a record four interceptions, the second of which he took 92 yards after making a leaping one-handed grab.

Albert Haynesworth — Three big plays really standout: 1. The early sack where he drove his blocker into Jay Cutler. 2. The run he blew up on a 3rd-and-1. 3. The leaping goal-line stop that resulted in Cutler fumbling on the 1. That’s approx. three more big plays than he had made previously.

London Fletcher — Forced and recovered Cutler’s goal-line fumble.

Rocky McIntosh — Had a couple of big sticks and forced Matt Forte to fumble in the fourth.

Mike Shanahan — This was an ugly win, but it was a road win over a 4-2 conference opponent nonetheless. Just one season after finishing 4-12, the Skins are heading into Detroit and the bye at 4-3.


Donovan McNabb — He didn’t see the blitz coming and gave the other team six. He fumbled inside his own 5. He gave Chicago another pick-six, but it came off the scoreboard due to his own delay of game. He overthrew Joey Galloway for an INT. He fumbled in the red zone. And so on.

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