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Jeff Garcia Wore Bad Idea Jeans Before The Redskins-49ers Game in Japan

Redskins Blogger Matt Terl unearthed some photos from a promotional trip before the 2002 Redskins-49ers exhibition in Japan, and, while his focus is on Chris Samuels’ exploits, Jeff Garcia’s Bad Idea Jeans steal the show:

Just look at those things. He looks like a denim cow/partly cloudy day/[fill in the blank] from the waist down. After the jump, a full-length view:

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Chris Samuels Is Retiring (Update: Or Not)

The awful news that we’d heard rumors about this week is apparently coming true: Chris Samuels will retire. More from Jason Reid:

Samuels has decided to retire because of a severe neck injury he suffered about two weeks ago, league sources said. Samuels, who earlier this week traveled to California to consult with a specialist, has shared his decision with some at Redskins Park.

Pretty shocking.

And while we certainly wish Samuels the best, hopefully this will serve to further illustrate the hole Vinny Cerrato has driven this team into. We have no other lineman who can even attempt to fill Samuels’ shoes. Not even close. And it’s because Cerrato has drafted more receivers than offensive linemen during his tenure with the Skins. If THIS can’t serves as a wake-up call for Snyder, then nothing will.

Now excuse me, I need to go study up on the available left tackles in this year’s draft class.

Update: Reid’s story has changed and Samuels is only done for the season.

Yes, Chris Samuels Is Really, Really Good

samuels-is-good.jpgWe’re in the minutia now, but anytime Football Outsiders managing editor Bill Barnwell issues a response to things being said in our comments, it shall be published. Our thanks to Bill, and buy the Football Outsiders Almanac already.

The thing about left tackles is that left tackles allow more sacks than any other position on the line. They face the best pass rushers and get the least help. When you watch the Redskins play, notice where Clinton Portis lines up in pass protection (hint: It’s the right side). That’s no accident.

We do have stats for that sort of stuff. Samuels allowed 3.5 sacks last year, which was tied for 42nd. He had four the year before. Considering the caliber of pass rushes he goes up against in the NFC East, that’s a very solid performance. For reference, [Giants left tackle] David Diehl allowed 5 last year and a league-high 11 the year before, [ex-Eagles LT] Tra Thomas allowed two, and [Cowboys LT] Flozell Adams allowed six.

Samuels also picked up seven penalties for 35 yards. That ranked 33rd amongst linemen. Again, to contrast, Diehl and Thomas were both at 5/32, while Adams had a staggering 14 penalties for 85 yards.

It’s a Bill James corollary that bad teams blame their problems on their best players. Sometimes, so do their fans.

Ten Skins Stats to Impress Your Friends

Regular readers know I kneel at the stat-laden altar of Football Outsiders, especially when it comes to their Almanac.* In a previous post, upon skimming a soft copy of this year’s model, I shared their thoughts on Jason Campbell and Colt Brennan. But now that I’ve perused the hard copy (warning: for serious NFL fans only), here are 10 Redskins-related things I learned — or at least had reinforced — from reading:


1. Chris Samuels’ health is really important. He missed four games last year, and the offense posted its three worst offensive games therein.

2. Carlos Rogers does NOT lead the NFL in dropped interceptions over the past two years. He only has five drops, while four others have dropped six or more. Of course, he did miss nine games in ’07 …

3. DeAngelo Hall’s improvement may be a fiction. Among the QBs he faced while struggling for Oakland: Jay Cutler, Drew Brees, Philip Rivers and Matt Ryan. Among the QBs he faced while shining for Washington: Joe Flacco, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Shaun Hill.

4. The offense should line up in the shotgun more often. Campbell posted a 35.6 percent DVOA (Defense-adjusted Value Over Average) in 155 attempts vs. a 9.1 percent in all others. This is a drastic difference.

5. Teams should stop zone blitzing the Skins. They faced more zone blitz than anyone but shredded it for an NFC-best 89.1 percent DVOA.

6. The wideouts were awful. Exhibit A: Santana Moss dropped 12 passes. Exhibit B: Malcolm Kelly, Devin Thomas and Fred Davis’ catch rate was 42 percent. Exhibit C: Chris Cooley was double-teamed on nearly every play.

7. The special teams were awful. The unit ranked 25th overall. Select lowlights: Shaun Suisham ranked 24th on kickoffs, Ryan Plackemeier ranked 31st on punts, and Antwaan Randle El ranked 40th on punt returns.

8. The defense was awesome. They didn’t create many turnovers, but they did force three-and-outs an NFL-best 32.7 percent of the time.

9. Forget Mike Sellers and Ladell Betts near the goal line. Clinton Portis’ paperwork includes a red zone DVOA of 28.9 percent last year.

10. Albert Haynesworth will get to that quarterback. Despite facing constant double teams, Haynesworth ranked sixth in quarterback hits.

* Support a movement by ordering the book. It’s great for fantasy too.