The Redskins’ Remaining Schedule


The Washington Football Team has somewhat surprisingly started the season 3-4, and they’ve stuck with just one quarterback in the process. This is relative success.

The way the rest of the season is lining up — seven of the nine games are against .500-or-worse teams — may even lead to actual success. Of course, believing that only sets us up for failure. (It’s best not to believe.)

The Skins visit undefeated New England this week, which is a loss, probably by a wide margin. They also visit undefeated Carolina the Sunday before Thanksgiving, which also looks like a loss, though maybe a close one. Between those two they have the 4-4 Saints at home.

After that three-game stretch it’s a middling bunch: the 4-4 Giants at home, the 2-5 Cowboys at home, at 2-5 Chicago, the 3-4 Bills at home, and then at Philly and at Dallas to close it out.

It’s not crazy to think Washington could be 7-7 heading into those final two, with the division title in play. Like I said, though, disappointment is always right around the corner, and they could easily be 3-7 on Thanksgiving Day.

But that’s alright. It’s November, the Skins are a half-game out of first, and the schedule is favorable. Take a moment.

3 thoughts on “The Redskins’ Remaining Schedule”

  1. Is it just me, or does anyone else think we should just rest all the injured and all the starters against NE so we can prepare for the stretch run?

  2. Snyder’s Bitch, that’s a great idea. Also would at least throw a minor curveball to Belechick having to prepare for a group which wouldn’t have too much tape available. We’d surely lose still, but the game could be more entertaining.

  3. So good of an idea that I think Steinberg used the idea for a column today. I’d like an autographed photo of Dan and some take-out from Ben’s chili bowl overnighted to me here in St. Louis if he’s still reading.

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