DeSean Jackson Is A Washington Redskin Now


Well, that happened fast. The Redskins signed DeSean Jackson last night to what’s being reported as a three-year, $24 million deal, $16 million guaranteed.

Reasons why I like it:

*He is a very good player who is still just 27 years old.
*He gets to play and break off big plays vs. Philly twice/year.
*He gives the Skins their best receiving corps since the Posse.
*This is an exceedingly small contract for this caliber of player.*

Reasons why I do not:

*Philly must’ve gotten rid of him for a reason.
*This kind of signing reeks of Offseason Champs-iness.
*Dan Snyder is probably drowning in Crown Royal right now.

But what do you think?

*Two years ago, the Redskins gave Pierre Garcon five years and $20.5 million guaranteed, and the Eagles gave Jackson himself five years and $20 million guaranteed.

23 thoughts on “DeSean Jackson Is A Washington Redskin Now”

  1. This feels very Cerrato-esque to me. No doubt he has major talent but I can’t help getting Haynesworth flashbacks. I’d be curious if there are any conditions on the guaranteed money.

  2. Just based on our history with these kinds of things, I’m assuming he’ll be hurt, holding out, or in jail within the next year. But I still can’t help being super excited about this.

    1. don’t rule out a Mara-imposed 4 game suspension for transgressions yet to be named.

      Lets hope RGIII has enough time to hit all his fancy new toys behind that make-shift line…

  3. Given the contract and that he’s one of the best WRs in the league, it’s impossible not to like this deal. Even if he does bust, it doesn’t really hurt. It’s completely worth the risk and potentially makes the Skins’ offense lethal.

    1. It is possible to not like this deal. The defense is fucking horrendous, the O-line just lost its second best player (Montgomery), and now there is that much less money to spend. DeSean Jackson won’t make a lick of difference if the ‘Skins can’t stop people from scoring. They just weakened their ability to ensure that.

  4. I think I need to purchase an offseason champs shirt. But seriously, there are really like no downsides. Andy Pollin was definitely negative about the deal on the radio today, with claims such as “not enough balls to go around” “Even Pierre Garcon was complaining last year” “If the eagles were scared they would have traded him out of the division” “Haven’t we seen this movie before?”. Quick counter to those claims.

    1. There are always balls to go around. If the Skins transition to a pass first offense, RGIII will attempt 400-500 passes. Completing 69% of his passes (My estimate for this year) Thats 276-345 passes completed. Breaks down to 100ish for Garcon, 70 for Djax, 50ish for Reed and Roberts each, 30-40 for rbs, and the rest dispersed to the rest of the core.

    2. Garcon may have complained about Griff not seeing the field, but he LED THE NFL IN CATCHES. So really that’s empty to me.

    3. Say the Eagles didn’t want to face him. They probably tried to trade him outside of the East, but everyone had a feeling they’d release him. They probably assumed he would get a huge deal from a team with Buku bucks to spend, such as the raiders, not the semi cash strapped Skins.

    4. No, heres an analogy. Typically the Skins would go all in with Guarantees and years a la Haynesworth. This is for 3 years, 16 guaranteed, 27 year old stud. This is not the same movie. This is fucking Little Miss Sunshine compared to Waterworld. Low Budget, Huge Profit versus shitty huge budgeted film with Kevin Costner having gills in his neck. LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE VERSUS STUPID FUCKING GILLS IN THE NECK.

    1. TL;DR
      It’s an awesome deal in my opinion. Andy Pollin is being overly negative. Little Miss Sunshine vs. Waterworld.

  5. Everyone needs to chill with the “OMG, this is so Cerrato!” stuff.

    This is a reasonable contract in dollars and length for a high caliber player. Signing Aqib Talib to some absurd 6yr 50mm deal in the first hour of free agency would be a Cerrato move. This ain’t that.

    What to like:
    – Perfect fit with this WR corps — Garcon’s going to have a field day.
    – Contract’s perfectly fine. No overpay here.
    – The Crip connection sounds like total bunk ( but hey, it helped knock down his price!).
    – Weakens a divisional opponent
    – Defense wants to put eight in the box? Good luck with that.
    – Short of an OL upgrade, this is the next best thing keeping RGIII upright.
    – He hates the Eagles as much as Skins fans.

    What not to like:
    – Can be a yappy malcontent.
    – Adds to an already short WR group.

    I’ll take it.

    BTW, at the time, that Garcon contract was widely panned at 5yrs 20mm. Remember: “Payton Manning makes everyone look good”. “Same old Redskins overpaying for FAs”. etc, etc., etc. That contract looks like a steal today.

  6. I’m warming to the idea of this because it’s only $16MM guaranteed. Hopefully the dead money in year 3 isn’t terrible because we will cut him after 2 years. That’s about the time he will start complaining about his contract assuming that doesn’t happen after year 1. Remember a few years back about much he bitched and admittedly didn’t work hard when he wanted a new contract. Bound to happen again.

    BTW, the ‘not enough balls to go around’ is the stupidest argument against signing a player.

  7. I get that we have all been burnt before, but comparing this to a Cerrato signing seems a little silly to me. Cerrato/Snyder signings are more than anything else characterized by their length (not a good idea) as well as massively outbidding everyone else. While I think its possible we way outbid everyone (no way to know at the moment), consider this the deal Philly released Desean from had 3 years $30.5 million left on it. Seeing as it has been a few years since the Skins have had a catastrophic signing we really need to cut ourselves a break and stop crying bloody murder everytime we sign someone talented with a well-recognized name (not always a bad thing). FWIW I liked the Jason Hatcher signing but to me it was way more of a Cerrato signing then Desean (over 30 one really good year).

    I mean look which one of these doesn’t belong

    Desean Jackson 3 years $24 million
    Deion Sanders 7 years $56 million (or any other aging player)
    Brandon Lloyd 6 years $31 million
    Albert Haynesworth 7 years $100 million (41 gaurunteed!!!)

    1. So true.

      With free agency, Skins fans are like a girl who slept around with a few guys, never got called back, and became completely neurotic.

      Time to learn to love again, Skins fans.

  8. If they had gone and done something stupid like a 55 mil contract to a guy kicked off a team, like Hall, I would admit it was Cerrato-esque. But 16 mil guaranteed is not terrible. Hell we have payed a lot more for a lot less and if it fails miserably, I am actually pretty immune to big contract guys shitting the bed. I mean its almost expected. After last year, well, could it even be worse (more embarassing) than last year?

  9. for what it’s worth, i would still draft Devin Thomas and Fred Davis over Desean Jackson in the 2008 draft all over again. :D

  10. I think we can all agree that if he’d signed this deal with the 49ers, everyone would agree that it was the steal of the offseason. So the only real way to knock it is “the Redskins will find a way to screw it up, because they always do.” Which is fair so far as it goes, but that also implies they were going to suck no matter what they did, so there’s still really no downside.

  11. Looking like the dead money for 2016 after cut him in 2 years will be something like $2.5MM. Sure hope we don’t have to cut him before that cause the 2015 dead money number would be over $10MM.

    Still not sold on this signing

  12. great deal, great signing. fair to call us offseason champs again w/hatcher, clark & now jackson but all signed manageable deals. garcon led the nfl in catches on a 3-13 team last year. thrilled to see jackson paired up with garcon & reed – who short of seattle can stop that trio?

  13. Your pros and cons are spot on.

    I can’t believe these are the Snyderskins, but they both avoided the early FA lunacy and actually used their dry powder on a very solid deal. I like this one better than Roberts. And I liked that one just fine.

    Imagine all those long bomb, wide open drops from the last 2 years falling into the fine hands of Desean!

    This team will struggle to stop anyone given the talent and terrible coaching on D, but we might be able to score enough to at least make it exciting.

  14. I can’t wait to see DeSean Jackson act so pleased with himself after a 15 yard first down in the 4th quarter of a game we are losing 38-10.

    I can’t stomach this. I hate him.

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