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Blog Show No. 17: ‘Suck Walnuts’

So we viewed Blog Show last night at DC Sports Bloggers Happy Hour IV (more on that later). The scene was Bungalow Buffalo Billiards, a big, loud place with TV’s displaying closed captioning, and about eight minutes into it, our transcripted flow was broken up with with the following message: “Talking over each other.”

Perfect. In just four words, The Machine summarized Blog Show more succinctly than I’ve ever been able to. Here’s No. 17, as goofy as ever.


Blog Show No. 17 details after the jump …

T-Shirts: Save ‘Da Meat’ and Big Sexy

Dan’s Artisanal Cheese of the Week: Havarti

My YouTube of the Week: That Story Will Not Hold Up This Game [You Been Blinded]

Posts Mentioned: Try to Tackle the Juice and He’ll Cut Your Ass [KSK], Andrew Bogut Has the NBA’s Worst Haircut [Full Court Press], Serena Williams to Pose Nude [FanHouse], Minor League Team Throws Vick to the Dogs [Lion in Oil], The Basketball Guillotine [Simon on Sports], The Darryl Strawberry All-Stars [Bugs and Cranks], Scott Olsen Was on COPS [On the Show], Vick Isn’t a Dog Fighter, He’s an Actor [Shoutfan], AMI Responds [Hogs Haven], The Dangers of Sledding [We Are the Postmen], And You Thought Vick Supporters Were Morons [The Smittblog], Go (to Jail) Team! [The Smoking Gun], Wild Bachelor Party Ends With Staal Brothers in Cuffs [FanHouse]

Other Quotes Considered for the Headline Here: ‘Painfully Funny,’ ‘A Week Long Crack Binge,’ ‘A Surprise for the Cops,’ ‘I Don’t Get It’ and ‘A Mustache Has No Color’

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  2. GTB

    July 29, 2007 at 9:21 AM

    That’s a rare bit of “closed captioning” usually reserved for the McLaughlin Group and every episode of Hardball.

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