RGIII Is Still Here, You Guys

Griffining Pose

It’s easy to forget, after the devastating knee injury and nightmarish sophomore season, just how valuable Robert Griffin III remains and how brilliant he can be. Here with a reminder, from his annual trade value column, is Grantland’s Bill Barnwell:

15. Robert Griffin III, QB, Washington

This is the player with the biggest gap between his ceiling and floor, right? The floor is Griffin suffering another knee injury that would make his issues (both in terms of physical fitness and ability to avoid hits) critical and evaporate his value. The ceiling? I mean, you can make a case that Griffin was the best quarterback in the league on a per-play basis as a rookie. He was fifth in completion percentage, first in yards per attempt and interception percentage, fifth in QBR … and that was with Josh Morgan and Logan Paulsen as two of his starting pass-catchers. He replaces those two in 2014 with DeSean Jackson and Jordan Reed. The wild card: new offensive coordinator Sean McVay, infuriatingly just 28 years old. Anything is possible from here.

I added a little emphasis on that bit about his rookie season, because I think people forget, if they even knew to begin with. In a league featuring Manning and Brady and Brees and Rodgers, rookie RGIII may have been the best of the bunch. As an added bonus, the Redskins won the division!

That seems like ancient history. It was a year and a half ago.

8 thoughts on “RGIII Is Still Here, You Guys”

  1. I had also forgotten that our new offensive coordinator is 28 years old. The Redskins can’t do anything right.

  2. i remember the days when redskins fans would have sold the gold from their father’s teeth to have a QB with a statline of 3,200 yards passing, 60% passing 16 TDs to 12 picks and 500 yards rushing.

    sorry, been reading what the mouth-breathers over on Florio’s site have been saying about RG-BUST. needed to vent amongst friends.

    1. Messi, don’t venture onto the Bog then. Literally at least 3 commenters on every article complaining about “RGME” “MeSean” “MeAngelo” etc. Until I bust out the stats. These people frustrate me more then fans of other teams.

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