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4 Thoughts On Wizards-Celtics Through 4 Games

1. The Wizards are the superior team. It might not matter.

Washington looks to be better, and it’s showing up on the scoreboard, where they’ve outscored Boston by 24. Can they win on the road, though?

Including Game 1 and 2, the Wiz are 0-4 at Boston this season and 0-3 the two seasons before that — seven straight L’s.

The last time they won there was the final game of 2013-14, as the Celts were wrapping up a 25-win season.

2. John Wall is ridiculous.

It’s not just that he’s averaging 29 points and 11 assists and raising his efficiency, etc., it’s that he’s a force of nature. Every game features a handful of plays you’ll see later on in your social feed — no-look passes, chase-down blocks, mean-mug celebrations, left-handed dunks … whatever it takes.

He’s not on LeBron’s level, because no one is, but he’s getting acclimated to whatever that next level down is.

3. The rest of the Wizards remembered how to shoot.

After the first four games of Wiz-Hawks, I noted that every player other than Wall was in a shooting slump. No more.

Every player other than Marcin Gortat has improved on his effective FG percentage since then, none moreso than Otto Porter.

Porter, who had a fantastic shooting season, is actually now shooting a little better in the playoffs than he did in the regular season.

4. Otto is making himself some money.

I was a little worried for Porter after the Atlanta series. He’s a restricted free agent this summer, and the words “max contract” were getting thrown around before he cratered in Round 1.

Now, against Boston, he’s shooting 61% from the field with 16.5 points, 9.0 rebounds and 2.3 steals per game. Small sample, but it leaves a mark.

Bonus thought: I love that Kelly Oubre hauled off and did this.

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