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DMV: Kevin Durant Redskins Card

For some reason, there are Kevin Durant football cards. Want. [Capital Games]

John Beck is the winner of this week’s condom award. [Bog]

The Nats inked Chien-Ming Wang to a one-year, $4 million deal. [Nats Journal]

O’s are interviewing ex-Red Sox and Expos GM Dan Duquette. [O’s Insider]

Caps are in the bottom third of the league in beer prices. [Puck Daddy]

Maryland is actually tops among local teams with KenPom. [SB Nation D.C.]

Olie Kolzig’s Really Weird Hot Dog Hockey Card

This glorious oddity from hockey cards past comes via Devil Ball’s post about the Tiger Woods hot dog-throwing incident. That’s as much context as I can give you, because I have no idea what’s happening here otherwise. Also, I love that the back of the card cedes the Caps goaltending job to Jim Carey, who actually won the Vezina that year.

Update: Japers’ Rink has the backstory on this card. Love you, Internet.

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Mr. Irrelevant Reprint: My Top 5 Baseball Card Sets of the 1980s

Mr. Irrelevant version 1.0 existed from 2004-07 on AOL Journals. That site is now lost in time, but, thanks to the Wayback Machine, you can find most of what once was. We’ve reprinted a couple of old posts before, and I’d like to keep doing that. So here’s something that originally ran on April 15, 2006

My crush on The Baseball Card Blog intensifies as they set out on the most ambitious of endeavors — counting down the best baseball card sets of the 1980s. Since collecting cards was my second-favorite pastime (next to actually playing baseball) from about ’86 to ’92, this has the potential to be my favorite list ever.

The mission is simple. The amazin’ Baseball Card Blog identifies the 53 major-issue sets from the ’80s and counts them down from worst to best. Here’s the criteria: “design, short and long-term impact of key cards (including rookies) and how I feel about the set.”

So far he’s just begun, making it through 53-50 on the list and naming ’89 Bowman the worst of the decade. While that particular set was godawful (overproduced, abnormal height, and a faux signature on the front of each card), they did have a simple enough design and a boatload of rookies. That set wasn’t nearly as bad as ’88 Donruss (#52 on the list!).

Anyway, without further adieu, here’s my off-the-top list of the top five sets of the ’80s*…

5. ’85 Topps — Including the ’84 Olympians (McGwire!) was a masterstroke. Former top draft picks were nice too, although that was probably just an excuse to work in an extra Strawberry. Bonus points for the Clemens, Puckett and Gooden rookies. Plus, I just love Topps.

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Old Oriole Eddie Waitkus’ 1955 Bowman Baseball Card Tells a Hell of a Story

This amazing baseball card was unearthed by Knuckle Sandwich (via It’s a long season.). In case you can’t read the back, here’s what it says:

In 1949 I was shot by a deranged girl. After I was released from the hospital, I was sent to Florida by the Phillies to see if I might recover enough to resume baseball. The schedule laid out for me was a nightmare. I was in a bad nervous condition, and I grew more depressed each day. Then I met a girl who knew a lot about human nature — who had faith in me. I went on to a good season, and the newspapers commended me for the “Comeback of the Year.” (The girl who helped me so much is now my wife.)

That’s the best story you’re ever going to read on the back of a baseball card. And if sounds familiar, here’s why:

Author Bernard Malamud took the basic elements of the Waitkus story and wove them along with various baseball legends (notably Joe Jackson), into a novel, a morality tale called The Natural. The book was released in 1952, and was eventually made into a film that was released in 1984.

The DVD extras for the film contain a biography of Waitkus, which points out that writers in his rookie year often called Waitkus “a natural”, a fact which Malamud presumably picked up on. Malamud’s version of the tale ended tragically, and unknowingly foreshadowed Waitkus’ own downfall as a player.

Waitkus, who was a two-time All-Star with Philadelphia, only played one and a half seasons for Baltimore before returning to the Phillies. On his last day in baseball, September 20, 1955, he knocked it out of the park.

Update: @maggiehendricks informs that Eddie Waitkus is also the alias used by Dylan McKay’s dad on 90210. This is getting crazy, you guys.

DMV: Eddie Murray Cards Are the Best

I’ll have to do a blog study on this someday, because Eddie Murray cards really are the best cards. Case in point, his ’87 Topps. [Card “O” the Day]

For the first time in five years, O’s ticket prices are rising. [O’s Insider]

No. 5 overall pick Matt Hobgood is busting for the O’s. [Steve Melewski]

Bryce Harper, Danny Espinosa are top prospects at their positions. [Nats Blog]

The Caps beat the Islanders 2-1 with Braden Holtby in net. [Japers’ Rink]

The Flyers radio guys just killed the Caps’ effort the other night. [Bog]

The latest on the Caps opening next season in Russia. [Puck Daddy]

Doc Emrick will make you feel better about Ovechkin and the Caps. [Bog]

Caps’ TV ratings have seen a spike since HBO’s “24/7” series. [Bog]

Maryland gets trashed by Va. Tech in a game they needed. [Testudo Times]

It was Maryland’s worst loss in Comcast Center history. [D1scourse]

John Wall is fining himself for signs of discouragement. [Wiz Insider]

Firing Flip Saunders midseason doesn’t make sense. [Bullets Forever]

Chick Hernandez won’t cut his hair until the Wiz get a road win. [Bog]

D.C.’s Roosevelt High has a DMX-themed jersey mistake. [Prep Rally]

DMV: Never Forget the Glenn Davis Trade

Twenty years ago yesterday, Baltimore traded youngsters Curt Schilling, Steve Finley and Pete Harnisch for Glenn Davis. The trio went on to play in nine All-Star games. Davis posted a .713 OPS over three seasons in Baltimore. Pretty sure that’s the worst trade ever. Nice turtleneck though. [Orioles Card “O” the Day]

“It won’t be a shock if the Lions make a run at Haynesworth.” To which I’d say, good. [MLive]

The Redskins’ lame “R You In?” campaign wasn’t even original. [City Desk]

Caps defenseman Tom Poti is allergic to pretty much everything. [AP]

Lot of pics from Caps Care Casino Night. [Russian Machine Never Breaks]

Maryland finishes the season at No. 22 on one ballot. [D1scourse]

Danny O’Brien makes the Freshman All-America team. [FWAA]