Don’t Stop Bealieving

Bradley Beal, all of 20 years old, disrespected Chicago-style pizza during the day (“I can’t eat the fat pie”) and dropped 26 on the Bulls at night to propel the Wiz to a 2-0 series lead. Now they return to Washington, hoping to close it out Friday and Sunday.

What a turn of events, considering this is how the experts picked the series:

Now people are all like:

And making Photoshops like:

Of course, we all would have seen this coming if we’d just paid attention to regular-season head-to-head matchups, with point differential as the tiebreaker (via FTW):


And because that’s all a bit ridiculous, I’ll close with this: Games 1 and 2 really could have gone either way, and Game 2 *really* could have gone either way. Can’t wait to see how the Wiz respond to being up, and the confidence that comes with that.

5 thoughts on “Don’t Stop Bealieving”

      1. Don’t be so short-sighted. They won last night in order to further widen the black-hole of misery to suck in as many casual fans as possible. Makes more sense when you think about it.

  1. Not only has talk radio basically written off this series as a Wiz win… But they’ve skipped past a Pacers series, and now are pontificating about a Wiz vs Heat Conference Finals match-up.

    This will all end in tears.

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