Redskins-Eagles Predictions


Cheers to RunsLikeDeer for perfectly nailing last weeks loss to the Giants. Now he gets to guest post!

Here are our crackerjack staff’s scientific predictions for this week’s game. Make yours down in the comments. Whoever comes closest becomes a published author on this here weblog.

Matt Terl: Eagles, 38-12

I would not be surprised if I forget the game is on Saturday and miss it entirely.

JP Finlay: Eagles, 24-20

Hell, I watched 80 percent of [Thursday night football’s] Jags-Titans (Jags -3.5 winner); that game made me kinda excited for Skins-Eagles.

RG3 looks almost good again, just enough to incite hope from those that want to hope.

Andy Peden: Eagles, 31-13

I have friends coming down from Philly for the game but I refuse to go. I will DVR and speed watch. Cousins plays at some point.

Jack Kogod: Eagles, 31-17

Gruden designs a game plan that ensures RGIII takes a ton of hits.

Chris Mottram: Eagles, 31-13

If the Panthers win out and the Saints lose one of their last two, then Carolina takes the division. So it’s a big week for the Blue & Black. Guess we’re all Falcons fans this Sunday, huh?!

Todd Davis: Eagles, 31-20

Warning: This will not make sense. You’ve been warned. During last week’s car wreck, my loosely affiliated Fairfax HS/JMU Skins crew and I careened into a metaphorical Snyder-ditch ourselves. Our 20 year season ticket guy finally claims he’s bailing, and that is the showstopper in the group given his irrational penchant for hope and all the other shitshows that didn’t push him over the edge. But another guy is seriously trying to organize sponsor boycotts. One guy is trying to get Wizznutzz to retweet some F Snyder stickers he’s hawking. But everyone generally agreed that either the owner or the name must go before we consider coming back full-time (not that we have consensus on the name issue only that it’s the only thing we could agree would really be a sign Snyder is taking a different tack). The lesson learned from 2012 is that no matter how bright things might look in any one season, it’s all an illusion as long as Synder owns the franchise. A legitimate Super Bowl contender and Synder cannot co-exist. And of course there is just nothing, as in nothing, to be proud of with this franchise — not the owner, not the name defense, not the players, certainly not the coaches or god forbid the Dead Tree Crew/friends of Chad Dukes-style fans (for the record the DTC even bailed after Tampa — strange parking lot indeed lately).

Season-ticket guy says he’s going Simmons’ NFL Widower route and just making his falls and winters about gambling and fantasy. I’m incapable of that. I love having a team to pull for. Clearly the most radical option would be another NFC East team, but I’m no terrorist, so that won’t work. I live in Carolina now so the Panthers were considered, but I’ve dipped a toe in those waters this year and it sucks and there’s just too much border crossover between fantasies. I’d also like to have as small a bandwagon as possible so that eliminates another 2/3rds of the league. So my solution — and an irrational situation calls for an irrational solution — is the Jags baby, the JAGS! That’s right, gimme Jim Furyk, a stadium pool, and the Cheetos mascot! Losing is alright if done with spirit, young players, and hope for the future. Location stability and dignity (I did mention the pool and Jaxson DeVille right?) aren’t even required for a beaten-down Washington fan in recovery. I’ll still be looked at askance in the sports bar, but now it will be as an eccentric potential lunatic to be humored instead of as a morally bankrupt jackass. And darned if the Jags didn’t go out and warm up my first winter’s night as a supporter! 1-0 baby! Bortles jersey coming, maybe a McCardell throwback to tie together my past, present and future! Plus they’re technically the “local market team” in Savannah, the city where I plan to drink away the latter stages of my own life (man’s gotta have a plan right?).

Jamie Mottram: Eagles, 31-23

C’mon, man. Jacksonville? I’d rather be a Redskins fan. Well, almost.

Composite prediction: Eagles, 31-17

8 thoughts on “Redskins-Eagles Predictions”

  1. There’s no way the Eagles don’t go at least 40 burger. Return touchdown, defensive touchdown, blown coverage bomb, and screen that goes to the house?

    Eagles 42
    Redskins 17

  2. Eagles – 34
    Redskins – 24

    Happy bowl season everyone.

    Tajh Boyd is getting a workout next week, ain’t nobody throw a better fade than Tajh, just sayinnn

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