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DMV: Adam Jones Is A Really Observant And Funny Caps Fan

Two power play goals for Ovi while Caps beat the tar of the Isles. [RMNB]

Tom Wilson gets first career goal, followed by shaving cream pie. [CSNW]

Watch the Caps 6-2 beat down of the Islanders in pictures. [Japers Rink]

Darrell Green says the Skins need to re-sign DeAngelo Hall. He’s right. [WP]

Lot of hazing talk lately, but for Skins, it’s been mostly fun. [Bog]

Forbath wants to move on from two blocked kicks vs. San Diego. [WP]

Balanced run/pass game delivers win for Redskins against Chargers. [WT]

Q&A with the director of Bernie & Ernie, which was pretty good. [BF]

Crush Davis a finalist for AL MVP w Mike Trout, Miggy Cabrera. [Balt. Sun]

Nats might be in the mix for David Price and/or Max Scherzer. [CSNW]

Terps hoops gets ready for Friday opener with one goal in place. [WP]

Watch this lady lose her wig on Price is Right. Just watch it. [FTW]

Adam Jones Is Awesome (PHOTO)

I know that many of you don’t care for the Orioles but I do and this is so cool:

Adam Jones flew from his home in San Diego to Baltimore for Ray Lewis’ final home game, then traveled to Denver to watch the Ravens upset the Broncos in double overtime and now he’s headed to New England for the AFC Championship.

Between this and a general distaste for Boston it’s enough to make me root for the Ravens. In fact, according to Chris, that’s what all Redskins fans should be doing now that Denver’s out. Go Baltimore?

(Note that the photo is Jones’ Twitter profile pic, and that he’s one of the best athlete tweeters around. Follow.)

DMV: The ‘Why Not?’ Orioles Are Still Playing Out Of Their Minds

O’s take opener of the Yanks series in a wild one, are tied for first. [Camden Chat]

Adam Jones’ 100th career HR was a game-winner in the 8th. [Melewski]

Reynolds hit two HR, his third two-HR game vs. NY this year. [Stats & Info]

The new Ripken statue at Camden isn’t great looking. [Bog]

Machado makes an impact on the O’s defense. [BSR]

Nats sweep thanks to Harper’s hustle, LaRoche’s bat. [WaPo]

Fun to see how the Cubs and Nats broadcasters handled the brawl. [Bog]

Handicapping the Nats in the various NL award races. [Nats Baseball]

Seven Nats are getting married this offseason. Seems like a lot. [Bog]

Barry Svrluga profiles Sam Huff. Make sure to read this one. [WaPo]

How Ovechkin could make the most of the NHL lockout. [Japers’ Rink]

Video: Evgeny Kutznetsov scores, does pushups on the ice. [RMNB]

Photos: Gary Williams Court has a new look. [Testudo Times]

About the Orioles’ (Excessive?) On-Field Celebration

That is why Adam Jones is one of the few athletes worth following on Twitter. The sentiment is also why the O’s received mild criticism for reveling in their victory and Boston’s late-season collapse.

Baltimore finished strong this year, but finishing strong in Baltimore only means avoiding 100 losses. For the sixth straight year, the O’s failed to crack 70 wins. They haven’t won 80 in 14. Think about how miserable that must be for those in the organization. It’s miserable enough for me as a fan. Every single player and coach on this team only knows failure, at least since they came to Baltimore. This is Birdland.

On the other side of the diamond, Boston has known nothing but success, at least for the better part of a decade. Much of it’s due to talent and good fortune, but some of it’s due to their competitive advantage in the payroll department. Boston’s players made $161 million this year. Baltimore’s made $85M. In previous years the disparity has been even more severe.

And over the years the O’s have had a front-row seat to the lopsidedness. Getting Boston for 18 games a year is one thing. Having their fans invade your park for nine of those games, year after year, is another. It’s no wonder things get testy. It’s no wonder Baltimore wanted this, and got zealous when they won, ending the Red Sox season.

They weren’t overzealous, though. It was their biggest game of the year, and it was their biggest win of the year. In that sense, it was their World Series, and they won it. Let them jump and shout if they like.

It may seem silly from afar, maybe. But get home safely, Red Sox fans.

O’s Outfielders Replace Flying Hip Bump With Loving Group Hug

Big League Stew tried to ban the hip bump three years ago. Three years later, against reason, it persists across sports with balls played by men who enjoy leaping in the air to touch heines in celebration.

Exceptions to this obnoxiousness are O’s outfielders Adam Jones, Felix Pie and Nolan Reimold, who have finally stopped hip bumping and started hugging. According to Jones via Camden Chat:

It turns out that when the outfielders did their jump and bump, Adam Jones’ foot frequently came down on Pie’s foot. And as Adam said, “I weigh 220. That’ll hurt anyone.” In an effort to keep that from happening, Felix decided that a group hug was just as effective a game ending technique, and one that wouldn’t result in his foot getting stomped.

In related news, I love Felix Pie.

I think we all do.

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DMV: Adam Jones’ ‘A-Mays-ing’ Catch

Adam Jones not only hit a second-deck homer against Seattle, the team that traded him away, but he also made this terrific, over-the-shoulder, basket catch. Better than Roger Bernadina’s amazing grab? I think so. [BSR, BLS]

O’s won in Brian Matusz’ first start of 2011, stopping a six-game skid. [Sun]

Nats beat Phillies, and take the series, on Laynce Nix’s heroics. [WaPo]

Jim Riggleman says he’s not a small ball guy. Data disagrees. [FJB]

Drew Storen’s campaign-style ad to make the Nats America’s team. [Bog]

Snyder, Feldman, Czarniak and Hellie just get scorched here. [Deadspin]

Take a first look at Brandon Banks’ stab wound if you like. [Bog]

Redskins are handling this Kenny Chesney concert very Redskins-y. [Bog]

Caps sign 23-year-old Swedish C/RW Mattias Sjögren. [Japers’ Rink]

Adam Jones Needs a Haircut, You Guys

It’s been two years since I moved down to Wilmington and I’ve just now found a barber I’m comfortable with. Of course it means frequenting the local SuperCuts, but she’s getting it done.

Before moving, my guy was Faraj at Pete’s in North Arlington. No one else cut my hair for the better part of the decade, and I still try to schedule cuts around trips back home, just so I can pay him a visit. The man is a virtuoso with the scissors and a straight blade. So I know what it’s like having — or not having — someone you’re comfortable with.

Enter O’s centerfielder and 2009 All-Star Adam Jones, who tweets this:

I hear that. But how long does a guy have to be in Baltimore before he finds a good barbershop? And doesn’t he have teammates to show him the way?

This is Jones third full season with the O’s, and it’s the third straight year he’s had one or fewer black teammates (fewer than one is zero; there is no less than zero). And though I’ve never really considered baseball’s race problem as it pertains to Charm City, that’s rather striking.

Baltimore was home to Hall of Famers Frank Robinson and Eddie Murray, and lesser stars such as Ken Singleton, Paul Blair, Al Bumbry and Mike Devereaux. Boston it is not.

So it is that Jones’ tweet surprised me a little bit, and I thought I’d help the guy out. Here to assist Adam in his elusive quest for “good black barbers in bmore” is friend of the site Jarrett Carter:

“Any professional ballplayer seeking a quality edge up in a new city doesn’t ask for much – just a place where he can avoid getting shot, a suspect trim, and secret video cameras. Adam Jones is seeking such a place, and fortunately, a solution is just outside of Sports By Brooks’ – and harm’s – way.

Diamond Cuts is on the corner of Loch Raven Boulevard and E. Joppa Road, just outside of Baltimore City. Some attractive barbershop amenities you won’t find there; a booming bootleg DVD marketplace, a 1997 Budweiser calendar with the flyest light-skinned tender out of Macon, GA, and the brother that cuts hair without a license are a no go. But what you will find is enlightening conversation, a quiet atmosphere and a Caesar that would do your grandmomma proud.

Just ask for Bam.”

Sounds better than SuperCuts.

Professional Baseball Player Adam Jones Thinks He’s Better at Baseball Than You

Orioles centerfielder — and 2009 All-Star! — Adam Jones is having a rough April. His team is off to its worst start in 20-plus years and he’s hitting like a pitcher, which is similar to how he hit in the second half of last season.

Adam Jones also has a Twitter account. Given the circumstances, that may not be the best idea. For example, this morning he unleashed the following on his Twitter following:

its time i catch fire. hasnt been the most productive month but still playing my azz off like usual.

funny how people thinks its easy from the stands.

i wanna hold a small clinic where i have people meet me at camden, i take them into the cage and throw bp. who think they can hit?????

If it happens, I’d like to show up for that clinic. Not because I think I can hit, no, but because I’d like to remind Adam that he’s the one being paid to hit, and those in the stands are the ones paying to yell at him when he doesn’t.

Also, this is Adam Jones’ background image on Twitter:

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DMV: Adam Jones Accused of Thieving His First Gold Glove Award

adam-jones-gq.jpgO’s CF Adam Jones wins his first Gold Glove award. [MLB]

Adam Jones does not deserve his Gold Glove award. [SBN]

Zimmerman may pick up his Gold Glove too. [Nats Journal]

That’s a real beaut: ’81 Fleer Star Stickers Mark Belanger. [O’s Card o’ the Day]

DeAngelo kind of agrees with LaVar that his teammates let him down. [Bog]

NFL fines both DeAngelo and Mike Smith. [SB Nation]

Vetting Russ Grimm as a head coach. Again. [Hogs Haven]

The new Redskins punter is Romanian like a motherfucker. [Redskins Blog]

Clinton Portis is coming to the end of the road. [Redskins Insider]

Aaron Schatz: “Campbell is, at worst, a league-average QB.” [DCLS]

Skins-Falcons diary with a different Todd Collins altogether. [Snarktastic]

Wiz lose again, Foye gets hurt and Gil turns it over 12 times. [WaPo]

The NBA leaves Brendan Haywood off the All-Star ballot. [Wiz Insider]

Etan Thomas kinda calls out the Wizards medical staff. [Truth About It]

Google providing free WiFi at BWI for the Holidays. Bless them. [DCist]

Cool: Terra Cotta Warriors at the NatGeo Museum. [We Love DC]