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Wizards 2014 Playoffs Winners & Losers

Handing out labels following the Wizards’ best postseason run since before I started rooting for them nearly 30 years ago.

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Bradley Beal — Had a couple clunkers against Indiana, including 7-19 shooting in the decisive Game 6, but check out his numbers across 11 playoff games: 19.2 PPG, 4.9 RPG, 4.5 APG, 1.6 SPG and .415 3P%. Also, and you probably didn’t hear about this, he’s only 20.

Randy Wittman — He does not seem to be a very good coach, but he did take this team further than they’ve been since 1979.

Ernie Grunfeld — Same for Ernie, right Wise?

Ted Leonsis — Same for Ted, who benefits in this regard, in a strange way, from the Caps bottoming out on the other side of the ledger.

Marcin Gortat — Replicated his rock-solid regular season averages of 13 and 10 and, though he was inconsistent from game to game, went off for 31 and 16 to stay alive vs. Indiana, giving us this John Wall quote for the ages:

Drew Gooden and Andre Miller — I was not expecting these two to make meaningful postseason contributions. Old guys rule.

Trevor Ariza — Had a great regular season, and more or less lived up to that in the postseason, averaging 8.9 boards, 46 percent from three and 52 percent overall. Even though he disappeared in a few games, he led the team in win shares and probably made himself a considerable amount of money in free agency. What the Wiz end up doing with him and Gortat will be fascinating.


John Wall — I hate to do this to the man, because I really want him to put it all together, but he was hard to watch at times and inconsistent throughout. After finishing top-20 in scoring and second in assists, his playoff numbers dropped across the board. He seemed unsure of himself and confused with the ball. But the glimpses were there; Game 5 against Indy was goddamn beautiful. Hopefully he learns from this. I think he will.

Martell Webster — Another guy I like a lot, so this brings me no joy. He was good last year, got paid, regressed a bit and then really fell off in the playoffs, shooting 23 percent from three.

Otto Porter — The No. 3 overall pick played six minutes total.

Wizards fans — Not a great showing! Nor did they get much to cheer for, as the Wiz went 1-4 at home (vs. 5-1 on the road).


Nene — After being generally regarded as the MVP of Round 1 for winning his matchup with DPOY Joakim Noah, he was pretty bad against Roy Hibbert and David West in Round 2, shooting .395 from the field and grabbing 4.5 boards per game. I will never understand what he did to Jimmy Butler.

Trevor Booker — Didn’t figure into the Indiana series but played 24 minutes per game against Chicago, running around like a wild man. Not sure how effective he was, but it sure was fun to watch.

DMV: Beal Hits Game-Winner At MSG In First Game Back, Snaps 4-Game Skid

Brad Beal scored 21 in his first game back after missing a few weeks, including two on the game-winning layup above. Martell Webster added 30(!). Wiz now have the East’s 6th-best record (10-13). [Bullets Forever]

Ovi named First Star of the Week for general badassery. [RMNB]

Homemade Kirk Cousins jerseys spotted at the Atlanta game. [Bog]

This is why Dan Steinberg is one of our local treasures. [Bog]

Darrell Green would like to work in personnel for the Redskins. [Bog]

NFC East is only NFL division w/out a 12-win team since ’08. [FTW]

The Nats still have at least three roster holes to fill. [Nats Baseball]

O’s sign failed Nats 1st-round 1B Chris Marrero to minor deal. [Nats Insider]

Roddy Peters named ACC Frosh of the Week. Take that, Jabari. [TT]

This is good fun: the best D.C. sports quotes of 2013. [Bog]

DMV: Brad Beal Is Going Off

Brad Beal is quickly achieving “star shooting guard” status. [Truth About It]

Beal travels further and plays more per game than anyone. [Wiz Insider]

“Is RGIII a douchebag?” Good read by Drew Magary and friends. [Deadspin]

London Fletcher doesn’t know if he’ll return for his age 39 season. [Insider]

Answering the question: Is Holtby a franchise goaltender? [Japers’ Rink]

Sifting through the Nats’ quest to add a starter to their stable. [Nats Journal]

Fans may not know what they have in Strasburg & Harper. [Nats Baseball]

DMV: Bradley Beal’s Successful Rookie Season Ends Too Soon

Brad Beal’s shutting it down with an injury to his right fibula. He was great in 2013, though, as evidenced by this buzzer-beater to beat OKC. [Wiz Insider]

Beal-less Wiz lose to Raps, eliminated from the playoffs. [Wiz Insider]

The Wiz are gunning for ninth in the East. Depressing. [Wiz Insider]

Caps deal top prospect Forsberg for top-six F Erat. “Bad trade.” [RMNB]

Caps fans weren’t happy about the deal, acc. to Forsberg’s Wiki. [RMNB]

The Redskins signed QB Pat White to practice like RGIII. [The Insider]

The Skins re-signed Rex Grossman to be their No. 3 too. [John Keim]

Logan Paulsen cut off a lot of hair, is still pretty hairy. [Redskins Blog]

Nats get second shutout in two games, and Gio homered too. [WaPo]

Gio said something funny about masturbation afterward. [Nats Enquirer]

Jayson Werth is using “Werewolves of London” as AB music. Get it? [NE]

O’s lose wild one in TB on a walk-off HR by the Rays. [Camden Chat]

Camden Yards is serving all kinds of gimmicky food this season. [Bog]

If you’ve been wondering about Sports Yapper, well, don’t. [RMNB]

Bradley Beal Might Be Pretty Good

The rumor du jour is the Wiz offered the Griz (Grizz?) Bradley Beal for Rudy Gay. A month or two ago that would not be the cause for much sturm und drang among Wizards fans, who were busy being angry about Washington rejecting Beal-for-James Harden, but take a look at Beal’s monthly splits:

His minutes are up so of course his counting stats are up, but check out that field-goal percentage. It’s encouraging, and it hints at Beal’s lofty draft rep as a shooter. I’m interested to see how it progresses now that John Wall’s back and presumably kicking out to him for open perimeter looks.

The bad news is that advanced stats aren’t kind to Beal so far. John Hollinger’s player efficiency ratings have him as the 14th-best rookie, which is not very good. And he’s fifth on the Wiz in win shares, which is really not very good.

Anecdotally, though, I like what I’m seeing. I was at the Nets double-OT game, and Beal had a thunder dunk in traffic, hit a game-tying, buzzer-beating three and sank two clutch free throws. He also hit a contested dagger last week, which had to provide belt-loosening relief to one Steve Buckhantz.

I don’t know, the kid’s 19 years old and 31 games into his career, 30 of which were played without Wall on a horrible team. But things are looking up.

Update: Beal’s agent denies that the Wiz offered him for Gay.

(Smiling Beal image taken with love from SLAM.)

DMV: The Bradley Beal ‘Dagger!’

Wiz beat OKC on a Brad Beal buzzer-beater. Kid looks good. [USAT Sports]

Everything you want to know about Beal’s game-winner. [Bullets Forever]

The Skins have a bunch of key free agents this offseason. [The Insider]

The Skins may have been piping in crowd noise vs. Seattle. [Deadspin]

Rob Parker discusses “cornball brother” thing, keeps digging. [Deadspin]

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Comparing RGIII’s knee to John Wall’s knee, of course. [Bullets Forever]

Primer for what to expect in the 2013 NHL/Caps season. [Japers’ Rink]

Caps open with 22/1 odds of winning the Stanley Cup. [Puck Daddy]

Stefon Diggs makes the Freshman All-America Team. [Testudo Times]

Maryland isn’t ranked in the top 25 and that’s OK. [Tracking the Terps]

JMU lost to Hampton, one of the worst teams in the country. [JMUSB]

The Sports Junkies are getting a weekly local TV program. [Bog]

DMV: Brad Beal’s Summer Debut

Wiz Summer League starts today at 4 on CSN, meaning we get to watch Bradley Beal as a Wizard for the first time. Here are some primers for you. [Bullets Forever, The Examiner]

Denver’s offering JaVale 5 years, $50m. So glad it’s not us. [SB Nation]

John Wall works on his jumper. Sounds familiar. [Wiz Insider]

Wiz sign Cartier Martin to the vet minimum. Good. [Wiz Insider]

Eight things to watch for in the Nats’ second half. [Nats Baseball]

Bryce Harper mocked Kevin Millar’s hair, which is awesome. [Bog]

Nats pitching coach McCatty: “Strikeouts are bullshit.” [Les Carpenter]

That is a really odd thing for McCatty to say/believe. [SB Nation]

Nats, O’s have until 5 today to sign their 1st-rounders. [NJ, SM]

How the Caps could use new forward Wojtek Wolski. [Japers’ Rink]

Al Iafrate’s kid got in a fight at camp. Looks like he won. [RMNB]

Capitol Q BBQ is closing down. Bummer. [Young & Hungry]