Just A Great Super Bowl XXII Photograph


Shared months ago by Mr. Irrelevant Maryland sports correspondent Andy Peden and found in my inbox moments ago is this lovely gem. Here’s the quick backstory:

It was taken postgame of Super Bowl XXII in a bar in San Diego. The four guys in jackets were singers in the Redskins band. The dude in front was a local who was a Skins fan. This is what a Super Bowl victory celebration looks like. Glorious!

You’ll recall that game was played in San Diego and Doug Williams went off en route to a 42-10 victory over Denver. What I don’t recall, or was perhaps unaware of, is that the Redskins band had singers.

I want to believe this is true, and I also want that gentleman’s Doug Williams T-shirt.

2 thoughts on “Just A Great Super Bowl XXII Photograph”

  1. It is true, the Redskins show organization did have a group called “The Redskins Singers” who sang HTTR after every score.
    Also not widely known, there was a 14 piece stage band that played during time outs and commercial breaks. They existed because of the musician’s union I believe.

  2. Also not known, Mr. Irrelevant Maryland sports correspondent Andy Peden likes to raise his pinky up in the air while taking cell phone pictures. Like he’s the Queen of England, or something…

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