Tyler Clippard Earned It


The news that the Nats will have an all-star after all, and that that all-star will be Tyler Clippard, is a little puzzling. Basically because Rafael Soriano is the closer, and he has a 0.97 ERA to boot.

Clippard’s ERA (2.03) isn’t quite there, but his other numbers are. He leads the pen in innings (40) and strikeouts (53), and he handles high-leverage eighth-inning situations. Plus, he’s been doing it for years.

This may be his best year, though. His FIP’s never been lower (2.49), and his Ks per nine innings have never been higher (11.9).

It’s Clippard’s second all-star selection. You could say he’s come a long way since Jim Bowden got him for nothing.

4 thoughts on “Tyler Clippard Earned It”

  1. Whenever you vote for all-stars, you’re always shown each player’s stats for the current season. Why not show comprehensive stats since the last all-star game (including last season’s July-September)?

    Guys who rake in the 2nd half of a season don’t get as much recognition (see Werth, Jayson; 2013).

  2. Reading that Nats Journal blog, I’m curious as to what insane thing Elijah Dukes had done at that point in time.

    Remember when the Nats touted their outfield of Dukes, Wily Mo Pena, and Lastings Milledge as the outfield of the future? Christ, this team was awful.

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