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Bryce Harper

8 Nats Things From A Natitude-Filled 2012 MLB All-Star Game

1. Pregame Intros

Bryce Harper and Stephen Strasburg each got above-average-sounding ovations, with Harper’s being louder. Gio Gonzalez’ was probably below-average, but he was still smiling, of course.

2. Facial Hair

It seems a lot of baseball players shave their beards up too high on the neck, Gio being one of them. (Nice 1-2-3 inning, BTW.)

3. Strasburg’s Spikes

All grey with a touch of red = pretty sharp. (Strasburg got hit pretty hard, BTW, but lucked into a scoreless inning.)

4. Harper’s Spikes

Glittery gold with a touch of red = not so much.

5. Harper’s ‘Hustle’

Baseball Biebz tagged up from first on a deep fly to left with an eight-run lead in the fifth inning of an All-Star Game. Immediately thereafter, he got in a pickle on a comebacker to the pitcher.

6. Harper’s Boner

Losing a can-of-corn fly ball in the sky during an All-Star Game is pretty embarrassing, sure, but also pretty emblematic of the Bryce Harper Experience, which mixes brilliance with blunders on the reg.

7. Home-Field Advantage

Thank you, Giants, namely Sandoval, Cabrera and Cain, for kicking so much ass. It’s weird actually caring about the outcome a little bit.

8. Only We Noticed

Missed you, Ian Desmond.

Non-Nats Notes

— I believe this was Erin Andrews’ Fox debut. Exciting! Even if she had to share sideline reporting duties with Ken Rosenthal.

— KC sure does love Billy Butler. That intro ovation was awesome.

— Luke Bryan sang the national anthem. I do not know who that is. His pants sure were tight, though. And Kellie Pickler sang God Bless America. She’s lost a lot of weight she didn’t really need to lose.

— Matt Kemp was the first player to tweet during the All-Star Game. /makes wanking motion

— Nobody ages better than George Brett.

— Buck-McCarver is as bad in July as it is in October.

— Loved the ovation when Chipper Jones came to the plate. Those moments are rare and reserved for the one-team HOFers.

— It’s kind of odd that Harper is such a bigger deal than Mike Trout, who’s clearly the better player at this point. I guess that’s the power of hype, and also of a certain je ne sais quoi.

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