The Incredible Anti-Redskins Commercial

In case you missed it, or just to watch it again (because you should definitely watch this multiple times), here is the anti-Redskins name commercial that aired during the NBA Finals on Tuesday night. It was created by the National Congress of American Indians. It deserves your attention, regardless of how you feel about the name change debate:

18 thoughts on “The Incredible Anti-Redskins Commercial”

  1. Should it be “Change The Mascot” or “Change The Name?”

    OK, hypothetically, say the Washington Redskins become the Washington Natives (or something similar). Can everything else stay the same? Can the logo on the side of the helmet remain? Can the fight song still be sung? Can a fan still wear headdress? Where is this line drawn?

    When I watch that video, I see a people and a tradition that should be remembered, honored, and celebrated.

    I do believe that the decision makers of the Redskins believe that the team does all of those things now. All else being equal, would just changing the name “fix” this issue?

      1. I don’t need a commercial to make me aware of the injustices done to Native Americans and I don’t think many Americans do. And I don’t think a football team named the “Redskins” is considered an injustice relative to everything else this group of people have been through. My point is, shouldn’t there be commercials raising awareness about alcoholism and suicide rates on NA reservations and not the name of a football team?

  2. After I watched that commercial I thought the Native American should be asking for way more from us than changing a sports team name. I was ready to give them back Oklahoma.

  3. That’s kind of my point, Chris. I can’t say I’m for or against the name change; whatever happens, it’s not like I’m going to stop yelling “Hail Skins” whenever I want. Saying that, I do see a name change as an inevitability at some point in the future.

    So, therefore, I’m just curious: Is the “Change The Mascot” movement asking for my team to:

    a) just change the Redskins name to something else (like Indians, Braves, Natives, Americans, etc.) but keep the colors, the logo, etc.?, or

    b) completely re-brand the team?

    Where is the line the “Change The Mascot” movement wants Snyder to back up to?

    1. Pretty sure just changing the name from “Redskins” would be the main goal. In doing that, it’s hard to imagine they wouldn’t also rebrand the mascot/logo in some way. Plus, it’s more money for Snyder — everyone needs to buy new shit!

  4. Well-done commercial. I’m with dingoVB in that I don’t feel too strongly about keeping the name vs changing the name, because it isn’t my battle to fight.

    Honestly I believe the name change will happen (possibly when we’re all old or dead), but Snyder may try to keep the logo. I think I read somewhere that the logo was designed by a Native American.

    What I will say is that changing the name in the current climate, where many fans are vehemently against the name change, may not solve as many problems as people think. If they changed the name/logo/colors/etc, all of the current Skins Gear that people own (many of whom are die-hards) will not simply vanish. I believe that people would try to organize large groups of people wearing the old gear and get TV visible seats as a form of counter-protest. Then sure, we’ve “changed the name” but every time the cameras in the stadium or on the broadcast cut to the audience we have people still rocking the tarnished name. On top of that, every time we score I guarantee Hail to the Redskins will be busted out.

    Really I think a neutral group, not affiliated with the team/government/protesting groups, should at a minimum hold a newer poll so people in favor of the name stop citing the 10 year old Annenburg poll. A simple-minded solution (please don’t destroy me for this) could be to agree to terms before conducting the study, with various percentage bench marks as to what to do with the name. If 50% are offended, change name. If 75% are offended, change everything.

    Actually that last thought sucks donkey dick, but fuck it I gotta drive home.

  5. The name change is inevitable. Whether you’re for it or against it, is irrelevant at this point. Whether the majority of Native Americans are for/against it/could give a shit/etc doesn’t really matter either.

    The 24/7 news cycle and blogosphere has it squarely in its sights, and it will never go away. Do you think Deadspin will ever get tired of running this story?

    For me, the issue is the name, and the name alone. Unlike the name “Redskins” the stoic brave logo is completely respectful. We’re not talking about Chief Wahoo here.

    There was an article about this in the WaPo, and it was the most reasonable solution I’ve heard. The best compromise is “Americans”, and the colors and iconography of the team remain the same. “Americans” is honorific of the First Nations and is etymologically correct. Plus, it still maintains the 80+ year heritage of the team.

    Skins fans need to be realistic and concede that the name isn’t going to last. Instead, we need to make sure that the baby doesn’t get thrown out with the bathwater here. There’s a compromise to be had. We can have a non-offensive name and not completely throw away generations of history.

    Keep the logo and colors — ditch the name. Make it known, otherwise the team will likely have some magenta color scheme and be named something boringly innocuous like the Washington Lightning.

    “Americans”. Think about it Skins fans.

    1. Haha or the Washington ThunderClaps. I like your idea a lot. Americans, maybe even Warriors (though they’d probably still not be satisfied with that). If they do change their logo and color scheme I want Seahawks Green, Broncos Orange, and White as the colors.

  6. I’m with Ketel, although I prefer the Washington Natives. Just sounds more badass. Let the Wizards become the Americans, because Wizards is still lazy and boring.

    DC United

    Not a bad city roster there…

  7. The number one argument in favor of changing the team name, in my opinion, is then people will shut about changing the team name.

  8. I was looking over a list of racist and derogatory words Native Americans feel offended by on a website. I have been to see if its true that not all native americans are offended by redskin. On that list was Redskin of course, but right below that were also the names Brave and Chief. About 4-5 websites run by native americans list these 3 names together and refer to the sports teams with these names. Now why are those names not also included in these commercials and protests? If we switched the names and it was the KC Redskins and the Washington Chiefs, and left everything else alone would the Oneida people only go after KC? This does not make the name right, but one thing I notice is Skins fans think we get single out because our owner is a douche, we stink more than we win, we are worth a shit load of money and our owner is a douche. So like I have heard before, if even one native American is offended by a slur or name then it should be changed. Also, just my opinion, but I believe its a worst injustice to wipe all native American or ethnic references from sports teams in general.

    1. Hey Joe! How’s Nascar treating you? I’m not too sure how that Nascar thing works, but I do remember when you were just an NFL coach that tried to get the Skins to the Superbowl every year. I guess the only constant is change.

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