Redskins-Rams Predictions


Cheers to Mike Bradley for predicting the Redskins would get blown out by Indy. Now he gets to guest post!

Here are our crackerjack staff’s scientific predictions for this week’s game. Make yours down in the comments. Whoever comes closest becomes a published author on this here weblog.

Matt Terl: Rams, 28-17

We definitely see RG3 in this one. It goes poorly.

JP Finlay: Redskins, 20-17

Regardless who quarterbacks, I’m a sucker for home dogs.

Andy Peden: Rams, 27-17

This will be especially painful given the nonstop revisiting of the 2012 trade.

Todd Davis: Rams, 24-20

The thought of the Rams pass rush against this team is terrifying, but for some reason I’m not quite feeling a blowout.

Jack Kogod: Rams, 31-27

McCoy gets hurt and RGIII comes in to audition for his new team.

Jamie Mottram: Rams, 20-16

I’m not watching this week. Anyone able to do Winners & Losers?

Composite prediction: Rams, 25-20

(1985 Eric Dickerson photo taken with love from FTW.)

18 thoughts on “Redskins-Rams Predictions”

  1. Rams: 23
    DCs: 13

    McCoy and Morris drive the ball consistently but can’t find the end zone. He gets strip sacked at least once on some third and long inside the Rams’ 20 yard line, probably at the most critical moment in the game… and probably by Aaron Donald because holy shit that guy is good.

    Other prediction: This is the game where we see DeSean do something batshit out of frustration. Maybe he get into a fight with a corner, or maybe it’s a Washington coach… hopefully he throws some gatorade back at a drunk fan in the front row that still thinks we can turn it around this year and doesn’t think DeSean is doing his part to make that happen. Everything is on the table.

  2. 20-10 Rams

    Rams get seven sacks and knock out McCoy. RGIII comes in and throws for a late TD but Rams add a special teams TD to seal the deal.

  3. Who gives a fuck?
    After reading the Snyder/Gruden stories this weekend, I just want to curl up into a ball and cry. This team will never go anywhere until it’s owner realizes 1) the economic theory of sunk costs and 2) that he doesn’t know shit about football.

    He built his fortune on radio right? I bet he didn’t do all the technical shit himself. He didn’t tell people what to play on the radio. He should leave his coach alone and let him play Sammy Fucking Baugh at QB if that’s who he wants to. If I were Gruden, I’d deactivate Griffin and leave a giant turd in Snyder’s parking spot.

    I always thought that Snyder had little, if anything, to do with the product on the field, but fuck. that. guy. I would take the probation to backhand him across the face. I really would. I hope he trips tomorrow on his way out of the bathroom in his suite and knocks his two front teeth out.

    Why would a free agent want to sign with this team? RG3 can’t read a children’s book, let alone a cover 3, and Haslett just runs soft zone coverage after learning that our Defense plays best when you man up everything and bring the heat. Don’t get me started on fucking special teams. It’s been a while since a colossal fuck up, so expect 2 blocked kicks tomorrow.

    And fuck Grant Paulsen. Can’t wait for him to go offsides on one of his three plays tomorrow.

    hashtag infinitesadness

  4. Garcon has a monster game and ALF gets over 135. 2 fullback td’s and the defense steps up and dominates in the DC win.

    Nelly’s St Louis Rams: 12
    Wale’s Landover Redskins: 33

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