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This Is The Most Puzzling Piece Of Redskins Artwork

ProFootballTalk’s Mt. Rushmore series just got to the Redskins. The results:

According to the fans of ProFootballTalk the four faces on the Redskins Mt. Rushmore would be Joe Gibbs, Darrell Green, John Riggins, and Sammy Baugh. Mike Florio had three of those names on his list, but instead of Riggins he thought The Hogs were an important part of the franchise for many years.

Not bad, though I’d go with Art Monk over DG, but whatever. Who I would not go with, at least not yet, is the young man known as RGIII. This Rehoboth Beach artist appears to disagree:

That’s a lot of batshit craziness for one piece of artwork. A quick rundown:

— RGIII is not only front-and-center but he appears twice.

— Steve Spurrier is there. Makes one question the integrity of the work.

— Ron McDole (No. 79) is there too. Had to Google that one.

— Three active Redskins made the cut, but there’s no Sonny or Sam, Sammy Baugh, the Hogs, Bobby Mitchell or Charley Taylor.

In closing, Consumer Reports should descend upon Rehoboth immediately.

The Untold Story Of That Classic ‘Hogs Night Out’ Redskins Poster

Here to collect his Redskins-Ravens Predictions prize in the form of a guest post is Phil Reed, who has a wonderful and unique old Redskins story to tell. Note: Doc Walker himself confirmed portions of what follows.

On a late afternoon in May, I watched the dust kick up from the line of trucks and sport utilities ahead of us as they traveled slowly down a dirt road. I was in the backseat of my father’s car, anxious to help out on his project that started with a whimsical idea and would end with national notoriety.

A few weeks earlier, my dad, Walter, approached Rick “Doc” Walker with an idea to immortalize the Super Bowl-winning Washington Redskins offensive line in a poster. In exchange for an introduction to George Starke, who would later agree to corral the “Hogs” together for the photo shoot and provide promotional support, my dad gave Doc Walker a personal golf lesson.

On that day in May, after their morning practice, eight world champions met on a hog farm in Leesburg, Virginia. They dressed in top hats, tails and white gloves and arranged themselves behind a 700-pound, award-winning hog named “Worthy.”

As the crew was assembling the table and arranging the lobster, champagne glasses and candelabra, I noticed that some of the Hogs were missing their bow ties. I scrambled back to the car to search under seats and in the mess of boxes in the trunk. I found the ties in a bag that had fallen on the ground and ran back to the shoot, only to find the crew was done for the day. “Worthy” was done eating her feed and wouldn’t be sticking around for an attempt at another shot.

With that, the “Hogs Night Out” poster was born.

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Is This Cristian Guzman Collage The Most Natinals Memorabilia?

OG Nats blog Capitol Punishment is doing a thing where it names the “most Natinals players.” You know, from the 2006-10 period of Nationals baseball when they were pretty much the laughingstock of Major League Baseball (if not all of sports).

Which got me thinking when I saw this Cristian Guzman dirt collage. Is it the most Natinals memorabilia? And, if not, what could possibly be more Natinals?

If you’ll recall, Guzman was a Jim Bowden special, signing with the Nats for four years and $16 million. He was absolutely awful right out of the gate, with an almost unimaginable .219/.260/.314 slash line before battling back from injury and making the ’08 All-Star Game and then being pretty bad again in ’09-10. He was a core member of the fat Nats throughout.

With that as the backdrop, consider that this piece of merch, for sale in the official online shop of the Washington Nationals (only $59.99!), “includes a 5×7 photograph, descriptive nameplate and a capsule of MLB Authenticated game used dirt, taken directly from the field of play.” It may or may not be autographed, but no one cares.

That’s got to be the most Nats memorabilia, right?

(Guzman collage found via my USA TODAY Sports soul brother, @chaztopher.)

The Time We Met Dale Hunter

Here to tell the story about my brother Chris and I meeting Dale Hunter is our dad, Andy Mottram.

I don’t remember the year (late ’80s/early ’90s), but it was a signing event at the Roy Rogers restaurant on Little River Turnpike in Fairfax. At that time Roy Rogers was one of the main sponsors for the Caps. Seems like it was middle of the day. Not much of a crowd. Not sure I really knew who he was at the time other than some guy that liked to mix it up a little.

As I recall when I saw him I was very surprised at how small he appeared –- maybe 5’10” and 200 lbs. He was just sitting at a table talking to people and handing out autographed pucks. Don’t remember it as being anything special at the time, because I really didn’t know much about him. But after that he became one of my favorite players.

Loved the way he played with that half-crazed look on his face and no fear whatsoever. I remember one time, I think it was a playoff game in NY against either the Islanders or the Rangers, where the goalie comes out of the net to play a puck and Hunter comes flying in full speed and just runs him over. The crowd went crazy and all of the other team’s players just piled on Hunter. I think Hunter got a game misconduct, but it fired the Caps up to win the game.

(I probably don’t have many of these facts correct, but that’s how I remember Hunter).

Of the current Caps, Matt Hendricks could be the closest thing to Hunter, but he is a better scorer and doesn’t have the reckless style of play.

Chris was happy because he got the large roast beef with the large fries (I don’t know if he remembers getting a puck). Not sure where the pucks went to, probably in one of the boxes labeled “Chris’ Stuff” in the work room.

(Ed. note: Mine is in a shoebox at Grandma’s. The portrait and card Hunter also signed that day are with me, pictured above. My dad is a great dad.)

The Creepy Alex Ovechkin Doll (Plus Site News!)

You may have seen this 14″ plush Alex Ovechkin doll on Caps Outsider the other day, but I figured I’d share it here as well:

The doll, which, as Puck Daddy notes, looks more like Noel Gallagher than Alex Ovechkin, is made by a company called Bleacher Creatures, which specializes in creepy sports dolls.

Creepy though they may be, it speaks to Ovi’s popularity that he’s the only D.C. athlete with a doll like this. There is no John Wall or Ryan Zimmerman or Stephen Strasburg or Chris Cooley or Brian Orakpo. It’s a 14″ sign indicating the Caps’ ascension in this market, playoff results be damned.

Somehow, their new season starts on Saturday. And we’re pleased to introduce Mr. Irrelevant’s two new Caps Correspondents, Adam Vingan and Brad Parker. Adam comes to us via Caps blog Kings of Leonsis and SB Nation D.C., and he’ll make his debut later today or tomorrow. Brad is an old friend and ex-AOL cohort of mine, and he’s written for us before.

Please join me in welcoming Adam and Brad to our staff, and let’s go Caps.

Mr. Irrelevant Reprint: My Top 5 Baseball Card Sets of the 1980s

Mr. Irrelevant version 1.0 existed from 2004-07 on AOL Journals. That site is now lost in time, but, thanks to the Wayback Machine, you can find most of what once was. We’ve reprinted a couple of old posts before, and I’d like to keep doing that. So here’s something that originally ran on April 15, 2006

My crush on The Baseball Card Blog intensifies as they set out on the most ambitious of endeavors — counting down the best baseball card sets of the 1980s. Since collecting cards was my second-favorite pastime (next to actually playing baseball) from about ’86 to ’92, this has the potential to be my favorite list ever.

The mission is simple. The amazin’ Baseball Card Blog identifies the 53 major-issue sets from the ’80s and counts them down from worst to best. Here’s the criteria: “design, short and long-term impact of key cards (including rookies) and how I feel about the set.”

So far he’s just begun, making it through 53-50 on the list and naming ’89 Bowman the worst of the decade. While that particular set was godawful (overproduced, abnormal height, and a faux signature on the front of each card), they did have a simple enough design and a boatload of rookies. That set wasn’t nearly as bad as ’88 Donruss (#52 on the list!).

Anyway, without further adieu, here’s my off-the-top list of the top five sets of the ’80s*…

5. ’85 Topps — Including the ’84 Olympians (McGwire!) was a masterstroke. Former top draft picks were nice too, although that was probably just an excuse to work in an extra Strawberry. Bonus points for the Clemens, Puckett and Gooden rookies. Plus, I just love Topps.

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This Desmond Howard Poster Is Amazing

Come to think of it, drafting Desmond Howard No. 4 overall in 1992 was the “dawn of a new era.” A shitty, spirit-crushing era that feels everlasting. Nice poster though, except for the “magic” part. I don’t know what that’s about, or why it was necessary.

The wall art comes via Fatpickled, which shares five Redskins posters from the ’90s. None are quite so good as the Posse poster, but still.

Do Not Want: Jim Palmer’s Fitness Book

I just love that cover. The lighting, the type color, the Jockeys, the pose … you can almost smell his musk. And it can be yours on eBay (via Camden Chat) right now for just $6.99. The description:

Here is an excellent condition 1985 First Edition hardcover book with dust jacket. The Baltimore Orioles’ great Hall of Fame pitcher, Jim Palmer outlines his fitness routine. 169 pages. Filled with great photos. This book is very clean and tight.

Clean and tight for sure, and I bet the photos are great. Still, do not want.