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Your DMV Guide To The 2014 NCAA Tournament

Maryland didn’t make it this year. Neither did Georgetown. Virginia Tech and George Mason and JMU didn’t either. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have our fun. Here’s a quick guide to DMV teams and their draw in this year’s field of 68:


*No. 1 seed Virginia vs. No. 15 Coastal Carolina in Raleigh on Friday — They stay in the East, the same region as Villanova (2), Iowa State (3) and Michigan St. (4). Don’t be shocked if Michigan St., not UVA, is the popular Final Four pick.

*No. 5 VCU vs. No. 12 SF Austin in San Diego on Friday — Seth Davis predicted an upset in the Selection Sunday show. Winner (probably) gets UCLA in the round of 32. Let’s go Rams.

No. 8 George Washington vs. No. 9 Memphis in Raleigh on Friday — Unless Coastal Carolina makes some history, the winner gets UVA. George Washington vs. Thomas Jefferson!

*No. 15 American vs. No. 2 Wisconsin in Milwaukee on Thursday — Wisconsin in Milwaukee!

Don’t Forget About Luke Hancock When Remembering Kevin Ware

To paraphrase Chris, I’ve never seen a grosser injury than what Louisville’s Kevin Ware suffered against Duke. But amidst the wicked gruesomeness of that scene was Ware’s teammate, Luke Hancock, right there, trying to keep him calm.

Local hoops fans may remember Hancock, who started his career at George Mason before transferring to Louisville. That’s the type of upward move you don’t see much of, but thank goodness.

Hancock, who we highlighted for his work with Mason two years ago, has excelled in his first season with Louisville, averaging 22 minutes per game and filling up the stat sheet as they head to another Final Four. I’ll be pulling for them, if not for the Mason connection then for what he did yesterday, when others couldn’t bear to look.

Maryland-B1G Roundtable: ‘I’ve Always Hated Penn St. Anyway’

The news today that Maryland will leave the ACC to join the Big Ten has the college sports world back on the brink of conference armageddon. Beyond what changes may come, many Terps fans are left confused, upset, excited, or some combination of everything.

We polled our “staff” for their reactions and provided everything below. It’s hard to say what, if any, consensus was reached, but maybe a sad reluctance to leave the ACC was matched with an understanding of the financial landscape of college sports that forced the move. Tell us what you think.

Brad Parker:

When I first heard the news on Saturday I was angry and distraught. I’ve been fiercely loyal to the ACC my entire life and it’s hard to imagine a life without at least one shot to knock off Duke every year. Basically, the move was just one more reason to dislike Kevin Anderson.

But after a couple of days of letting it sink in, and reading some very smart in-depth analysis, there are reasons to embrace the move. Obviously the finances make sense, as does being proactive in an unstable environment.

We’ve all seen the same arguments for and against, here are a few things you might not have thought about.

1. Maryland in the Rose Bowl. It might not happen in the next 5 years, but I plan on being alive for more than 5 years. I’m warning my sister now that when it does happen I’ll be crashing on her couch in LA for few days.

2. Beating Penn St. UMD and PSU used to play every year. In my lifetime there was only one time when the Terps didn’t lose. I was at that glorious 13-13 tie in Baltimore. I plan on being there when we finally win a game against them. PSU football is our new Duke basketball.

3. Road trips. I could care less about going to a game at Wake Forest, but tell me you’re not psyched to see the Terps play at the Big House, or Columbus, or Happy Valley, or Lincoln. All of those venues are on most college football bucket lists, now you’ll have a chance every couple of years to cross it off.

It will take some time to adjust, but wouldn’t you rather make the move now than be desperately scrambling to find a home after other leave the ACC?

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Should Maryland Join the Big Ten?

Rumors are swirling about Maryland joining the Big Ten.

Word is there are serious negotiations for Maryland, a charter member of the ACC, to exit the basketball-centric conference and join the Midwest-centric Big Ten. Geographically Maryland playing Iowa doesn’t make a lot of sense, but financially the B1G offers a lot of cash.

If this thing happens, dollars will be the driver. But there are other reasons too. It’s too early to know, but most Terps fans do not like the idea. Expect much more on this as it unfolds.

One thing we know for sure: Legends and Leaders are the two worst conference division names in history. If Maryland does join the Big Ten, maybe the Terps can demand that be changed.

The Wizards Fan’s Guide To The 2012 Final Four (BONUS POLL)

As you know by now, unless you tuned out sometime in 2008, the Wizards have the second-worst record in the NBA. This is because they are the dregs, you see.

But with great losing comes great draft positioning, which hasn’t meant a whole hell of a lot for the Wiz these past few years. In 2009, it meant trading the No. 5/Ricky Rubio pick for Randy Foye and Mike Miller. In ’10, it meant hitting the jackpot and landing John Wall. And in ’11, it meant Jan Vesely at No. 6. So, yeah, don’t get your hopes up too high, Wiz fans.

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Announcing Our Second Chance Bracket Showdown (Free Shirt!)

Now that popular Final Four picks Missouri and Florida State are out of the tournament, and upstarts Ohio and NC State will play in the Sweet 16, your bracket probably looks worse than Alex Ovechkin’s. No need to worry, you can have all the bracket fun again with the first-ever Mr. Irrelevant Second Chance Bracket Showdown.

Simply follow the link below to our very own Yahoo! Sports group and fill out a bracket. Whoever wins the pool gets to pick a free t-shirt from the Mr. I catalog and submit a guest post on any topic (if they like), not to mention months of bragging rights. Make sure to save your bracket and leave a name or Twitter handle so we can track you down.

Click here to join. Our league name is MR. IRRELEVANT SWEET 16 POOL, and the password is Redskins.

Side bets are encouraged and welcome, and the comments section is your personal sports book. Good luck!

DMV: Another Year, Another Early-Round Hoyas Loss

Hoyas drop another NCAA game to a double-digit seed. [Wash. Times]

Doesn’t get much worse, “Georgetown: The Monet of Choke Artists.” [WSJ]

One more Georgetown gut-punch and we can move on. [CBS Sports]

Great weekend of basketball, especially with Duke losing. [Yahoo! Sports]

What happens next for VCU and Shaka Smart. [SB Nation DC]

Bryce Harper will open the season down on the farm in AAA. [WaPo]

Adam LaRoche wants in on the party in Nats Town this year. [WT]

Caps blasted in Chicago. Road trip heads to Detroit tonight. [WaPo]

Though the Caps lost, Ovie scored on a ridiculous move. [RMNB]

Wiz lose in Memphis, but effort not in question. [Bullets Forever]

JaVale McGee, where maturity is always in question. [SBNDC]

Doc Walker and B-Mitch to replace John Thompson radio show. [Bog]

LaRon Landry scheduled to meet with Pats, Jets. [The Insider]

Andre Carter weighs in on Gregg Williams and bounties. [HMcFB]

Skins mock draft through all seven rounds. [Hogs Haven]

Spring and summer movie guide including some D.C. screenings. [BYT]

DMV: VCU Never Stops Dancing

VCU beats Wichita State, proving CAA need higher seeds in tourney. [RTD]

Shaka Smart is a master motivator, team pledges Sweet 16 berth. [Yahoo]

Loyola gets blown out, but has bright future, young players. [Wash. Times]

Georgetown faces Belmont today looking to buck recent NCAA trends . [CH]

UVA prepares for Florida, first tourney appearance since 2007. [WT]

It’s a stretch, but Norfolk State C Kyle O’Quinn has ties to Bill Russell. [NYT]

The other big news: Wiz trade JaVale McGee & Nick Young for Nene. [Yahoo]

Mike Wise weighs in: One Nene for two knuckleheads. [WaPo]

Not to be outdone, remaining Wizards beat New Orleans. [BF]

Skins sign Brandon Merriweather, who may or may not be good. [CBS]

Nats pitcher Wang hurt in Grapefruit League, injury may be serious. [CSNW]

As Backstrom prepares comeback for Caps, an injury scare for Ovi. [WT]

Move over Joe Lunardi, Alex Ovechkin is a world-class bracketologist. [Bog]

Brandon Lloyd, on the other hand, appears to be world-class d-bag. [Bog]

Meet Joe Englert, who opens bars, changes neighborhoods. [Washingtonian]

(Image taken with love from VCU. Check back for more on Wiz. )

DMV: Let The Madness Begin


March Madness arrives today, and Barack O’Brackets likes UNC. [ESPN]

Helpful guide to watching March Madness from work. [Deadspin]

VCU hopes to make another deep tourney run starting today. [Yahoo]

Georgetown knows they face recent history of tourney flops. [Wash. Times]

Loyola’s Jimmy Patsos is the man. [WaPo]

Loyola versus Ohio State features two former Terp assistants. [Balt. Sun]

Terps hoops won’t play in March, but still have plenty of questions. [TT]

Strasburg shelled in spring game, but knows how to fix it. [Nats Insider]

Bryce Harper, the Lebron of baseball, Lenny Dykstra w/o bankruptcy. [GQ]

What could be next for the Skins in free agency. [The Insider]

Skins marketing doesnt miss a beat, already selling the #2 pick. [Bog]

Historical reenactment of Skins recruitment of Peyton Manning. [HH]

Wiz are shopping JaVale, but want a lot in return. [Bullets Forever]

Watch JaVale McGee miss an alley oop. He’s 7’1″. [Bog]

Andy’s A-11, Where Three Or Four Teams Should Go Dancing

Mr. I Maryland Sports Correspondent Andy Peden casts his weekly ballot in the so-called Atlantic 11 college hoops poll.

1. Georgetown (21-6, 11-5) — They are trying to hold onto the four seed in the Big East but have a brutal week with ND and Marquette. Right now, they are probably a three or four seed for the Big Dance. I don’t see much upward movement on their seeding unless they win the Big East, but they could drop a few seed lines with a poor finish.

2. UVA (21-7, 8-6) — They just need to get healthy. Sene is still out and Harris hasn’t been the same since his injury. They are hanging on to fourth in the ACC but have a tough week with FSU and MD. I think they are safely in the tournament, but their seeding in getting ugly.

3. VCU (25-6, 15-3) — The Rams are rolling after beating down Mason over the weekend. While they are the two seed in the CAA tournament, I think they are best team in the conference. The CAA has a chance at two teams getting in. If they win two (assuming they play Mason in the semis) but lose in the finals to Drexel, they would be 27-7 with an RPI likely in the 50s. I have a hard time believing a 27-win team doesn’t get it.

4. George Mason (23-8, 14-4) — It’s been a very good first year for Paul Hewitt. I believe the Patriots have to win the CAA tournament to get it. It’s going to be difficult with a likely semifinals match up with VCU in Richmond.

5. Maryland (16-12, 6-8) — All season the Terps beat who they should and lost to the better teams, until Saturday. The loss to GT stings because the Terps could have gotten into the bubble conversation if they beat UNC or UVA this week. With the loss, they are going to have to have to win at least four more games to get a serious consideration.

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