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About Mr. Irrelevant And The Brothers Mottram

Mr. Irrelevant was born in 2004 as an NCAA Tournament blog named A Cinderella Story. Shortly thereafter it branched out to cover all sports under its current moniker. Since then it has shifted focus to D.C. sports and continued toiling in obscurity.

“Mister Irrelevant is clearly one of the best city-specific sports blogs in the country.”
Dan Steinberg

“Local sports blogging mecca.”DCist

“The best in DC sports.”

“Mottram bros kill it.”
Scott Van Pelt

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Jamie Mottram was born in 1977 and raised in Northern Virginia, where he was a high school baseball player. From there he went to James Madison University before working at and then AOL, where he created FanHouse. He later became Director of Blogs, Social & SEO at Yahoo! and then a content development and social media executive at Gannett. He currently lives in Wilmington, NC. Read more in the NY Observer and Wilmington Business Journal.

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Chris Mottram was born in 1982 and also raised in Northern Virginia, where he was a high school tennis player. From there he attended four institutions of higher learning before graduating from George Mason University, interning at AOL Sports and working at Sporting News, where he created The Sporting Blog. He later became the Managing Editor of Uproxx Sports and lives in Charleston, SC.

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JP Finlay (@jpfinlay) is a contributing writer. He lived in Wilmington with Jamie and now works at CSN Washington.

Andy Peden is a Maryland sports correspondent. He attended high school with Jamie and played golf at Richmond.

Brad Parker (@stopthehats) is a Capitals correspondent. He worked at AOL with the brothers Mottram.

Jack Kogod (@unsilent) is a Wizards correspondent. He is also a founding member of the Kissing Suzy Kolber collective.

Rob “Old Guys Leave” Abbott and Todd Davis were the site’s JMU sports correspondents. They have since spun off their own JMU sports blog, the imaginatively-titled JMU Sports Blog.