DMV: Philly Fights Dirty, Wins Again

Caps traded Neuvy for Halakso many Caps goaliesCaps lose to Flyers, againthe game featured a line brawl in which Philly fought dirtythe Flyers were so proudWiz beat Jazz thanks to old guysJohn Wall isn’t that great, yetmaybe don’t bank on Zach Walters, Nats fansnoted cereal fan Trevor Booker weighs in on cereal rankingsO’s may still be interested in Ervin SantanaO’s have the AL’s best under-25 talentshould the Skins sign Champ Bailey?

One thought on “DMV: Philly Fights Dirty, Wins Again”

  1. Zach Walters should still make the club over Espinosa, who amassed FOUR walks (in 167 PA) last year before being sent to AAA, where he struck out 101 times and put up a .566 OPS in 75 games.

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