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Congrats to RunsLikeDeer for knowing the Redskins would squeak one out vs. Tennessee. Now he gets to make a guest post!

Here are our crackerjack staff’s completely scientific predictions for this week’s game. Make yours down in the comments. Whichever reader comes closest becomes a published author on this here weblog.

Chris Mottram: Cowboys, 31-17

I can’t decide if this is gonna be a blowout or if the Skins manage to keep it close. Either way, they’re gonna lose. RGIII returns to lead a 2-6 team against the 3-5 Vikings. The season continues to spiral into deeper sadness.

Matt Terl: Cowboys, 42-11

RGIII plays and it is a complete catastrophe.

Andy Peden, Cowboys, 31-17

Yes, he starts even though he shouldn’t. And that’s coming from an RGIII believer.

JP Finlay: Cowboys, 28-20

Cowboys win, Skins cover, goes under. A lot of D. Murray in the 2nd half.

Jack Kogod: Cowboys, 27-10

Dallas and the under.

Todd Davis: Cowboys, 24-16

I actually think this is closer than we think no matter who starts because the Cowboys run the ball all the time now to hide their own D and shorten the game. But with our current secondary, there’s just no way in good conscience to even remotely hope for another Dallas national game miracle.

Jamie Mottram: Cowboys, 28-17

At Dallas on Monday night. What could go wrong?

Composite prediction: Cowboys, 30-15

25 thoughts on “Redskins-Cowboys Predictions”

  1. Bah, what the hell. Redskins 26 Cowboys 24. Redskins inexplicably get a PAT blocked but hit a FG to win it as time expires. Colt McCoy given the key to the city on Tuesday morning.

  2. Cowtown: 38

    ThisTown: 17

    Time I start passively watching in order to read Wizards season previews: 3:09 left in the 2nd Quarter.

  3. I’m going to make two predictions here, so bear with me.

    If Colt McCoy starts: Cowboys 24 – Skins 17

    If Griffin starts: Skins 31 – Cowboys 28

    Yes I am delusional. I also already bet someone that if Griffin starts they win so I need that to happen.

  4. Cowboys 27
    DC 6

    Romo gets chased around in the pocket before making a crazy throw to convert on 3rd and long least 5 times.

  5. It’s a primetime Skins game! What could possibly go wrong?

    Romo goes all Mike Vick MNF from a few years ago.

    Cowboys: 42
    Skins: 17

  6. It will be glorious! RG3 will run out of the tunnel and do a cartwheel, handspring and backflip combo down the field until he reaches the star. He will follow that with 100 yards rushing, 300 yards passing and 4 TD’s. Djax has an 80 yard TD, Almo has 150 yards rushing and a TD, and we win the game 35-3. Romo is awful the Cowboys are awful and they show a few crowd shots with Cowboys fans crying. Tomorrow everyone is talking about RG3 being back, the Skins are back, its 2012 all over again and we are going to go on a major winning streak to win the division…

    I wake up about 1130 in my recliner having been asleep and dreaming that scenario. In real life we are down 28-6 in the 4th, we have gone back to Cousins after McCoy throws 2 picks and completes only 25% of his passes. Almo has 35 yards rushing, Garcon has 4 catches for 28 yards, DJax has 3 catches for 75 yards leading to 2 field goals, Reed is hurt again and Jay Gruden is flashing some classic Redskin Coach WTF faces.

    The Football Team from Dallas-28-6

  7. Pretty simple equation here:
    Skins and Dallas will score an equal number of times.
    Dallas, however scores TDs, Washington scores FGs:
    Dallas 35
    Washington 19

  8. Somebody has to do it…

    Redskins 24
    Cowboys 21

    Murray runs all over us but Romo pulls a classic Romo INT in the 4th that sets up another game winning FG two weeks in a row. Dallas is the better team obviously, they just can’t win 7 in a row. Morris with 2 TDs DJax 100yds/1 TD

    Skins finish 4-12 = improvement!

  9. ThisGuy: Boardwalk finale was pretty good.

    Dallas: 45
    Skins: 20

    I have gotten more worked up over seeing people in Cowboys gear around DC in the past week than I will over this game.

  10. Cowboys- 35
    redskins – 31

    Colt throws for 250 and 3 scores, throws a bad “cousins” late and romo drives the stake in Gruden’s 1st season.

  11. no one can cover Dez, Williams or Witten. I think they can stop the run. special teams returns a punt and doesn’t screw anything up.

    cowtards – 36
    redskins – 37

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