The Top 5 Nats and O’s Celebration Vines Taken By Chris Mottram

I was pretty excited to watch both the Nats and O’s possibly clinch their respective division championships last night. What ended up happening, though, is I fell asleep on the couch after putting the kids to bed, and woke up well past the Nats party and just as the O’s party was getting started.

Thankfully, my brother Chris only has one kid, not three, so he was able to stay up and take pictures of his TV. Fun!

1. Bryce came prepared

2. This is how it’s done

3. Another reason to hate Soriano

4. Kevin Frandsen’s most important contribution this year

5. Meanwhile, in Baltimore …

It is only September 17th. Rest up for October.

12 thoughts on “The Top 5 Nats and O’s Celebration Vines Taken By Chris Mottram”

  1. Remarkable how different the vibe was in both locker rooms. O’s fan here, hon……….but i’d rather have partied with the nats, much higher bro factor.

    Looked pretty obvious Harper has about zero friends in that clubhouse.

  2. Also, the hour long nonstop beer pour on that nats reporter was hilarious.

    Any future effort by mlb to limit these champagne/beer celebrations would be an absolute travesty.

  3. I didn’t see the O’s locker room. What was so very different? – Tame? Wild? What?

    Sneak Uncle wrote: “…Remarkable how different the vibe was in both locker rooms…”

  4. From what I saw, the O’s celebration was mostly out on the field, with the fans. AJ’s Ripkenesque high-five lap was a highlight.

    The Nats celebration was maybe more raucous, but confined to the clubhouse. The good thing is none of them had to drive home.

    1. Apparently, neither did the O’s, because the org had buses ready to shuttle the players home (and Buck said their cars were all still in the lot the next morning). That’s a championship organization move right there.

  5. O’s celebraish started in the locker room but was tame all around – pouring beers down each other’s backs while the Nats were shotgunning beers all over the place….the comparison was just to highlight the staggering difference in personalities on each 1st place team. For the Nats, Werth sets the tone in the clubhouse and roster is full of other good-timing bro’s youd love to do some blue-collar drinking with: LaRoche, (side note: Drake LaRoche is probably the biggest bro all time and he’s 12), Rendon, Gonzalez, Zimm x 2, Ty Moore, Barrett, Roark, Frandsen, etc.

    The only O I see like that is Tommy Hunter….and Chen too if he could speak english. In comparison, Buck sets the tone in the O’s clubhouse and Jonesy is obviously the team leader, who is always having fun but far from a frat star. The rest of the roster is full of role players and guys with much more reserved personalities. Tilly is stoic, Hardy a square, and Monotone Markakis might be one of the most boring interviews in baseball. Much more of a family atmosphere when they went back out to the field and celebrated with their women and children.

  6. Anyone see the AAA lineup the Nats are rolling out tonight? Love that it’s on ESPN. Those donks are scrambling to figure out who these guys are.

  7. Yes, the O’s celebration was somewhat reserved, but I don’t think it was a reflection of “square” personalities – if anything, it felt like satisfaction of a job well done, but with the knowledge that they still have more to do – they aren’t taking this for granted. I really enjoyed watching Markakis last night – he seemed almost at peace in a way. That all these years of grinding & he was finally going to taste the post season – not sitting on the bench with an injury – but on his own terms.

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