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  1. My take, which is scorching:

    The ‘Skins aren’t sniffing the playoffs no matter who is QB so should be thinking long term. RGIII is the only potential answer of the three, despite recent struggles (to put it mildly). He should be given every opportunity to succeed. In my view, this is his last chance to do so before the ‘Skins are forced to hit the re-set button on the position entirely.

    What’s the best case scenario if the ‘Skins bench RGIII? We confirm that we have a few barely replacement levels at backup? Bet on potential, and if (when) it fails or succeeds, we have our answer for the future. We don’t get that answer unless we play him.

  2. Agreed with ThisGuy.

    I voted Griffin because we may as well put a definitive end to his time in DC. There’s maybe a 5% chance he can get back to 2012 form. But ultimately, it’s not going to matter. The Skins are the Skins.

    Anyone clamoring for Kirk Cousins because of his preseason performance are the same people who thought Colt McCoy and Pat White were potentially viable. Cousins and McCoy are clipboard holding lifers. Nothing more, nothing less.


  3. I’ve been on the same argument. RG3 had a nice rookie season and viable excuses (injury) to explain his next two seasons. I want Griffin to start and given the tools to succeed (with what we have) and see what we got. If he shits the bed again, we need to start all over at QB. Cousins isn’t the guy long term or he would’ve taken it last year. I want RG3 to do well, but it may not happen. We need to make sure of that.

    1. It’s not a matter if Griffin gets hurt, it’s when. If he gets hurt the Redskins are stuck with him and it triggers a $16 million dollar guaranteed payout. I say cut bait with this media whore. He sure as hell can’t play QB at an NFL level. He abandoned the only offense he is capable of being a part of following the 2012 season.

  4. First if as I was RGIII I would ask for release of my contract. I’m an 83-year-old football fan I date back to the days of Bart Starr. I’ve wagered on football for many years the last 10 years I was in Vegas for the divisional playoffs. With that said watched the protection RG had versus Kurt Cousins , hasn’t anyone reviewed the tapes of his rookie year that is what he does the best and that’s why he was the Heisman Trophy winner let RG be RG and get them out at pocket before something bad happens to the kid Mr. Snyder fired John Gruden, is anybody read resumes, Ray Charles can see what’s going on

  5. ThisGuy gets it. We have minimal incentive to play Cousins and zero incentive to play McCoy. Best course of action is to let rg3 play. If he improves then great… if not then we know where we stand

  6. RGIII should be given every opportunity to prove himself. From my point of view, Gruden just flat out doesn’t like him. To Gruden RGIII is one of those guys he inherited when he was hired, tried his best to diminish and when he couldn’t do that he has decided that if nothing else he’ll get him injured before the season even starts and that will take care if itself..Obviously Gruden is mistaken because RGIII plays with the heart of a Lion., he’s going to keep coming at you. Gruden, You sir are a Dog.

  7. Voted Cousins, comments have convinced me to go with RG III. Either way, you need to add the InfiniteSadness tag to this post.

  8. Aaaaaaaaand… After a whopping two quarters of preseason, a week of phantom concussion talk, we’re now discussing trading or releasing RGIII.

    Sounds about right for Ashburn.

    This team may be the worst run business entity in the developed world. I’m not even joking. The level of ineptitude is staggering. There are Somalian soccer clubs that are better run than this franchise.

  9. On the bright side, Cards just released Lorenzo Alexander. If the skins can swoop in and sign the LORAX, the offseason can be salvaged and all is redeemed. REDEEMED!

    /I’ll PSGO

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