The Redskins And DeSean Jackson

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Maybe because of some sort of gang affiliation and probably because of shit we don’t know about yet, DeSean Jackson is no longer with the Eagles. So let’s talk about what that means for the Redskins.

First, unless the Cowboys or Giants grab him, it means they won’t face him twice a year. That’s a good thing, because here’s what Jackson did in 11 games vs. Washington, dating back to 2008:

*32 receptions for 572 yards and five TD’s
*11 punt returns for 173 yards and one TD
*Six rushes for 96 yards and one TD

That’s seven touchdowns in 11 games, and all seven were big plays, 25 yards or more. Hell, they averaged 57 yards. That’s a lot of yards.

The Redskins went 4-7 in those 11 games, and 1-5 in the six games Jackson scored. I’m not sure what the correlation is between those numbers, but it doesn’t reflect poorly on him.

And maybe that’s why the Redskins are bringing Jackson in to talk. There’s smoke coming from Buffalo, Oakland and others, but you’ve got to think this is a buy-low situation too.

If the Skins can get him cheap to pair with Pierre Garcon and face Philly twice yearly, that’s an interesting proposition. Of course the other side is that he’s a “cancer,” which I put in scarequotes because we may just be making that up.

But I’m curious what you think. Take the poll, let us know.

20 thoughts on “The Redskins And DeSean Jackson”

  1. Depends on price, but how can you not get excited about having a big play threat/punt return specialist that’s wants nothin more than destroy the eagles?

  2. To echo everyone else, it all boils down to price and length of deal. If he’s not coming at a significant discount due to the Philly character assassination, then I’m not real keen on it. If they give him a Cerrato-esque 6 years, 50+ mill with a ton of guaranteed money, then yeah, this will be awful.

    And while I fully believe that DJax is in all likelihood an unbearable dick, there’s a huge chasm between unbearable dick and gang banging murderer-to-be. The stuff leaking into the Philly news lately smacks of organizational smear jobs, not unlike what came from management about a certain young star in DC last year. I understand there are aome valid concerns about his maturity and perhaps dedication to the game, but an awful lot of these stories come across as “old white sportswriters uncomfortable with minority with tattoos, story on A1!”

  3. Wilton, as we’ve discussed, it always comes down to price. Reading the tea leaves, I dont think Bruce is just doing due diligence here, hes trying to land a big fish, and its going to be relatively expensive. Secondly, i dont buy the “tatt’d up minority with a bullseye on him from media whitey” argument either, to much smoke (literally and figuratively?) with Desean. I think the guy has a questionable work ethic as well as questionable off the field activities. However, two things we know about Djax? 1) He’s a borderline elite player, who undoubtedly be fun to watch on our beloved REDSKINS, and 2) The dude loves big money.

    So what wins? the temptation of 60 yd bombs from RG3? Or Albert 2.0, this time with gang violence?

    Give me Pierre, Andre Roberts, and Hanktime. Lets go get ourselves a functional Right Tackle.

  4. Sign him. Sign him immediately. I will forever have the gif burned into my memory of the opening play of that 2010 massacre, where he torched Laron after Mr. Landry was talking shit in pregame. Literally an 88 yard td 20 seconds in.

  5. Obviously money/contract is a question, but I say bring him in.

    He instantly turns the WR corp into the upper echelon in the league. Garcon, Roberts, and Moss? That’s adequate. Garcon, Jackson, Roberts, and Moss? That’s a headache for D Coordinators.

    Also, wasn’t there a statement from a LAPD detective about Jackson’s involvement with gangs? Didn’t he basically downplay it and say he wasn’t involved, and that it was a 6 degrees of separation thing? It seems to me this is probably more of a Chip Kelly/Jackson beef. Reports make it sound like Chip Kelly wasn’t feeling him and his admittedly shitty attitude from day one. It sounds like tenuous “gang links” are nice cover to dump him for the Philly fanbase.

    Fuck it. I say bring him in. I get he’s a potential “cancer”, but let’s be realistic, this team is probably staring down the barrel of a 6-10 season next year. Let’s take a flyer on Jackson and see how he does.

  6. This is certainly not a Randy Moss situation. Do you want to bring a potential cancer in to submarine a 1st yr head coach and a QB coming off a pretty devastating season from a PR/Leadership perspective? Hardly Belicheck/Brady. For all of us that mock Cerrato, we need to take a step back and ask ourselves, what would Vinny do? We know the answer, now lets do the exact opposite.

  7. One small issue: is Jackson a “cancer”?

    – The LAPD has come out and said Jackson’s basically not involved with any of the “gang links”. My guess is Kelly was going to dump him before this came out. This is just really nice cover.

    – Furthermore, the Eagles seem to have been consistent contenders with this “cancer”. I’d place him more in the DeAngelo Hall mouthy d-bag category than the Terrell Owens Coach/QB/team killer category.

    – Chip Kelly’s a first year college coach, and dealing with players at the collegiate level vs. dick-y NFL ones is a whole new ball of wax. I think Kelly just wasn’t used to not getting 100% compliance. NFL players coaches like Reid or (supposedly) Gruden have, and should fare better.

    – The Ceratto deal is to give him 6 years 50mm guaranteed. Nobody’s advocating that. If you could lock him into a 3 yr deal and be able to walk away with a minimal cap hit after 2? I’d take that.

    All that said, some other team is going to sign him.

  8. No Vick and No Jackson means no embarrassing asskickings on Monday nights, correct? Also, wouldn’t a guy who is on video calling a group of minorities, who make up a majority of the team, a derogatory name be more of a “cancer”. I say sign him, dude is much better than anything we could draft or trot out as a wr behind Garçon and maybe this new guy Roberts. And if he hates Philly, that is a big plus!!! Also if it works out, would love to grow it in the face of all philly fans.

  9. The fact that we are debating whether or not he is a “Cancer” is enough to give me pause. Keep in mind, signing this guy may put a thorn in resigning guys like Trent, Rak, Kerrigan, Morris, ect… The Redskins would have one of the most expensive receiving corps in the league, and the top 3 guys (garcon, djax, roberts) would all be under 6′ (sound familiar?). Maybe its just me, but I believe money could be better spent elsewhere, and yes, I am looking at you, Tyler Polumbus.

  10. I don’t like the idea of signing him. Classic paycheck player. Only cares about getting paid. Questionable work ethic and known to take plays off. If we are going to sign him it needs to be a team friendly deal. He will be a problem in a year or two (when he believes he’s underpaid or the gang stuff is true) so it better be structured that you can cut him in 2015 or 2016 without a big cap hit.

    1. “Classic paycheck player”

      This comment makes no sense considering he had his biggest year in 2014, which was a non-contract year.

      Try again.

  11. I say leave it up to Gruden. If he wants him and Jackson is affordable, let’s do it. The success of the move will ultimately be pinned on Gruden anyway.

    Fuck it. It’s like having a pro bowl version of Aldrick Robinson. How bad can that be?

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