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DMV: JaVale Dunked On Andray

Ex-Wiz-on-ex-Wiz crime! Click thru for more with Vale and Dray. [SB Nation]

Wizards’ four-game win streak snapped by a 96-85 loss at Detroit. [WaPo]

The Caps “are in serious jeopardy of missing the playoffs.” [Caps Insider]

Matt Hendricks thinks he’s broken his nose at least five times. [RMNB]

Redskins get bad PR for ridiculous PR campaign. [Deadspin, PFT, Sally Jenx]

Jayson Werth will play right field, Bryce Harper left field. [Nats Insider]

Drew Storen showed up in Viera and discussed Game 5. [Nats Journal]

A new UnderArmour commercial with Bryce Harper and others. [Bog]

Detwiler adorned Zim’s locker with Internet Photoshops. [Nats Enquirer]

Vegas is predicting a losing season for the O’s. [Baltimore Sports Report]

The O’s won’t be shutting Bundy or Gausman down, Strasburg-style. [BSR]

106.7’s Holden and Danny interviewed Kate Upton. It’s really awful. [Bog]

Wizards Are So Bad Even Andray Blatche Is Making Fun Of Them

When one of the biggest jokes in modern NBA history is poking fun at you, you’re one of the biggest jokes in modern NBA history. Please win tonight.

Update: The Wizards did not win tonight and are now 0-12. My favorite stat from a depressing game? Jan Vesely picked up four fouls and scored zero points in seven minutes, giving him 34 fouls and 29 points on the season.

Update No. 2: Blatche continued trolling the Wizards overnight on Twitter:

Feels good to be part of a winning organization

Idc wat a wiz fan say yes I was outta shape Ill give yal that but no body n that organization tried to help me with

(@johnschuhmann tweet via @katzm)

DMV: Andray Blatche’s Hilarious Box Score Status Is Hilarious

Wiz beat Nets in Nene’s debut. Their new big posted 22 and 10. [WaPo]

Andray Blatch’s box score status: “NWT — Conditioning.” [SBN D.C.]

JaVale McGee had a game-winning dunk in his Denver debut. [WaPo]

One week into free agency, London Fletcher is unsigned. [The Insider]

Five thoughts from Robert Griffin III’s Pro Day. [Redskins Confidential]

Ex-Skins DC Gregg Williams suspended indefinitely. [Capital Games]

Davey Johnson on his Nats: “I think we can win the pennant.” [Bog]

Morse, LaRoche need to be healthy for the Nats to do that. [Nats Baseball]

I missed this: The O’s signed Dontrelle Willis. [Baltimore Sports Report]

Nick Backstrom may start practicing for real next week. [Caps Insider]

Terrell Stoglin is coming back for another year in Maryland. [Testudo Times]

Two-Win Wizards Campaign For Four All-Stars (New Traditions!)

I was going to link to this but decided it needs its own post. Do the Wizards really think a 2-15 team deserves four All-Stars? Do the Wizards really think any of these four have played to the level of an All-Star?

I understand marketing, and engaging the fan base. I get that. BUT, I think the majority of fans and media think Nick Young and Andray Blatche need to be cut, dismissed, or bought out from the team. Immediately. Sentiment is split on JaVale McGee, but either way the guy isn’t an All-Star.

That’s right, most fans want those two gone, but the Wiz brass wants you to vote for them as All-Stars. I know because of gumshoe reporting the image above was taken from the front page of the Wizards’ website.

John Wall is the only cornerstone this team has. He has been playing well of late. But with point guards like Deron Williams, Derrick Rose and Rajon Rondo in the East, Wall isn’t an All-Star. Yet.

If I’m voting for anybody, it’s Jan Vesely. Just so he brings his girlfriend.

The Wizards Are So Bad They …

This post isn’t quite fully baked, but I wanted to publish it before the Wiz did something crazy like win a game. So here to make up for my negligence is Andray Blatche, goaltending a free throw:

Now, with that disclaimer out of the way, the #WizSoBad they …

… are the NBA’s only remaining winless team (0-6).

… are off to their worst start ever, which is saying something.

… have lost three of those six games by 18 or more.

… haven’t won more than 26 games or been out of the league’s bottom four since 2007-08.

… turned Flip Saunders from a coach with a .595 career winning percentage into a coach with a .299 percentage since coming to Washington.

… have lost 42 of 45 road games since John Wall was drafted.

… have seen Wall regress in his second season (32.9% from the field).

… have a leading scorer (Nick Young) with less than 15 points per game.

… still have Blatche, Young and JaVale McGee as featured players.

… have yet to see No. 6 overall pick Jan Vesely take the court.

The upside of all this suck, however, is cheap tickets. Take it away, TiqIQ: Continue reading The Wizards Are So Bad They …

Andray Blatche Didn’t Do His Homework (Literally!)

Much has been made of Andray Blatche’s season-opening performance. That he prefaced it with an “I’m your captain” speech. (Note: He is not the Wizards’ captain.) That he was badly outplayed by Kris Humphries. That he told the press he needs the ball in the post. And that he then told critics to “shut up”. So.

My favorite nugget, though, was found in that last link, courtesy of Michael Lee:

Blatche tried to assume more of a leadership role this offseason, organizing a team workout after [Flip] Saunders gave him John C. Maxwell’s “The 17 Essential Qualities Of A Team Player: Becoming The Kind Of Person Every Team Wants.” Blatche admitted to only reading half of the book and didn’t remember its name.

Without having read The 17 Essential Qualities Of A Team Player I can’t say for sure, but I’m pretty sure negligence isn’t one of them. I applaud Dray, though, for taking the same approach I took with summer reading before senior AP English, which is to say I didn’t. (Sorry, Mr. Klass.)

And if I, an aspiring communications major, couldn’t be bothered with The Great Gatsby, how could we expect Bulletproof to bother with some bullshit?

Update: Truth About It covered this at length two weeks ago. The headline — “Forget The Book On Leadership” — is why I missed it.

DMV: Blatche Runs Players-Only Practice Without Players

Andray Blatche held a players-only practice. Two players showed up. [BF]

There’ll be another game full of pro players this Sunday in D.C. [Wiz Insider]

Colin Powell gave the Skins a pregame locker room speech Sunday. [Bog]

Seven things about Redskins rookie Chris Neild. [Bog]

Strasburg explains his dip in velocity. [Nats Journal]

Steve Lombardozzi’s first big-league hit was a game-winner. [WaPo]

Alex Ovechkin lost nine pounds, is “in the best shape.” [Caps Insider]

A look ahead to Saturday’s big Maryland-West Va. game. [Testudo Times]

The buzz around Maryland football benefits their recruiting. [ESPN]

John Thompson thanks the man who saved his life on 9/11. [The Dagger]

Andray Blatche Is Smart and Mature Pt. 86

NBC Washington relaunched today and as part of that I found two things of interest to you, Mr. Irrelevant readers:

1. They’re publishing a daily roundup of links called the DMV Daily. Wonder where they came up with that.

2. They have a new sports blog called Capital Games, which is authored by Sarah Schorno Kogod, who’s a lovely and talented friend of ours.

Anyway, Sarah just wrote about how Andray Blatche challenged a fan to a fight (via Twitter; emphasis added):

ok let’s do this so everyone can see wat u bout let’s meet n dc saturday after my game

@Loc_LessMonsta like I said I’m done with this fake internet thing if u wanna see meet me saturday after game I can throw these things homie

Now, to be fair, it does appear @Loc_LessMonsta was egging Bulletproof on with repeated insults and contributions to the amusing #blatchegottradedfor hashtag (example: “#blatchegottradedfor BKs Double Whooper + a 2019 unprotected 2nd round pick”). Still, you just don’t challenge a fan to a fight, especially on the public record.

Which Dray probably realized, because the tweets have been deleted.

Update: Blatche claims the tweets didn’t come from him, though they did come from his account. I’ll go with Occam’s razor on this one.