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DMV: Tom Wilson Goes Lex Lugar On Flyers

Tom Wilson’s big hit starts brawl, and oh yeah Caps lose. [JR]

Oates doesn’t even think the Wilson hit deserves a penalty. [RMNB]

The RG3/Shanahan/Snyder drama has derailed, involves Waco. [Bog]

Kirk Cousins to the Browns? Peter King says it could happen. [MMQB]

Hoyas survive matchup with hot-shooting Elon. That’s good, right? [CH]

Will the Wizards make another trade? Maybe Ariza? [Bullets Forever]

RG3 Benched, Kirk Cousins To Start Against Atlanta

What began as a rumor looks to now be official: Skins coach Mike Shanahan will shut down RGIII for the remainder of the season and let Kirk Cousins play. The news is everywhere now, and the latest shows that Rex Grossman will be the backup Sunday in Atlanta, putting Griffin on the inactive list.

At 3-10 and with Griffin taking a beating over the last five games, the move makes football sense. But considering the mess that has become the Redskins organization since last Sunday morning, who knows the true motivation in benching RGIII.

Like always with this ongoing trainwreck, stay tuned for more; both Shanahan and RGIII are scheduled to talk later today.

DMV: Skins No Fans Of Radio Jokes

Redskins don’t like 106.7 radio parody, realize it’s a joke. [WP]

Don’t expect to see Kirk Cousins unless there is an RGIII injury. [WP]

Taking a look at what ways the Skins could lose to Kansas City. [RR]

Caps play an absolute stinker in 4-1 home loss to Hurricanes. [RMNB]

Braden Holtby allowed more soft goals, recurring problem. [JR]

Some good Caps news: fun pictures of the players with their dogs. [FTW]

Q&A with DOug Fister, who is excited to join the Nationals. [NI]

Boswell on Fister trade: Rizzo had a good offseason in just one night. [WP]

Otto Porter could play as early as Friday night for the .500 Wizards. [BF]

Terps face ‘different animal’ in road trip to No. 5 Ohio State tonight. [TT]

Funny video of Nick Faust trying to spell Krzyzewski. [CSNB]

DMV: John Wall + Bradley Beal > Ricky Rubio + Kevin Love

Dominant 2nd half from John Wall and Bradley Beal gets Wiz a win. [TAI]

For Wizards to win, John Wall needs to find balance to run offense. [BF]

Santana Moss wants to hear RG3 more self-critical; that’s leadership. [WP]

After missing more than a year, Adam Carriker back at practice. [CSNW]

Back as division rivals, Capitals face off against Penguins tonight. [WT]

A look back at the history of Caps-Penguins, why Pittsburgh sucks. [CSNW]

Or maybe nobody cares about Caps-Pens any more. [RMNB]

Kevin Durant is the F’N best, makes a blue crab sneaker. [Bog]

Might be time for Roddy Peters to start for the Terps. [Diamondback]

Arcade Fire wants you to dress up to attend 2014 arena rock tour. [USAT]

Terrific outtake from Parks & Rec. [Daily Pommentary]

DMV: Adam Jones Is A Really Observant And Funny Caps Fan

Two power play goals for Ovi while Caps beat the tar of the Isles. [RMNB]

Tom Wilson gets first career goal, followed by shaving cream pie. [CSNW]

Watch the Caps 6-2 beat down of the Islanders in pictures. [Japers Rink]

Darrell Green says the Skins need to re-sign DeAngelo Hall. He’s right. [WP]

Lot of hazing talk lately, but for Skins, it’s been mostly fun. [Bog]

Forbath wants to move on from two blocked kicks vs. San Diego. [WP]

Balanced run/pass game delivers win for Redskins against Chargers. [WT]

Q&A with the director of Bernie & Ernie, which was pretty good. [BF]

Crush Davis a finalist for AL MVP w Mike Trout, Miggy Cabrera. [Balt. Sun]

Nats might be in the mix for David Price and/or Max Scherzer. [CSNW]

Terps hoops gets ready for Friday opener with one goal in place. [WP]

Watch this lady lose her wig on Price is Right. Just watch it. [FTW]

DMV: Wiz Season Begins Full Of Hope

Tonight’s the night: Wiz open season with playoffs in sight. [WP]

Marcin Gortat seems like a good dude, proud of his country. [CSNW]

Trade deadline passes and Fred Davis still plays for Washington. [WP]

Santana Moss doesn’t like Pierre Garcon’s ‘we suck’ comments. [Bog]

MoJo not pulling his weight for Caps, maybe time for line shift. [Y]

Karl ALzner checks two dudes at the same time. 2 dudes, 1 check. [RMNB]

World Series Game 6 tonight, but took Cards a while to leave STL. [DS]

Samantha Ponder dressed as Wendy Peffercorn. Also, some guy. [FTW]

The fight for the soul, and cash, of craft beer vs Big Beer. [WP]

DMV: Gilbert Arenas ‘Smarter Than Average’

Gilbert Arenas discusses investment opportunities in Cali. [Bog]

Wiz down 100 at half but come back for moral victory in Motown. [BF]

Caps played sloppy but got a good shootout win in Winnipeg. [Japers]

What’s up with Mike Green getting benched in the final minutes? [CSNW]

Broncos will honor Mike Shanahan on Sunday, like they should. [Bog]

Fred Davis makes clear that he didn’t ask to be traded. [PFT]

World Series starts tonight in Boston. Good teams w/o stars. [USAT]

Want to watch 50 Cent audition for American Ganster? Yes you do. [DS]

DMV: Any Win Over LeBron Is Worth Celebrating

Bradley Beal scored 29 and Wiz ran away with a win* over Heat. [BF]

The news isn’t good for Otto Porter, no timetable for his return. [CSNW]

RG3 will continue to play quarterback the way he knows how. [Bog]

A look at all things plaguing Skins: special teams, offense, defense. [ESPN]

Mike Shanahan still believes in the Skins players and coaches. [CSNW]

Darrel Young, Washington fullback, is embarrassed by special teams. [Bog]

Why would NFL consider more Thursday games? How would that work? [DS]

Very cool to see Cole Field House with a basketball court again. [TI]

Remember Victor Page from Georgetown? This will make you sad. [WT]

US Men’s National Team helped out bitter rival Mexico last night. [FTW]

Dude had his mom watch The Matrix and give an awesome recap. [Gawker]

* Preaseason still counts.

DMV: It’s Dallas Week

Plenty of Washington football news, but focus: It’s Dallas Week. [ESPN]

Dez Bryant has bigger name, but is Pierre Garçon as good? [RR]

D-Hall, Skins have much to play for this week, 1 game out. [CSNW]

Cold blooded headline for Nats season: World Series or Bust. [NE]

Braden Holtby has been out and about signing a baby. Yep. [RMNB]

Good sign that Nene is already talking about playing less minutes? [CSNW]

Turgeon thinks Terps could be a “more complete” team. [Testudo Times]

Ricky Williams compares his weed habit to Popeye’s spinach habit. [FTW]

For the folks who watched League of Denial, live chat with authors at 6. [DS]

DMV: Post Bye Week Beginning

Bye week turns into Dallas week, Cowboys looked scary yesterday. [WP]

Rob Jackson, Jarvis Jenkins return for Skins after suspensions. [RR]

Maybe Rob Jackson can help the Skins in coverage of opposing TEs. [HH]

Tony Romo delivers an all-time performance, then an all-time pick. [FTW]

Ted Leonsis doesn’t see any weaknesses with the Caps. [Bog]

Breaking down the Caps opening week; good, bad and beyond. [JR]

Caps power play looks great, but concerns at even strength. [RMNB]

Wittman on Otto Porter: “He hasn’t done anything since Sept. 14.” [CSNW]

Holy shit the Terps got smoked by Jameis Winston and the Seminoles. [TT]

Bad to worse: Terps QB C.J. Brown suffers concussion in FSU loss. [CSNB]

Hokies beat up UNC thanks to strong game from Logan Thomas. [WP]

Wahoos beat at home by Ball State by three touchdowns. Seriously.  [STL]

Some shady cops going after some shady drugdealers in shady Florida. [SS]