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Nats Get LaRoche For Two Years

Washington is signing Adam LaRoche to a two-year deal, and not the three-year deal he was seeking. It’s a good scenario for Nats fans, although not so much for Mike Morse.

The dollars are unknown ($25 million?), but we know ALR, health willing, is holding down 1B for the Nats until 2015.

As for Morse, he has one year and $6.75 million left on his contract, and the expectation is he’ll be traded. He doesn’t seem happy about it, which is a shame, because I like Morse.

But this is probably what’s best for the Nats, so long as they can still cheese up the stadium experience with “Take On Me.”

DMV: Meanwhile, In Kansas

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More Like Jayson Werthless and Adam LaRoach, AMIRITE?

It’s no secret that the Nats’ two big newcomers, Jayson Werth and Adam LaRoche, aren’t hitting. I think we have some interesting data here, though.

These two months have actually been among the worst months these guys have ever had. For Werth, his .752 OPS in April and .759 OPS in May are among the top-four worst months of his career dating back to when he became a regular in Philly. For LaRoche, his .620 OPS in April and .470 OPS in May are among the top-eight worst months of his career period.

Werth’s 10 worst months (based on OPS)
1. Sep-08 — .697
2. May-08 — .747
3. Apr-11 — .752
4. May-11 — .759

5. Sep-07 — .786
6. May-09 — .794
7. Apr-09 — .810
8. Jun-08 — .818
9. Sep-09 — .824
10. Jul-08 — .855

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PHOTO: Adam LaRoche Is The Buck Commander, Has Sweet Tat To Prove It

Adam LaRoche’s affinity for killing things has been widely reported before (see specifically this Bog post), but we hadn’t previously seen the most important part of his hobby: The arm tat.

Amazingly, firstbase for the Nats managed to get even more redneck after Adam Dunn left the team. Of course, LaRoche is about eight levels of crazy from being as AMERICAN as Luke Scott is.