Redskins-Cowboys Winners & Losers

Here to hand out labels following the Skins’ 20-17 OT win in Dallas on Monday Night Football is Mr. Irrelevant reader SiPhi.


The Fans — We stuck it out and enjoyed a classic rivalry game. Through shitty non-call holding penalties that should have ended the game in regulation, through horrendous delay of games, we stuck with them and WON IN DALLAS.

Colt McCoy –- He now has a 1.000 winning percentage as a Skins starting QB.

Bashaud Breeland –- Studded it up. Forced a fumble, denied Dez twice in a row at the goal line.

Perry Riley –- Two huge stops on the OT drive.

Jordan Reed –- Great catches. Continues to be clutch on third down.

Alfred Morris –- Steady FroMo showed up, had a couple 10-plus yard carries.

DeSean Jackson – I think four catches of 15-plus yards. Big game by our little fella.

Playcalling –- Kept the Cowboys O & D guessing with 20-plus first down runs (that set up PA fan-fucking-tastically) on offense and showing blitz every crucial throwing down.


The Media –- If you could put a screengrab of ESPN analysts laughing at the thought of Boomer thinking of picking the Skins, that’d be great.

Refs –- Between the 17 holding calls, missed facemasks on Morris and calling illegal contact on the Skins yet failing to do that against the Cowboys … fuck the refs.

Getting the Play In –- I counted at least two delay of games, it felt like four or five.

Everyone Who Thought a McCoy-Weeden Duel Would Be Boring — I include myself. I am a winner and loser. Yin and Yang. Such is life

#HTTR BABY!!! Delusional me can think that we’ll be 5-5 and in the playoff hunt. Love you guys.

13 thoughts on “Redskins-Cowboys Winners & Losers”

  1. Loser: Jason Garrett.

    Why feed the unstoppable running back, when you have a mistake-prone egomaniac at QB? Romo’s injury was a squandered gift. Which brings me to reason #2 for Garrett: Jones shoved Romo down Garrett’s throat in the 4th Q, to my everlasting delight.

    Jerry Jones: “I told Jason that Romo would be back” (from:

  2. Winner:

    My next door neighbor. – He is the world’s biggest Redskins homer (the worst he’s ever predicted the Skins would go is 14-2), and after last nights game he must have called every Cowboys fan he knows to drunkenly shit talk them at the top of his lungs, considering we could hear him clear as day through two plaster walls and the brick party wall. This went on for well over an hour.

    1. Lol – that is awesome … Wish we could hear some of that love. My bro-in-law now lives with us in Bmore (grew up in DC) and we kept saying that Dallas would break his heart in the end. He was jumping out of his socks in glee, yelling at me for lack of a true football enemy to yell at …

  3. Can you imagine the shitstorm that would happen if Dan Snyder left the box during a game to have a talk with Gruden(or Shanahan last year) in the middle of a close game to tell him that RG3 is coming back out of the locker room and will be going in as QB. People would have a field day with that.

  4. Winner – Dan Synder. In about a 5 minute span, Jerry went from being interviewed during the game to sideline to locker room to being in Garretts ear. ESPN propably thought about going split screen so they could show that jackass. Makes Synder seem like a normal owner. For now.

  5. You guys, I don’t even remember drinking but I swear I got real drunk and had the absolute CRAZIEST dream last night…

  6. Skin awake , at long last
    10-6 ..9-7
    Cousins pulls a 4th round pick
    Colt won’t bolt..Snyder rich in ’15
    Three halves 31-37 …two wins
    % no fluke…
    …sees down field better than both
    Refs direct from Sicily

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