Jordan Zimmermann, The Quiet Ace In Hand


I tend to overlook ZNN because he’s been here, and he wasn’t a big draft pick or acquisition to begin with. He has just pitched his ass off ever since arriving for good four years ago.

Aiding the invisibility is the fact that he’s been remarkably consistent along the way …

*ERA 2011-14: 3.18, 2.94, 3.25, 3.00
*WHIP ’11-14: 1.15, 1.17, 1.09, 1.17
*K/BB ’11-14: 4.0, 3.6, 4.0, 5.8

If you look at that last number, this year is actually a bit of a breakout. He’s posting career bests in both strikeout rate (8.3 K/9) and walk rate (1.4 BB/9). Neat trick.

Zimmermann, 28, is a Nat through 2015. I imagine he’ll be overlooked no more.

5 thoughts on “Jordan Zimmermann, The Quiet Ace In Hand”

  1. considering Gio hasn’t been the same since he stopped using PEDs… :D

    BTW, when is the Skins/Pats preseason gameday live chat going up?!?

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