Redskins Are Day 2 Draft Winners

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The Skins did well on Day 2, according to USA TODAY Sports:

They didn’t get to play in the draft sandbox Thursday while paying off the rest of their Robert Griffin III tab to the Rams. But the ‘Skins were back on the clock Friday and pried an extra third rounder from the division rival Cowboys by dropping 13 spots in Round 2. By evening’s end, Washington came away with three potential starters: Stanford OLB Trent Murphy, Virginia T Morgan Moses and Nebraska G Spencer Long.

The always trusted John Keim wasn’t so sure, saying they did well with Murphy, so-so with Moses and not so much with Long.

They have four picks left, one in each round, today. Help in the secondary would be nice.

7 thoughts on “Redskins Are Day 2 Draft Winners”

  1. To me, this Trent Murphy pick implies the Skins really don’t want to give Rak a long-term deal.

  2. Should you start delegating more posting duties to guests? I feel like this is my local go-to and thus require more frequent posting that understandably the Motrams seem unable to support.

    1. I’m going to start sending in a guest post 2-4 times a month. Don’t know what I’ll be talking about. Not sure if I can even write, I can barely read.

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