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Nick Young And Alex Len Got Into A Fight

Two of our old friends, ex-Wizard/human meme Nick Young and ex-Terp/Ukrainian machine Alex Len, mixed it up last night. Len leveled NY on a dunk attempt, you see, and then NY lost his damn mind.


Click through for more video and GIFs, but know that Nick is actually averaging 20.9 points/game, which is what happens when you’re a volume shooter on the Kobe-less Lakers. Alex is averaging 1.6, which is what happens when you should still be back in College Park, really.

Terps Didn’t Really Do Len Dirty

Last week we linked up Grantland’s interview with Alex Len. Now an exchange contained therein is making the rounds. Here it is:

Bill Simmons: “So, like the last month of the season you were playing hurt?”

Alex Len: “Yeah.”

Simmons: “And you knew it? Did you tell anybody?”

Len: “Yeah, I told my trainers, but we treated it like a regular, like, ankle sprain. We did a lot of treatment. Icing, stuff like that, steam. But we decided to do MRI after the season. After the season, we found out I had a problem in there.”

Jalen Rose: “Bill, when you’re in college they don’t want you to get it [the MRI] during the season. It benefits them for you to finish the season.”

Simmons: “I don’t love that idea. The MRI should have happened before.”

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DMV: College Park Court-Storming

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Alex Len Won’t Be A Terp For Long

I’ve been excited about the 2012-13 version of Alex Len since he outclassed Kentucky’s bigs in the season opener, and I knew (via Draft Express and he’s shaping up to be a Lottery pick, but look at what Chad Ford wrote in today’s chat:

Eric (Maryland)

Where is Alex Len’s stock right now? Has to be climbing towards that top 7-10 range no?

Chad Ford

Been No. 5 on our Big Board since the first week of the season. Still has an outside chance at the No. 1 pick. He’s 7-1, skilled and strong. Those guys don’t come along very often. Will be watching him very closely. There is a lot to like there.

That’s pretty impressive, especially when you consider Maryland hasn’t had a guy go in the top half of the Lottery since Stevie Franchise in ’99. Lensanity!

That said, if my team drafted him that high I’d be disappointed. Len strikes me as kind of stiff, at least by pro standards. His player comparison is Kosta Koufos, after all. So you know the Wiz’ll end up taking him.