11 Redskins Fans Who Think Colt McCoy Is Better Than RGIII

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1) Redskins fans, and all NFL fans, really, tend to overreact to preseason games.

2) You don’t have to look very hard on Twitter to find people saying dumb things.

With that, let’s check out what the social media buzz was all about last night as Washington beat New England, 23-6, with third-string QB Colt McCoy leading the way …

Kinda Funny but Treading Lightly

Not Entirely Unreasonable but Still Silly

Quickly Diving Into the Deep End of the Idiot Pool

Incredibly Dense and Also Lacking Originality

This is how Preseason Hall of Famers are made, people.

8 thoughts on “11 Redskins Fans Who Think Colt McCoy Is Better Than RGIII”

  1. Really people? 1: its preseason 2: have we seen RG3 this year. healthy. no. 3: These are not starters Colt is playing against. 4: Back your QB on his good seasons and bad.

    1. I take it back. I read more of Rock’n’Bluesers tweets. He linked to an onion story and said, “Not Surprising”. Then says the only question is who will be the Redskins starting QB. Wow.

  2. Can Mr. Irrelevant sponsor a colt vs. colt skills competition? I’d kickstart that idea $10. $20 if you throw in a hot dog eating event too.

  3. Colt is the best QB on the team. He got screwed in Cleveland when he got benched because Weeden was a #1 pick that was going to improve. Weeden never outplayed Colt. Since then Colt never entered into a open qb competition. Colin in SF and RGIII here are both going to start unless they get hurt. Colt got “labeled” backup by a vindictive ex coach, Pat Shurmer. Everybody complains about his arm strength. In college he threw the deep ball accurate. In Cleveland he could throw long because he had defenders at his feet all the time. He couldn’t step into his throws as well because of a poor o-line/ team. He became a jittery QB. IF he ever gets on the field he’ll prove why he is the winningest QB in college football history. Luckly for the Redskins Weeden will be the Cowboys QB and the boys will learn what the Browns already learned. Romo is done.

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