My Favorite Teams Current Power Rankings: The Wizards Are No. 1!

10. Redskins — It doesn’t get much worse than 3-13, though chances are it probably will!

9. UNCW basketball — Trust me, it’s bad.

8. JMU football — After 15 years of Mickey Matthews, it’s Everett Withers’ time now. (I realize you don’t know who these men are.)

7. Maryland basketball — Sitting at .500 in the ACC, but the season seems doomed by non-conference misery. Tough to watch, too.

6. Maryland football — Seven wins and a Military Bowl appearance qualifies as success for Randy Edsall.

5. JMU basketball — Still high off of the 2013 CAA Championship. Roll Dukes!

4. Capitals — If the season ended today, the Caps would not be in the playoffs. Two points back!

3. Orioles — They haven’t done a thing to improve, but they did win 85 games last year. Not bad!

2. Nationals — Last summer was a staggering disappointment. They won 86, though, and Doug Fister joins the rotation. Also, no more Davey.

1. Wizards — Washington has the sixth seed in the East and would face Toronto, which is nice, because Toronto isn’t Miami or Indiana. Plus, the Wall-Beal backcourt makes me happy.

8 thoughts on “My Favorite Teams Current Power Rankings: The Wizards Are No. 1!”

  1. Yeah I was confused and about to post my own list, but it isn’t a favorite teams ranked in order, but rather a power rankings of their favorite teams. The Wizards being lined up to make the playoffs puts them at first, the Nats were one game better than the Orioles, etc. At least I think.

  2. no love for DC United and their record breaking season last year? (worst record in MLS history is nothing to shake a stick at, baby!)

  3. DC United and GW hoops are local, clearly, but I just don’t follow them. Sorry.

    Also just missing cut: George Mason and Georgetown basketball. Used to like them but haven’t really kept up since I moved.

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