Redskins-Giants Predictions

NFL: Washington Redskins at New York Giants

Congrats to Mikeyvanilli for correctly picking that Washington would fall to Philly in a barnburner. Now he gets to make a guest post!

Moving on, here are our crackerjack staff’s completely scientific predictions for Sunday. Make yours down in the comments. Whichever reader is closest to the actual outcome gets to be a published author on this here weblog.

Chris Mottram: Redskins, 31-17

There are so many reasons why this game is difficult to predict — Cousins is still a bit of a mystery, the defense is wildly inconsistent, the secondary is without D-Hall, we don’t know how many points the secondary will cost Washington, and it’s on a Thursday. But it’s at home, and NY, by any statistical measurement, seems to be the worse 1-2 team.

JP Finlay: Redskins, 20-17

Not to be a downer, but once the Eagles made halftime adjustments, Cousins didnt look nearly as good. Take out the bomb to DeSean and the Helu screen, and that offense didn’t move the ball in the 2nd half. Seemed like Cousins didnt like pressure, and Coughlin will see that on film. So low scoring, but I think the Skins still win.

Matt Terl: Giants, 28-24

Honestly, I have no clue. I don’t even know what narrative would be the most Redskins at this point, so I’ll just assume the depleted defense and the perennially awful special teams will give up more points than the offense will score.

Jamie Mottram: Redskins, 27-20

I think the most Redskins thing would be for them to win this game and for Cousins to look good, therefore getting all of our hopes up before stumbling to a 5-11 season while being equal parts Bad Rex and Good Rex.

Andy Peden: Redskins, 27-20

Giants will not be able to run the ball like they did against Houston. Redskins will run the ball better than last week.

Jack Kogod: Redskins, 24-17

I don’t know how or why.

Todd Davis: Redskins, 38-17

The Redskins are one of the most difficult teams to support for so many reasons, but by fully embracing their heel turn in glorious fashion last week, I’m completely and unreservedly back on board (at least this week). The fightin’, the cheering injuries, the Gruden throwing in a fat lipper on national TV, the smack talk and the go-for-broke beauty of KC1 was as exciting as Savage turning after Hogan “groped” Miss Elizabeth or Tito Santana misplacing a Flying Burrito into Rick Martel.

We all know how these story lines set up and the Skins are perfectly positioned for a heel’s rampage before the inevitable fall. But for at least this week, the Giants will keep kayfabe and everyone’s new favorite villain (complete with offensive naming and a Danny the Brain manager to give heat to the Skins by giving out blankets and backhoes through the Original Americans Foundation) will absolutely roll.

Composite prediction: Redskins, 27-19

17 thoughts on “Redskins-Giants Predictions”

  1. Redskins 24 Giants 13

    Skins will pull ahead in the first half but the second half will just be an ugly show where no one can move the ball in typical NFC E fashion.

  2. 1. My blog post is still in draft form, but it’s coming soon for all of my fans out there (Looking at you mom).

    Skins 21 – Giants 17

    We get an ugly one. Cousins throws 1 TD and 2 picks, Morris gets 1 TD, Young scores Skins first TD 4th straight week. I’m happy with the win. Gruden says something in passing everyone takes far too seriously.

    Eli throws 3 picks and 0 touchdowns, because he’s the most overrated QB ever in the world but he won two Superbowls so he’s better than Peyton in the “I don’t understand that football is a team game so I attribute all success and failure to the Quarterback, unless the Quarterback plays well and then I backtrack and say it isn’t their fault” crowd.

  3. Giants 30-24.

    P.S. Todd Davis’ prediction is about the most epic thing I’ve read all week. I always did like Heels better in wrasslin.

  4. Cousins begins his slow decline into becoming a pumpkin, the lack of defensive depth proves troublesome, and the special teams manage to make yet another costly blunder.

    20-13 Giants

  5. DC – 24
    NY – 10

    An ugly, sloppy game that somehow still results in a Washington win and a million terrible hours of sports radio.

  6. Skins 27
    NYG 20

    Just because I think the Giants are 5-11 bad this year.

    Regarding the Skins, you could could convince me this team could go 10-6 and make the playoffs, or you could convince me they fall off a cliff and go 6-10. I have no idea.

    One thing is for certain — they need a “w” on Thursday or things start looking dreary.

  7. Fuck it, gimme:

    Shitty Suburb Maryland: 31
    Shittier Suburb in Jersey: 21

    Because life is fleeting and eventually the Sun will explode.

    Also, Nats 5-1 over the mets in the night cap with Gio pitching 7 strong.

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