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DMV: Cooley Quite Accurately Calls Haynesworth ‘A Piece Of Dump’

Chris Cooley with some *REAL TALK* for Fat Albert Haynesworth. [Bog]

Dexter Manley called Troy Aikman a “queer” on air, and he’s sorry. [Bog]

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The Skins passing game is down a full yard/attempt in ’13. [John Keim]

Snyder meeting with Goodell this week. The topic? “Redskins”. [The Insider]

Redskins team buses had to stop for protesters in Denver. [The Insider]

The Skins are trying like hell to deal Fred Davis. Good luck. [The Insider]

This guy ran a marathon while juggling and dressed as RGIII. [FTW]

Brandon Banks scored two TDs in one game. A CFL game. [Pro Football Talk]

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Adam Kilgore on why Mike Rizzo went with Matt Williams. [Nats Journal]

Here’s a little Lou Reed/Velvet Undergound playlist I made. [Spotify]

Chris Cooley, Blocking Tight End?

Just noticed this for reasons unknown: Chris Cooley hasn’t caught a pass since returning to the Redskins two months ago. Here’s the breakdown (snap counts via Pro Football Focus via CSN Washington):

— 7 games
— 79 snaps*
— 2 targets
— 0 catches

That’s kind of odd for the most prolific pass-catching tight end in franchise history, no? Meanwhile, Logan Paulsen and Niles Paul aren’t really tearing it up, either. They’ve combined for 30 catches and 424 yards on the season. Or, about what Cooley used to do in two months.

* That’s the rough equivalent of a full game, so you know.

Forty-Seven Endearing Things About No. 47, Chris Cooley

The Skins released Chris Cooley today. We were pretty big fans, you know. Here are 47 reasons why:

1. He wore short shorts in practice.

2. He wore short shorts over long tights in practice.

3. He was drafted by Joe Gibbs, who’s “queer” for tight ends.

4. He left his car running for nine hours while attending a Caps game.

5. He and his brother competed in (and lost) the Mottram-Cooley throw-off.

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The Redskins released Chris Cooley just now. My personal history with Cooley — editing him at Yahoo! Sports, beating him in the Mottram-Cooley throw-off, etc. — aside, it’s safe to say he was one of the best Skins of the past 20 years. He certainly was a fan favorite.

He’ll be missed, and, if his playing days are over, he has an awesome broadcast career ahead of him, should he want it. I hope it’s in the D.C. market that loves him so. I also hope Fred Davis stays away from that reefer.

Update: Here’s video of Cooley’s goodbye press conference.

DMV: Read Chris Cooley’s Must-Read Response

I hired him to blog for Yahoo! Sports’ Shutdown Corner once upon a time, so keep that in mind when I say this: When he puts his heart and some time into it, Chris Cooley is the best athlete blogger I’ve ever seen. If you don’t believe me, read his missive on those who are attacking him for saying he enjoyed watching Tony Romo lose a game. [Cooley Zone]

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DMV: Did the Skins Diss Cooley?

The Redskins said they’d honor Chris Cooley for breaking their record for catches by a tight end, and then they didn’t. It’s a minor but interesting slight, as Cooley, a fan favorite, set the mark in Week 1 and wasn’t recognized for it then or in Week 2. Now the Skins don’t return to FedEx until Week 6. [Fatpickled]

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DMV: Cooley Plays Football With Regular Guys Because Cooley Is Awesome

Chris Cooley satisfied his gridiron jones by playing flag football with a bunch of dudes and there are fun highlights, including some guy stealing a jump ball from him (above), him registering a sack, rumbling downfield, etc. Notice there are none of him trying to throw. [Capital Games]

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Ex-JMU player/current Eagle Akeem Jordan was arrested in H’burg. [PDN]