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DMV: Caps Made A Xmas Video

Happy holidays from Christmas sweater-wearing goofball Caps. [RMNB]

Mike Green had 18 penalty minutes the other night. Eighteen! [Bog]

Shanny has burned through QBs, and this doesn’t include JC. [Bog]

Jake Plummer has good perspective on Shanny-RGIII. [USAT Sports]

Vinny Cerrato suggests Snyder should hire Hue Jackson as HC. [Bog]

Jordan Reed may miss his fourth straight with a concussion. [Keim]

After trading closer to OAK, O’s may sign OAK’s closer. [O’s Insider]

The O’s need to start spending if they want to win. [USAT Sports]

Dez Wells went off last night to get Maryland a win at BC. [Testudo]

Your unofficial list of JMU head football coach candidates. [JMUSB]

Some local beermakers got into it over a naming issue. [DCist]

It’s Academic host Mac McGarry died yesterday at 87. [City Desk]

Bryce Harper Video Hirschbeck Doesn’t Want You To See

You’re probably aware that Bryce Harper was ejected in the first inning of Sunday’s game. Nats Journal even had quotes from umpire John Hirschbeck explaining why (emphasis added):

“I didn’t like that he put his hands up with the bat,” Hirschbeck said. “That’s kind of what I yelled at him. He continued and threw his bat. I kind of pointed like, ‘That’s equipment.’ And then, he still continued and slammed his helmet down. That’s when I ejected him.

What you probably haven’t seen, though, is picture-in-picture video of the heinous bat-throwing and helmet-slamming. Here it is (via @rocket1124):

“Hirschbeck was just dying to throw Harper out there.” I have never agreed with Bob Carpenter more, and I hate Hirschbeck all the more for it.

Also, here’s the Pittsburgh broadcast, if you’d like to see that as well:

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John Wall Redemption Tour Hits Next Stop

Once he returned from injury, John Wall has made many believers this season. His scoring is up, his ridiculous-catch-them-from-behind blocks are up, and he looks like he could really become the star we all hoped for when Wall was drafted No. 1 in 2010.

But there is still one thing Wall hasn’t fixed. Remember that first pitch he threw out at Nats Park a few years ago? It was awful.

Well, tonight, Wall has a chance to fix it. Word is he is taking the task serious, according to a story from CSN’s J. Michael:

“I just want to make sure I get it to the mound. As long as I don’t hit the dirt, I’m cool. I don’t want it to be like I did last time,” Wall said. “Everybody thinks it’s easy.”

Good luck tonight John. We’ll all be watching.

**UPDATE** Wall threw the pitch, and it reached the plate. Video after the jump.
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Fred Davis Nightclub Trial Video

Four things of note while watching this never-before-seen video (via The Big Lead) of Fred Davis dumping a bottle of juice on a woman and then tossing the bottle in her general direction:

1) The incident happened over two years ago.

2) A key dispute in the ongoing lawsuit is whether Davis threw the bottle at the woman or if he released it.

3) Either way, the bottle hit her in the face, and she wants $350,000.

4) The woman’s lawyer is who provided The Big Lead with the video.

Washingtonian has all the sordid details on the trial, and they are sordid. Davis, who caught 24 passes in seven games in 2012, remains a free agent.

Update: We’ve replaced the video with a better version (via @GAMface).

DMV: Terps Student Section Flash Mob Wins The Weekend

Maryland students unleashed a beast flash mob during Duke game. [CBSS]

Poor RPI means Terps still face an uphill battle for NCAA berth. [CSNW]

Caps fall 2-1 in New York, penalties doom the Caps yet again. [RMNB]

Holtby plays best game of season, but not enough for Caps. [TWT]

Nats have right players, right chemistry for 162-game MLB grind. [Boz]

Strasburg wants to limit the break on his pitches, harder for hitters. [WaPo]

Rafael Soriano had his buddy write his ninth-inning entrance music. [NE]

Randy Wittman defends John Wall, calls David Falk a “knucklehead.” [Bog]

MJ turns 50, and Craig Ehlo talks about guarding Jordan is his prime. [DS]

Cool new mural at DC Brau warehouse features two primal beasts. [WCP]