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Who Should We Root For Now?

With the Skins out of the playoffs, there’s a good chance you don’t really give a shit about the rest of the postseason. But it’s still NFL football, and you’re still gonna watch. So you might as well try to come up with some half-baked rooting interests. We’re here to help.

In order of least to most rootable:

Patriots. I would throw my support behind an NFC East rival before I’d root for New England. In fact, I did last February.

Texans. I don’t think I can stand to watch another Texans game after last weekend. Also: From Texas.

Seahawks. Much like the Cardinals after the Nats’ meltdown, I want nothing more than for Seattle to be completely and totally embarrassed. Plus, Matt Ufford — the Internet’s Seahawks fan — wrote 20 reasons to hate the Redskins, which included calling me a “bitch-fighting child.” I still don’t know what that is, but I TAKE OFFENSE.

49ers. I’m not sure you’ve adequately considered the RETURN TO GLORY bullshit we’d hear for two weeks if S.F. makes the Super Bowl. It’ll be Notre Dame 2.0. And their loyal fans from across the country who have never stepped foot in California but “have liked them since I was a little kid” will come out in force and you’ll remember why you hate this franchise: They’re the Dallas Cowboys of the West.

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DMV: The Wiz Almost Won Again


Wiz lose “must-win” game at Boston in OT, fall to 0-3. [Bullets Forever]

Chris Singleton did have a pretty awesome game-tying dunk. [SB Nation]

Kevin Seraphin must have one of the world’s biggest back tattoos. [Bog]

The Wiz are giving away replica 1978 NBA title rings in April. Want. [Bog]

Silverback Williams is the NFL’s 28th-best player. [Pro Football Focus]

WaPo’s KidsPost writer may be WaPo’s harshest Redskins critic. [Bog]

Bryce, Gio and Davey are up for major MLB awards. [Nats Journal]

Bucknutz Showalter is up for AL Manager of the Year too. [Melewski]

More about the O’s being interested in Josh Hamilton. [Jon Heyman]

Stumping for Obama to go to a Caps game eventually. [Puck Daddy]

Dez Wells puts the Terps on the right side of the bubble. [Testudo Times]

DMV: Caps Leave Boston Bruined

Caps beat Boston in Game 7 on an OT goal from Joel Ward. [Japers’ Rink]

The racist tweets directed at Ward afterward are disgusting. [Caps Outsider]

John Walton’s radio call of Ward’s game-winner is brilliant. [Puck Daddy]

GIFtastic: Braden Holtby punks Boston’s Rich Peverly so bad. [RMNB]

Dale Hunter, the Eliminator, was the right man for Game 7. [Mike Wise]

Love this morning’s Boston Globe sports page headline. [@DanHellie]

“Last night sure seemed special for the D.C. set.” [On Frozen Blog]

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Caps Win Tightest Series Ever!*

These mediocre Caps just knocked off the Stanley Cup champs in overtime of Game 7, with an unknown 22-year-old in goal to boot. GTFO, Boston.

“Great job, kid.” ~ the classy/condescending Tim Thomas

* I don’t know if that’s an actual fact, but it went seven games, and every one of them was decided by one goal, four of them in overtime, so.

DMV: Back To Boston, Tied At 2

Caps take Game 4 2-1, turn this into a best-of-three series. [Japers’ Rink]

Braden Holtby is back to being the motherflippin’. [RMNB, On Frozen Blog]

Ovechkin gave Semin a smooch after the game-winning goal. [RMNB]

Ovi also took a little tumble into the bench last night. [Puck Daddy]

The Caps won despite a ill-timed clock malfunction. [Puck Daddy]

Video: Here’s the Caps’ “Because It’s the Cup” commercial. [RMNB]

Sounds like the Colts have told Andrew Luck he’s their pick. [The Insider]

Contrary to some anon. report, RGIII says he isn’t selfish. [Eye on Football]

Science: An RGIII-led 2011 Redskins team would’ve won 8.3 games. [Bog]

The “ultimate mock draft” still has the Skins taking RGIII. [Michael Silver]

Edwin Jackson roughed up in Nats loss to Houston, 10-4. [WaPo]

O’s win three of four vs. Chicago thanks to Jones, Hammel. [Camden Chat]

A kid ran on the field during the game, somehow. [B’more Sports Report]

The Junkies and Tony Kornheiser feud over Tim Kurkjian, kind of. [Bog]

Hey, spring football previews! [Testudo Times, JMU Sports Blog]

Maryland’s blue crab population is booming. [Washington Examiner]

DMV: It’s The Dream Matchup For Obama-Supporting Caps Fans

Welcome Tea Partying Tim Thomas to D.C. with Obama-Caps signs. [RMNB]

Remember, Thomas was a massive cheap-shot artist in Game 2. [RMNB]

On red-hot goalie Brandon Holtby’s myriad idiosyncrasies. [WaPo]

Audio: John Walton’s great call of Nick Backstrom’s OT GWG. [Bog]

GIF: The Caps bench erupts as Backstrom buries the OT GWG. [RMNB]

After 60 games this may finally be Dale Hunter’s team. [Homer McFanboy]

Mike Green says this is the best he’s felt in years. [Capitals Watch]

Two blown calls are to blame for yesterday’s Nats loss. [Nats Blog]

Davey Johnson’s teams are used to starting off hot. [Thomas Boswell]

Davey compares Zimmerman favorably to Brooks Robinson. [Nats Journal]

GIF: Strasburg’s changeup wins pitch of the week. [Baseball Prospectus]

O’s lose the finale in Toronto 9-2 but take the series. [Camden Chat]

London Fletcher finally receives a two-year deal. [Redskins Confidential]

The Redskins sign ex-Bucs safety Tanard Jackson too. [Real Redskins]

Homerrific Mr. Irrelevant Staff Caps-Bruins Playoff Predictions

Tomorrow night a resilient Capitals team begins a best-of-seven playoff series against Boston. A collection of national experts expect the defending Stanley Cup champ Bruins to win the series, and it’s easy to understand why.

The Bruins have one of the best goalies on the planet, Tim Thomas, while the Caps will start their third-stringer, Braden Holtby. But, you know what, screw the national experts. We convened a panel of Mr. Irrelevant staff, friends and family to predict how the series will unfold, and we want your predictions in the comments. Guest post for the closest prediction.

Andy Peden: Caps in six.

It’s real simple. If it’s a big game, the Caps will lose. Everything about this series says the Bruins win. Tim Thomas, Chara against Ovie, Caps goalie injuries, etc. So I say Caps in six!

Matt Terl: Caps in seven.

Caps in seven, with an unexpectedly strong series from Alexander Semin. I have no particular evidence for either of these things, of course. Nearly every time I really focus on a Caps game this season they immediately give up two goals and/or start playing conservative prevent defense, which has convinced me that I’m a jinx AND left my opinions on the post-Boudreau squad remarkably unformed. I’m basically just assuming that we’ll just get the most improbable-sounding outcome; a gutty, hard-fought seven-game series with Semin as its star fits that bill.

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Caps-Bruins: These 10 Things Actually Happened Last Night

Caps Correspondent Brad Parker returns after a wild and crazy night.

1. Chimmer got ejected in the 1st period for a questionable hit.
2. While killing off the five-minute major, starting goalie Tomas Vokoun re-aggravated his lower body injury and left the game.
3. Michal Neuvirth entered the game and Braden Holtby left the press box and went to the locker room just in case.
4. The Caps recorded two shots on goal in the first period and had a total of nine after two periods.
5. After somehow being up 2-0 with just over three minutes to go the Caps blow the lead and end up in a shootout.
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About the Orioles’ (Excessive?) On-Field Celebration

That is why Adam Jones is one of the few athletes worth following on Twitter. The sentiment is also why the O’s received mild criticism for reveling in their victory and Boston’s late-season collapse.

Baltimore finished strong this year, but finishing strong in Baltimore only means avoiding 100 losses. For the sixth straight year, the O’s failed to crack 70 wins. They haven’t won 80 in 14. Think about how miserable that must be for those in the organization. It’s miserable enough for me as a fan. Every single player and coach on this team only knows failure, at least since they came to Baltimore. This is Birdland.

On the other side of the diamond, Boston has known nothing but success, at least for the better part of a decade. Much of it’s due to talent and good fortune, but some of it’s due to their competitive advantage in the payroll department. Boston’s players made $161 million this year. Baltimore’s made $85M. In previous years the disparity has been even more severe.

And over the years the O’s have had a front-row seat to the lopsidedness. Getting Boston for 18 games a year is one thing. Having their fans invade your park for nine of those games, year after year, is another. It’s no wonder things get testy. It’s no wonder Baltimore wanted this, and got zealous when they won, ending the Red Sox season.

They weren’t overzealous, though. It was their biggest game of the year, and it was their biggest win of the year. In that sense, it was their World Series, and they won it. Let them jump and shout if they like.

It may seem silly from afar, maybe. But get home safely, Red Sox fans.