Wilson Ramos Hurt His Hand, Which Doesn’t Hurt That Bad


Nats starting catcher and Opening Day cleanup hitter Wilson Ramos reportedly fractured his left hand today on a foul tip, which is a very Wilson Ramos thing to do. (He’s only played more than 78 games in a season just once.)

We don’t know how serious it is or how long he’ll be out, but here’s a quick crack at what it could mean:

*In 231 career games with the Nats, Ramos’ Baseball Reference WAR is 4.9. It’s 5.3 on Fangraphs.

*Assuming Ramos misses two months or about 40 games, that’s a dropoff of about 0.9 WAR, so long as we also assume his replacement plays at replacement level.

*The replacement is Jose Lobaton, who posted a 1.5/1.4 WAR last season in 100 games with Tampa.

Meaning, while it stinks to lose Ramos at all, this shouldn’t hurt the Nats too bad. Maybe a game or less in the standings. And oh yeah, they won in 10 today.

Also, I know very little about WAR specifically and fancy stats in general. We may be doomed.

6 thoughts on “Wilson Ramos Hurt His Hand, Which Doesn’t Hurt That Bad”

  1. Hard to use only WAR to quantify this change.

    Lobaton is not bad by any measure. But likely he will be batting 8th now instead of Ramos batting 4th or 5th so it changes the entire lineup and thus run creation.

  2. Solano is in the minors and my guess is first candidate to come up if Ramos goes on the DL (likely is my other guess).

    The word now is that X-ray was negative (the rumors of metacarpal fracture were premature). He is to see a hand specialist and/or receive an MRI so expect to hear something plus DL/callup tonight

  3. And while your methodology might not be exact, the result of your WAR formula might be somewhat realistic. Over a two month period, one might expect that having Lobaton/Solano over Ramos/Lobaton would cost about two games

    1. Oh yeah, I didn’t factor in that over those two months Solano would get something like 10-15 starts instead of Lobaton, and there’s another drop off there. So maybe like 1-1.5 wins total.

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