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DMV: If Peeing Your Pants Is Cool, Consider Fred Smoot Miles Davis

Smoot was arrested for DUI and wet himself at the station. [Washingtonian]

Update: Fred Smoot’s lawyer disputes that Fred Smoot wet himself.

Caps lost 4-1 at home to Montreal. They’re now 0-3 and -8. [Japers’ Rink]

Top defensive duo Karl Alzner and John Carlson are struggling. [RMNB]

Matt Hendricks got into another fight, this time a loss. [Caps Outsider]

Ex-Cap Mike Knuble signed one-year deal with Philly, damn it. [RMNB]

The Nats are going to unveil a fifth Racing President tomorrow. [Bog]

Looking at how the Nats could win 110 games in 2013. [Nats Baseball]

Our old friend Nyjer Morgan is going to play in Japan. [Big League Stew]

O’s sign SP Jair Jurrjens to a one-year deal. Interesting. [Camden Chat]

Leonsis hopes Wiz go .500 the rest of the way. Great expectations. [Bog]

Nationals Win The 2012 NL East Championship For Real (PHOTOS)

Here was the scene in Nats Park (via MASN) upon Atlanta losing to Pittsburgh, thus handing the division crown to Washington for the first time in forever.

You can already buy your NL East champs gear on, but I’m holding off in case they end up winning the whole damn thing. For now, it’s a bit of the Johnnie Walker Blue, which I’d been saving for a special occasion. This counts.

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Check Out The Douchiest Bars In DC

You might not want to read this post if you hang out in Midtown or Georgetown. DC’s finest bars for bros, preps and the women that love them did not fare well.  Complex Magazine ranked the Top 25 Douchiest Bars in DC and those two areas were well represented on the list. I tried to provide visual representation of the crowd at the top three. Below is the Top 10, and McFaddens certainly earned the overall No. 1 ranking.

1) McFaddens

2) Rumors (Dudes in Affliction t-shirts, women showing off thongs. This Google search brought some weird pics.)

3) Smith Point

4) Lucky Bar 5) Grand Central 6) Town Hall 7) Madhatter 8) George 9) Recessions 10) Public Bar

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Five Steps To Making Nats Park A Better Beer Park (GUEST POST)

We said Nats Park is a good place for craft beer, even if that’s not really the case. Here to lay out a plan for improvement is the former Editor-in-Chief of DCist, Aaron Morrissey. Sadly, it doesn’t include bull riding.

Nationals Park is not one of the best craft beer parks in Major League Baseball. The good news? It’s not that far from being one.

The stadium certainly has some things going for it, beer-wise. Dogfish, Flying Dog and Heavy Seas all make a fine brew, and any baseball stadium that offers Cooperstown-brewed Ommegang is doing right by their customers. But merely boasting a somewhat large-ish list of beers does not a great beer stadium make — after all, if being the best was merely a matter of available resources, Dan Snyder might be the most successful owner in the National Football League. (Pardon me while I wipe the bile from my keyboard.)

Fortunately for Nats fans, most of the problems that prevent Nats Park from providing an excellent beer experience are relatively easy to fix.

1. For starters, don’t make getting a beer so much of a pain in the ass. It’s sort of difficult to purchase a really good beer at Nats Park. Lines are long, stands hawking craft beer are awkwardly spaced along the corridors (if they are present at all), and by the time you find one and plunk down your hard-earned money, you’ve probably missed at least an inning of baseball. The entire craft beer-buying experience at the park could stand to be streamlined — putting in more taps in various places around the stadium would be a good start.

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Nats Park Does At Least One Thing Well (Spoiler: It’s Beer) recently published their Major League Baseball Craft Beer Guide, which lists microbreweries on tap at each stadium. Like anything else, some ballparks are better than others, and you’ll be pleased to know Nats Park ranks quite well.

Before getting to that, though, know that I’m no craft beersman. I’m just a guy who enjoys craft beer, probably more than the next guy, but maybe not as much as other guys (like Chris, who contributed to this ranking). I also haven’t sampled all of these breweries, but of course I hope to remedy that someday. Soon.

1. Great American Ball Park (Reds)

21st Amendment Brewery, Anderson Valley Brewing Company, Avery Brewing Company, Bell’s Brewery, Inc., Christian Moerlein Brewing Co., Founders Brewing Company, Great Lakes Brewing Company, Rivertown Brewing Company, Stone Brewing Co.

Wasn’t expecting this from Cincy/GABP, but that’s quite a lineup. Hard to beat the holy trinity of Anderson Valley, Bell’s and Founders, not to mention pretty much everything else they have to offer. Continue reading Nats Park Does At Least One Thing Well (Spoiler: It’s Beer)

Artist’s Rendering Of The New Roof Deck At Camden Yards

Since Nats Park opened our preferred viewing experience has always been the Red Loft. It’s there you can hang out in an outdoor bar while overlooking a MLB game and also watching other sports on TV, even if the TVs are totally shitty … and all for the price of a nosebleed!

Now it seems our feathered friends to the north have the same luxury, as Camden Yards is opening a roof deck under the centerfield scoreboard:

I can get down with that, because, while Eutaw Street is an excellent place to be, it’s no place to watch a game. And prior to this the only option was to hope for space along the flag court wall, but you had to be like 6’4″ and okay with sweating yourself soaked.

But wait, the flag court wall is coming down too, which Nick Markakis is probably a fan of (if he’s able to bat balls that far anymore). Oh, and all six O’s Hall of Famers are getting statues out beyond the bullpens too.

Camden Yards is the best, even if its team is literally the worst.